by Miriam Nyx


    I learned how to have lucid dreams since starting law school.

    The training is simple: start questioning mundane reality and create checks for yourself that can’t be replicated in dreams.

    Clocks and numbers will often not stay the same in dreams from one glance to the other. Analog clocks are preferable, as a change in spatial configuration between the hands is easier to comprehend than a change in a string of numbers.

    I often look up to the clocks whenever I’m in class, as I am still unaccustomed to the sit-still-your-time-is-not-yours-anymore thing I have going on now.

    Count your money twice. When I count my money, I count it twice. In dreams, currency is also never the same twice, and if you make a habit of checking clocks and currency twice in your waking life, you will do it in your dreaming life.

    I had a lucid dream last Halloween night.

    In the dream, I summoned the powers of the universe to reanimate a girl who had died too soon, and she came back a nymph.

    But word traveled fast, and a posse with torches came to the house and gave me an odd choice: pay them off or perish. I knew that even though I had about $30 in my pocket, I could make it become more if I knew it was more money simply because I willed it.

    Each time I waved my hand over my cash, the amounts changed, and when one of those bills was worth $5,100, I knew I was dreaming. I paid off my blackmailers and got my child back.

    Then I turned to them and said, “See? Don’t you know I’m a witch? I’m dreaming!” But they laughed. I kicked a leg up to the sky and became airborne, turned over and lay on the air to their horror and wonder.

    It was wonderful at first. However, I spent most of the lucid part of the dream doing stupid tricks to convince the posse that I was dreaming, and that they were in my dream, and that I could do whatever I wanted. Then I woke up and got ready to head out to class.

    The Neptunian lesson here was that omnipotence and approval seeking just don’t mix.

    Most of my work is heavily based in western astrology, such that astrology doesn’t merely enhance or support my magickal work, but is the backbone of it.

    And during Halloween, I was just coming to the end of a three-year Neptune opposition to my natal Mars/North Node where I was living a dream and dreaming my life.

    Over the course of three years, I wandered overseas, and then back, and then between homes and interests, and then to the middle of the country, and ultimately into law school where I am once again a fish out of water, but also in love for the first time. I have faded in and out of different realities, only to morph into someone who seems different.

    Neptune transits will do that to you.

    They make life seem surreal, like floating in space, walking blindly through the fog with the faith that there is a road beneath your feet, like bobbing in the ocean but not actually drowning, like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner off the edge of a cliff and running on thin air.

    It makes you the Fool. However, like Wile E. Coyote, the only time you have to fear annihilation is when you actually look down and expect earth to be under your feet.

    I like Neptune. I am in a minority, I know.

    She’s that weird friend I am always and forever defending because I have known her my entire life. She is my chart ruler (the ruler of my ascendant, in Pisces) and is the planet at the uppermost part of my natal chart.

    I tend to be generous with her. She represents the mystical, the fantasic and universal love. She also represents confusion and doubt.

    Neptune also represents the scapegoat, the sacrifical lamb, the Jesus archetype, the witch burning at the stake, Obi Wan Kenobi. They become more powerful than ever imagined if they are struck down.

    However, as maligned as she can be, just about all the charts of magickal workers I have seen have her active in one way or another in their natal charts.

    There are five types of Neptune transits that will make an individual insane come in deep contact with this universal spiritual power.

    These aspects are the conjunct, opposition, and the square, with the prior two being the most powerful. Neptune takes about 165 years to make a complete revolution around the Sun, so not everyone will get a chance to experience some of the more intense Neptune transits in their lifetime, but you may get to experience a few.

    If you allow Neptune to teach you how to work with dreams and imagination, and if you don’t lose sight of the real things you have to do (because it is rather difficult to simply dream the rent is paid when your landlord may not share this dream), you stand to gain a lot.

    The transits manifest differently depending on the house placement and sign in your personal astrological chart.

    NepWitch1Image by Comfreak.

    1. Neptune making a hard aspect to the Moon.

    The moon is primal needs and fears, emotion before it is filtered and expressed, and Neptune is the Grand Confuser and Diffuser.

    When she squares or opposes and especially when she conjuncts the Moon, she creates confusion over what we feel, and she melts our boundaries such that we aren’t sure if our own feelings are our feelings or someone else’s, or just the cosmic emotional climate that is chilling their bones, or a grand mix of all three.

    Imagine that the psyche is a stereo in your car, playing your usual music, as you slowly drive up in elevation, when imperceptibly at first there is static.

    There is interference from radio stations and short wave radios.

    You barely notice it at first, but when you finally do, you think that your stereo is broken.

    Why are you hearing all these different songs, conversations, and broadcasts at the same time instead of your usual music?

    You try to fiddle with the dials, but nothing works, and you start to think the problem is with you.

    Nothing is broken: your antenna is extra-sensitive now because you are moving higher up.

    Right now, you may feel extra sensitive to your own feelings and the feelings of others. If you are usually empathetic, you may be overwhelmed by emotions.

    You may feel like you are spilling out all over the place.

    However, the opposite is true. You are being filled up, nay, you are being passed through.

    It is entirely possible, even likely, that the emotions overwhelming you aren’t entirely your own, making them all the more difficult to deal with.

    Your moon is now picking up signals from the moons of other people, and you are inadvertently picking up their frequencies.

    The silver lining is that you can explore collective feelings.

    This is empathy to the max, and if you can remember to put up appropriate boundaries again and to protect yourself psychically, you can put what you have learned to good use when this transit ends.

    Look at this not as an attack, but something of curiosity.

    It can inspire you, and since your imagination will be on fire, use it for creative rather than paranoid ends.

    NepWitch2Image by DasWortgewand.

    2. Neptune making a hard aspect to the Sun.

    While this doesn’t open up the psychic portals like it does with transits to the moon, it can spark an identity crisis or cause you to slowly morph into the person you are actually meant to be if you have not been authentic in the past.

    However, when you start to wonder who am I?, you start to think of the possibilities: if I am not who I was told I was, then what, and who can I become?

    The imagination is awakened.

    This can be an especially good time for artists, spiritual workers, and those who work in service to others, because you will be especially attuned and inspired.

    It can also be a time where you indulge in escapism, like addiction, or find yourself drawn to false gurus who may seem like they have all the answers.

    A word of advice for this transit: if anyone, anywhere, behaves or speaks as if they have all the answers, run.

    In one way or another, you may seem to dissolve or disappear from at least one previously important aspect of your life, whether that be your career, your home, or your family or circle of friends, and it may feel as if this is just simply unfolding, like mortar holding the building blocks of your life eroding back into sand by way of the wind and rain.

    This is okay. This is supposed to happen. It may very well be that while you are transforming, others are wondering who you are.

    Some people will be very invested in you not growing or changing, and they may try to make you feel guilty about it.

    You incarnated to grow and change, and sometimes, in order to do this, you must retreat or separate.

    For many, this transit actually comes at the time of initiation into the occult and a departure from muggle life, or at least a departure from a conventional yet culturally-approved life.

    It almost makes it impossible to hold onto something material or conventional, because these things are like trying to grasp a handful of water that just runs out between your fingers the harder you try to hold on.

    A word of caution about your newfound rose-colored glasses: this isn’t a great time to be making major decisions with your money or resources, even though you may be drawn to giving it all away and get-rich-quick schemes.

    You may find yourself being more generous with others than you should be, and may confuse being judgmental with good judgment.

    You are free to imagine that your hot-tempered, meth-smoking buddy who always carries a glock on him has a heart of gold underneath it all, and while that may be true, that heart of gold doesn’t turn into bail money or a means to pay hospital bills.

     NepWitch3Image by 5zal_Photography.

    3. Neptune making a hard aspect to Mars.

    This one is a lot easier and perhaps more fun to deal with, provided that there are no simultaneous major Saturn transits happening at the time.

    Neptune is dreams, and Mars is the battle cry, the call to action.

    This is time in which you can make whatever you dream come true.

    What you create will come out of you, often seemingly without effort, because it comes from your cumulated talents and skills.

    You’re like a living, breathing 3-D printer right now.

    However, this will not be a time where you will have a lot of energy to start brand new things.

    Like hard aspects to the sun, it is best not to make any long-term commitments.

    Life will be like a steaming cauldron of rock soup that good things just keep getting added to.

    Say yes to everyting – well almost everything.

    This is your time to try new things, because chances are, nothing will stick, because it will all be surreal.

    Sure, everything you do is part of your path, but this isn’t the time for career planning or starting a family.

    You may become a bit Pollyanna and less serious during this transit, and that is because (barring any Saturn influence) life generally seems to turn out okay, even when it doesn’t, because you can play with it and change it.

    Don’t force things to happen.

    Your will is not focused or strong, and if you try to make anything precise or permanent, it will fail.

    You name it – love spells, businesses, whatever – that you try to create through focus and precision will not last.

    Also, anyone who wants to rope you into something permanent usually learns quickly that you’re not in it for the long haul.

    However, things may simply come to you through expression of your Neptunian energy.

    Be loving, be altruistic, creative, faithful, and magickal, and you will find that the things you need just manifest themselves.

    NepWitch4Image by DasWortgewand.

    4. Neptune making a hard aspect to the nodes.

    The north and south nodes are sensitive points in the chart dealing with karma.

    To put it simply, the north node is where you are going in this life, and the south node is where you have been in your early life/previous lives.

    When Neptune makes a conjunction to one, it makes an opposition to the other.

    When it squares them, it creates a T-square, such that where you have been and where you are going are straddled by Neptune, and the energy generated through this struggle gets channeled through Neptune.

    When Neptune makes a hard aspect to the nodes, it wraps them in magic and illusion.

    Where you think you are going is not where you are actually going, and where you have been may seem all too comfortable.

    You may find yourself walking in the fog of life, going in the wrong direction, often toward something that you should have left in the past.

    Often, we will start a fantastic, whirlwind relationship with a Neptunian-type from our past, only to have it not last, because they are unavailable, or simply wrong for us, or do not nearly live up to the ideal we thought they would be.

    Or, you may go back to a career you previously despised, or move back home, only to be disappointed because it cannot work.

    However, we often need this last hurrah to really understand that it is a good thing to not look back and to go forward, wherever that leads.

    Pick up your little lantern and head back into the fog, hoping there is road under your feet.

    Accept that walking backward is actually part of the journey and you can let go of the disappointment.

    You will inevitably be lead to new places, new people, new opportunities, often out of neccessity, since you can’t go home.

    These new things are more in alignment with your soul’s purpose in this life, and while you may feel at times that you are dying, or that you have died and are now a ghost haunting your own life, you’re not.

    You’re just molting.

    NepWitch5Image by bykst.

    5. Neptune transiting your 12th house. This can last 13-15 years, so this may be a major crossroad for you.

    The 12th house is the house of endings and dissolution back into the stew of universe.

    As far as self-delusion and self-dilution go, the buck stops here.

    When Neptune goes into your 1st house, you will probably have an entirely new set of beliefs, spiritual mores, and creative outlets.

    Imagine that you are a hoarder who just lost your job and has to move.

    You have to finally clear out the junk or attempt to take it with you into the future.

    Look around. How much of that stuff is crap, hand-me-downs, decorations and items people thought you would like or could use, but you neither like or use?

    Get rid of those things now.

    Since you’re there, get your broom and start sweeping out what does not belong.

    What makes you afraid, ashamed, doubtful, and insecure needs to go, and you will only know what those things are by looking for them.

    You can get support, but I would suggest that you try not to look for others to do this for you.

    Running from one dogma to another will only confuse you more, even though it is enticing to find an institution to tell you what is wrong and how they can fix it for you.

    What you will realize is that there is nothing wrong per se, but rather remnants of the past that simply need to be kissed goodbye.

    When Neptune moves into the 1st house, you can buy all new stuff of your own choosing.



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    About the Author:

    NeptNyxBioMiriam Nyx is a Chicago-based astrologer, law student, and writer hiding in plain sight. You can find her at fugitiveumbrellas, where she writes and offers astrological counseling services. She has previously worked in the print magazine industry before it tanked, tutor, as an ESL instructor in South Korea, a makeup artist and formulator, and an intern on an organic goat dairy farm.



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