MONEY with Carolyn Elliott and Dave Burns

    the life-changing course on wealth magic as an initiatory path


    Enrollment Closes Wednesday, November 20th at Midnight


    Want to become a badass money witch?


    It’s possible to permanently change your relationship to Money…

    …. and not only create spectacularly practical financial results …

    …. but also develop a profoundly captivating and intimate relationship with Money’s spirit for the rest of your life.

    MONEY is a 4-month online intensive in doing exactly that… featuring unique and exclusive practices and live Q&A’s with highly-sought-after witches and teachers Carolyn Elliott and Dave Burns.

    MONEY is so much more than a money manifestation course.

    Here’s some of what MONEY will provide for you…

    1. A profoundly effective approach to 360-degree money-shadow integration

    So you never have to cram yourself into simplistic and ineffective money magic practices ever again.

    2. The ability to spontaneously experience financial synchronicities

    Escape the cultural shackles of “suffering for money”, and begin to generate it as a natural and magical expression of your soul.

    3. Healing ancestral trauma by working directly with the substance that holds the most toxic projections and residue in our culture

    Become one of the rare few who doesn’t shy away from the darkness within money, and learn to alchemize that darkness for joy and income.

    4. A deep and intimate relationship with the great medicinal teacher spirit that resides within money

    Learn to work with the spirit of money as a magical ally in daily life.

    5. Learning at your own pace – the course features live class meetings that are recorded, so you can review them whenever you want

    Class meeting times don’t work for you? No problem. You can study the recordings and notes anytime, forever.

    6. A thriving, active virtual community featuring some of the most brilliant magic folk alive right now

    We can hardly believe how amazing the people who join our community are—and, we routinely answer questions directly in the Facebook group to help you customize your magical practices.

    7. Live Q+A’s to get your personal questions and challenges answered

    Refine your own unique personal relationship to money through individual attention from the course instructors in live group Q+A’s.

    Enrollment is open for only one more day

    Hi! This is us, Carolyn Elliott and Dave Burns — your co-instructors for MONEY.

    We want to let you know that space is limited in the course —and many of Carolyn’s previous online courses have sold out.

    Below you’ll find testimonials from the last round of MONEY—please take a look.

    Over 50% of the students reported significant external financial results during the course itself—an unheard of proportion when it comes to money magic.

    And nearly everyone reported profound internal shifts in their relationship to money.


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    What folks are saying about MONEY: 

    “I manifested my number ($10,000!) in a crazy synchronous way and finally quit bartending to begin birth doula work after 15 years in hospitality and many years of wanting to take a leap of faith.”

    Ally McFay

    “Half way through the course I got a contract to write a paper for $18,000 which was unprecedented for me. I also secured $13,000 to go teach in Europe this summer!!”

    Maritza Schafer

    “I have already doubled my income, even though I got behind in the course work. I expect my income to grow even more, once I finish the course work.”

    Aaron Martin

    “My relationship to money has come ALIVE. It’s personal and dynamic. As a result of this and the processes in the course I’ve accepted myself and my gifts at a deeper level than ever before, and broken open opportunities that I was blind to before the course.”

    Mary Sabiston

    “I had my first $42K month”

    Stephania Sciamano

    I’ve received monetary gifts out of the blue, created more than one income source with ease, and had clients finally respect my fees and my time. Gratuities are even offered regularly!

    Liz Newcomb

    “I saw an upsurge in inquiries to work with me since the course started and have had to start a waiting list for clients, something that has never been necessary before.”

    Carry Draker

    “In January, I signed up for the MONEY course wanted to gain comfort closing six-figure deals, as opposed to 4-figure deals. Five months later, I’ve just closed my very first six-figure deal at $130,000. Although I still get anxious about my business development “performance,” I have multiple six-figure deals in the pipeline for the rest of the year.”

    Angela Cera

    I was able to make all the money I needed to pay for an ancestral pilgrimage to the UK this summer.”

    Zina Bennion

    “I uncovered some attitudes and habits that have kept me financially stuck for decades. Since taking MONEY, I’ve paid off several thousand dollars in old debts and started planning the business that will allow me to leave my current job to follow my passion. And I achieved my longtime financial goal of putting all my monthly bills on autopay without being afraid of bouncing a charge! Not very ambitious, I know, but an important step.”

    Hannah Kyle

    “This course has permanently reset my relationship with money, and removed all panic and fear of it. Well, there IS still panic and fear, but I know what to do with those feelings now ;)”

    Simone Grace Seol

    A lifetime's worth of magical and practical money skills

    The course includes both the magical and the practical (candlelit rituals as well as financial spreadsheet templates), both philosophy and business tools, and principles from ancient traditions as well as uniquely modern financial witchcraft.

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    The Story Behind MONEY

    Through a series of bizarre events – the two of us discovered a small number of counter-intuitive approaches to Money Magic that do actually work.

    This is what the course teaches: what works.

    That’s why it’s called “the life-changing course on wealth magic,” and not the “kind of okay course on quasi-effective money clichés.”

    The Root Of All Evil

    Money for me always represented everything wrong with the world.

    I don’t mean the many layers of stress, anxiety, and annoyance that it seemed to cause…

    I mean the imperialism,

    The planet-destroying greed,

    And the sociopathic hoarding that it seemed to inevitably produce.

    If I hadn’t been terrible with money on a personal level, I never would have explored it at all. I would have dealt with it simply as a necessary evil, thinking about it as little as possible, and feeling suspicion and disgust any time I did.

    But I was terrible with money, so I was forced to go a little deeper.

    A Big Ol’ Effin’ Mess

    My own challenges with money included (but were in no way limited to):

    • immediately spending any money I made
    • having my cards regularly declined at coffee shops
    • routinely tasting the very specific flavor of humiliating anxiety that comes from always paying friends back late for personal loans

    These experiences eventually brought me to a point where I had no choice but to immerse myself in the study of money…

    And what I learned from doing so came as one of the greatest ideological shocks of my life, though not at all in the way I expected.

    The New Age Prosperity Gospel Con

    Naturally, as I began to study money, I encountered various versions of quasi-spiritual spins on the subject.

    The most pervasive was a cluster of certain new-age idioms that sounded something like this:

    • “money is just energy”
    • “cash is material freedom”
    • “the universe wants us to be wealthy”

    And while some of these ideas half-resonated with various ideas I already had, they all carried the subtle scent of spoiled eggs and self-deception.

    I did my best to practice some of these principles, and learned a few things in the process.

    But by far my greatest learning was that they are all incomplete truths.

    Money is “just energy” in the way that literally everything is “just energy.” You could just as accurately say that anxiety, murder, and Justin Bieber are “just energy.” That doesn’t change the horrible experiential nature of these things.

    As for cash being “material freedom”—plenty of people I knew with loads of cash felt more trapped and desperate for freedom than just about all of my broke artist friends.

    And if “the universe wants us to be wealthy,” then why in the fuck are so many people not?! The universe makes black holes and massive microbial ecosystems. If it wanted universal prosperity, why wouldn’t it make that happen too?

    So if all these tropes were half-truths… what was the other half?

    The Unfathomable Power of The Shadow

    Thankfully, during this exploration, I had the incredible luck of re-discovering Carolyn Elliott’s writing.

    Her take on the inherent darkness of money was something I had heard no one else talking about.

    I was hooked. Her explanation of money being “calcified resentment” made perfect sense to me. And her example—as a joyfully wicked and wildly successful witch—was a profound inspiration.

    I began to use the tools she shared about—most notably the life-changing practice of Existential Kink—and began to actively explore the real history of financial currency.

    Multiple years and a whooooole lot of magical experimentation later, I had come to three important conclusions (and built a thriving business along the way):

    • Money is a living spirit, not an object
    • The spirit carries some of the darkest shadows of anything in our culture—and these shadows of greed, shame, vengeance, dominion, resentment, and envy are inherent to its very nature
    • Working consciously with these shadows—and relating intimately to the spirit of Money as the powerful being that she is—not only transforms one’s capacity to manifest large amounts of cash, it also transforms one’s experience of daily life in astonishing ways.

    In short: everything I’d hated about money was true. And… that made it one of the most powerful magical substances to work with in existence.


    During this process, Carolyn Elliott and I became friends… partly because of the difficult-to-ignore synchronistic hint that her husband’s birth name was David and my wife’s name was Carolyn, making two cosmic doppelgänger pairs of married Carolyns and Davids.

    Over the course of our friendship, our shared dissatisfaction with the 2-dimensional, overly simplistic, and largely ineffective information on wealth magic that pervades the internet eventually gave birth to our decision to create MONEY—the first online course on the initiatory path of working with the shadow-ridden spirit of Money herself.

    Having transformed our own relationship with money from one ideological hatred and near-constant frustration to one of reverent, intimate, hyper-magical partnership and joyfully synchronistic manifestation…

    We are committed to sharing that transformation with the witches who know, deep-down, that the shadows that surround money…

    Just like the shadows that surround sex, medicinal plants, and witchcraft itself…

    Are the key to true freedom and magical power.

    So we want to invite you to face these shadows head-on, sign up for the course, and save your spot.

    Registration is open only for one week, and space is limited.

    What students are saying about MONEY…

    “For the first time in my life I feel financially secure – with huge chunk of money in savings. That feels like a miracle.”

    Gena Dansereau

    “The MONEY course started working for me when I signed up for the course and not long after was offered a job that upfront offered the number that my money meditations had revealed.”

    Beth Miller

    By week 2 of MONEY I had doubled my bank account. I received an influx of job opportunities and received a raise in pay. I finally began to own that I am a creative freelancer and structure my financial situation to reflect that. I am on week 5 and am nearing having quadrupled my bank account.”

    Alanna Kali

    “This course goes beyond creating new belief systems around money. It provided a container to explore the spiritual, practical and shadow aspects of my relationship with money through experiential exercises and devotional practices that will stay with me the rest of my life. This is the type of education that’s needed to create real change in how we interact with this essential aspect of our lives.”

    Erin Beata

    “Due to my work in the MONEY course, I landed a job in my area of expertise that is paying me double what I have ever earned – ever! And perhaps even more importantly, it is a position with some authority and decision-making power that acknowledges the value of my experience.”

    Mindy Salle

    “My financial results were fascinating… I received much material wealth in the forms of wardrobe, vacation trips, harmonious personal relationships, professional relationships that yielded client bookings as an alchemy therapist, and build up my treasure chest to invest on my working actor profession.” 

    Shantala Surya

    MONEY presents the opportunity for deep, deep work. Every MONEY lesson was a gift that propelled me into deeper intimacy with myself, connection and vulnerability with others, and life and living herself.  I am still processing the lessons in the MONEY course, and I know that I will be returning to them for years to come.”

    Angela Cera

    “Before MONEY I was worn out from my business –unhappy with my income and full up with cranky clients. I’d heard of Carolyn’s work before and believed that it was just the sort of counter-cultural approach that might suit me. This course is a deep, spiritual, intellectual, magical course that is, as far as I know the ONLY one of its kind. I’ve taken a zillion marketing classes–none has the depth, surprise, intellectual satisfaction, and result of this one. Through MONEY I sold my house in 3 days for exactly what I asked for in a cash deal that went through with zero hitches. My business began to have the kind of income I’ve been wanting and it didn’t feel like a huge stressful effort.”

    Ginger Moran

    “I thought I knew the types of blocks I had to issues around money and wealth of all kinds – this course so far has made me realize that what I thought I knew was barley scratching the surface.”

    Jenifer Severin

    “There are so many important internal, psychological, spiritual, or emotional shifts that I’ve experienced during the MONEY course, but most important is probably experiencing a relationship with a living deity as opposed to chasing the dead thing called money.”

    Alexei Macchione

    What's included in MONEY

    Introduction to MONEY

    What you’ll learn:

    • Playing With Fire
    • The Golden Braid
    • Setting the Stage

    Lesson 1: Consumption & The Tragedy of Receiving

    What you’ll learn:

    • Death, Reciprocity, and Cannibalism
    • The Tragedy of Receiving
    • Gratitude, Kink, and Grief
      • Simple Awareness
      • Eating Life
      • Consumption Metta
      • Food Offering and Prayer

    Lesson 2: Power

    What you’ll learn:

    • Cacao Beans, Cowry Shells, and Clay Tablets
    • Cause and Context
    • The Mother of Money
    • The Father of Money
    • Money’s Conception
    • Money’s Paternal Inheritance
    • The Shadow of Enslavement Creation, Surrender, and Getting Paid
    • Conscious D/S in Getting Paid
    • Power Metta
    • Gratitude Inventory
    • Existential Balance
    • Receiving Instruction

    Lesson 3: The Spell of Asking

    What you’ll learn:

    • The 7 Principles of Money Magic
    • The Hidden Meaning of Receiving
    • The Beautiful Prison of Reciprocity
    • Universal Thanks
    • The Spell of Asking
      Financial Rulebreaking
      • Havingness Rulebreaking
    • Grateful Communion
    • Aphrodisian Magic
    • Desire Inventory
    • Consumptive Savoring
    • Lust Metta

    Lesson 4: Existential Kink & Receiving

    What you’ll learn:

    • Escaping Compensatory Commerce
    • Inner Household Management
      • Existential Kink
    • Receiving From The Spirit
    • Receiving From The World
    • Desire Revelation
    • Recipient Revelation
    • Poison Lojong
    • Cutting Costs

    Lesson 5: The Taboo Art of Sales

    What you’ll learn:

    • Communal Reconciliation
    • Giving Fully
    • Ask People Around You About Your Gifts
    • The Blind Artist and The Selfless Martyr
    • The Taboo Art of Sales
      • The Terror of Influence
      • Why Sell
      • Generosity and Boundaries
      • Give Before You Ask
      • Excavating the Overlap
      • Setting the Bar
      • The Work Itself
    • Receiving Your Number
    • Asking for Money

    Lesson 6: The Great Spell

    What you’ll learn:

    • Your Covert Preparation
    • The Divinity of Samsara
    • Holding Sensation
    • Releasing The Old
    • Future Cash Flow Mapping
    • The Great Spell
      • The First Impossible Number
      • The Whole Foods Fiasco
      • Timbres of Language
      • The How
      • Setting the Stage, and The Spell Itself

    Lesson 7: Cosmic Context

    What you’ll learn:

    • The Beginning
    • Utter Dependence
    • Paying an Impossible Bill Cosmic Context
    • Money: The New and The Old
    • The Lies of Pecunia Politica
    • The Lie of Pecunia Caelorum
    • How To Worship a Beautiful Lie
    • The Song of Money

    Bonus Lesson: Spreadsheet Sorcery

    • God’s Eye View
    • Mandalas, Symphonies, and Two-dimensional Altars
    • Starting Templates
    • Purpose, Rhythm, and Use
    • Bringing It All Together

    Plus 2 Exclusive Bonuses

    Bonus 1: 5 Live Q&A Sessions with Carolyn Elliott & Dave Burns

    Throughout MONEY, you’ll be able to join 5 Live Q&A sessions to answer your most relevant questions to what you’re learning and practicing. Each 60-minute crowdcast will be recorded in case you’re unable to attend live.

    Bonus 2: Private Members-Only Facebook Group

    You’ll get incredible support, community, and accountability—not only from fellow students, but from the course instructors themselves as well!

    What MORE Folks are Saying about Carolyn and Dave’s work with Money

    “My relationship with Money has changed, which has changed my relationships with my husband, family, and clients. I feel like I have a new framework and lens through which to look and experience life. Based on the lessons in Money I am restructuring my entire life (in partnership with my husband, it is amazing what Money has done for our relationship!) and business and while I’m serving fewer people, I am making more money in a way that lights me up.”

    Sheena Witter

    “During the course, I received the highest single payment ever…it came easily and from someone who is not only deeply grateful for my work, but also capable of applying my greatest gifts. In addition, 2 new clients operating at the top of their fields showed up. I’ve broken through into a higher octave.”

    Donna Canton

    “The past two months I have doubled what I usually make in a month. All because I was willing to cast the Great Spell, be willing to fail, and then cast it AGAIN.”

    Holly Kiefer

    “One month into the course I received a promotion that I was not expecting in another 5 months. I received a $10K raise, and a lot of stock. So, that was pretty tangible!”

    Colleen Sheller

    “I manifested an extra $6000.”

    Leah Inez Eichmiller

    “I have signed multiple client contracts for more than 3x the amount I’ve ever been brave enough to ask for before the course! And I’ve started learning how to truly save some of that money.”

    Amanda Sunny

    “I have purchased a house and been able to change the way I manage my money as my money was on the stock market and now during this program I found a house and nearly paid our right for it. In 10 years I will be mortgage free. I really thought I would rent the rest of my life.”

    Julie Britton

    My bosses fell all over themselves to give me the only raise I’ve ever asked for!”

    Kerry Ellers

    What people ask before signing up for MONEY

    Question: I’ve studied abundance manifestation before. Is this just going to be a rehash of law-of-attraction principles?

    Answer: Absolutely, positively, resoundingly not.

    The foremost reason we created this course is because of our own massive disappointments with trying to use the “abundance manifestation” principles that are commonly taught.

    Question: I love the idea of the course but money is tight right now and I don’t know if it’s wise for me to spend money on any class—even one on money magic. What should I do?

    Answer: We understand totally. We’ve both lived below the poverty level, and don’t ask anyone to invest in our courses unless we’re certain that if you do the work, you’ll experience a massive return on investment.

    You’ll be amazed by the kind of results you’re able to create in your life when you know how to work this type of money magic.

    And—sign up for the course only if you feel called to truly intense work. It’s a wild ride, not a quick fix.

    Question: I’m not sure the course is for me but I want to try it. Is there a refund policy?

    Answer: MONEY has a 26-day no questions asked refund policy.

    This gives you the opportunity to fully consume the overview & lesson 1, practice the first set of assignments everyday for 2 weeks, and experience the support of the private Facebook community.

    From teaching over 2000 students, and watching the incredible transformations that they have made for themselves, I am 100% committed to MONEY’s efficacy and potency…

    … and when you commit to the daily practices then you can experience rapid transformation for the better.

    If however, you are not 100% satisfied with FORCE OF NATURE, simply contact us at within 26 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

    Question: Could you tell me about the logistical details of the class?

    Answer: Certainly.

    The course lasts for 16 weeks, with one lesson delivered every two weeks (in PDF text and in audio MP3 format), and with 5 live Q&A webinars (one welcome webinar to get comfy with each other, and then a Q&A webinar at the end of each month for the duration of the course – January, February, March – and a wrap-up Q&A webinar at the beginning of April.

    Invitations to the Q&A webinars will be sent out via email on the morning before the Q&A.

    All class meetings are recorded and made available for your later use, along with PDF class notes. So you have this material with you forever and you can study it at your leisure.

    Much of the activity and discussion of the course happens in our private Facebook group.

    The 8 Lesson PDFs and audios will be sent out every second Monday, starting on December 2nd.

    Question: What if I can't make the live Q&A webinar classes?

    Answer: That’s no problem at all. You’ll have access to video recordings of all the class meetings, along with PDF class notes. I do encourage you to come to the live Q&A classes though, because they’re very fun.

    Question: I want to do this course but I'm very busy. How much time does it take?

    Answer: There’s no way for us to erase or sugar-coat the truth that intensive magical transformation takes daily effort. Here’s a rough break down of what kind of time investment you could expect MONEY to involve:

    Every two weeks: 30-40 minutes reading or listening to the new Lesson.

    Once a month: A virtual class Q&A meeting via webinar that lasts about 60 minutes.

    Every day: About 15-30 minutes invested in daily practices (details given in the course).

    At specific points during the course: Courageous leaps into confronting, uncomfortable, and counterintuitive terrain.

    Whenever you feel like it: As much time as you like spent reading and writing posts and comments in our private Facebook group.

    While it’s not small, it’s also not a very huge time commitment to revolutionize your entire relationship to money for the rest of your life.

    Question: I'm new to magic and I have so many questions! Does me joining this class mean that you'll be available to answer all of my questions any time by email?

    Answer: It’s awesome that you have many questions! There’s so much to learn!

    There will be hundreds of participants in our Facebook group, and only 2 of us, so with those overwhelming odds it’s not possible for us to make myself available to answer questions personally all the time.

    That’s how we would become burnt-out and cranky witches real fast. 

    So this is what we suggest in order to satisfy your curiosity about issues that come up in the course:

    1. Ask yourself first – what feels intuitively right to you? This may be all you need to do. Practice inhabiting your own magical authority. Magic isn’t a science, it’s an art. It’s much more about style and play than dogma.
    2. If you feel genuinely stumped and conflicted, we suggest addressing your question to the group. There will be many participants in the Facebook group who also took previous courses of ours, have experience with this work, and will be inclined to help you if you ask your question in a concise and respectful way.
    3. Make a note of your question and save it to ask us on one of our live webinar Q&A class meetings. We will be available to personally answer questions live on our webinar meetings.
    Question: I don't use Facebook. Should I still sign up for the course?

    Answer: Ah. Well, I understand resisting the juggernaut of Mark Zuckerberg – but still – I would not recommend it. You’ll miss too much discussion and interaction with us and the other participants.  

    However, if you register for the course without joining our FB group, you’ll still receive the Lessons and the invites to our live webinar Q&As via email, so if you feel a deep soul-calling to this material it’s still an option.

    Question: What's the atmosphere in your Facebook groups like?

    Answer: It’s lively, provocative, smart, and very fun. Some participants have made deep friendship connections in other courses’ groups.

    Note: we welcome diverse ideas and experiences discussed in the group and maintain a standard of everyone expressing themselves with lots of respect and generosity towards everyone else – including us and our assistant, Karolina Boldt.

    Without batting an eyelash, we will immediately remove anyone from the group who disrupts that atmosphere of respect and generosity.

    We don’t refund people whom I have to remove from the group for being disrespectful or unkind to us or others – so if that’s your style of online communication, please also refrain from registering for the course.

    Get it while it lasts

    Act now to reserve your spot in the life-altering course on wealth magic.








    Registration closes at midnight, Eastern USA time on November 20, 2019.
    Space in the course is limited. Don’t miss this one!

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