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    What does it take to create an online service-based business that’s both profitable and wildly fulfilling?

    As you may have noticed – there’s no ready-made, cookie-cutter path that can do the trick.

    Nothing less than diving deep into your own previously unconscious, denied desires – integrating them – and coming back with penetrative insight and illuminative empathy

    … will do.

    And so that’s the core of what I teach people to do in THRILL.

    THRILL is so much more than an online business course.

    I teach this so that you can have:

    1. A rapidly growing audience that pleads to hear more from you

    2. The ability to fill your client roster with the click of a “send” button

    3. The know-how to sell online courses

    4. The fearlessness that it takes to be widely visible

    Enrollment is open for one week only

    What’s THRILL?

    It’s the throb in your body when you express raw truth. It’s the frisson when you read something that nails you. It’s the result of taking big risks and perilous leaps.

    More technically speaking…

    THRILL is a 10-week intensive starting on December 30th designed to take you from being wobbly in your online audience-growth (no website or one that you don’t love, not enough clients, a non-existent or small online audience) to being an in-demand force of nature. 

    This is for you if:


    • You’re already a professional in your one-on-one service business – you know how to do the thing you do – i.e., you know how to coach, consult, read birth charts, do tarot readings, etc. – and you already have some clients – just not as many as you’d prefer to have
    • You’re great at writing and communicating
    • You have a relentless will to succeed
    • You’re hungry for encouragement and guidance in taking entrepreneurial risks

    This is not for you if:


    • You don’t already have some clients and experience doing your thing
    • You’re not great at writing and communicating
    • You’re lukewarm about the whole “building a thriving online audience” thing
    • You’re very risk adverse and unwilling to experience a rollercoaster of adventure

    Bottomline: If you’re daring and ready to get wealthy (in both fulfillment and cash) in your online business – I invite you to join me for THRILL.

    Already know that you’re in? Here’s the link to click:

    What folks are saying about THRILL:

    “Before taking THRILL, I relied on passive methods of getting clients: mostly referrals and word-of-mouth. Because of the lessons in THRILL, I have successfully created marketing pieces that have brought in many new subscribers and enticed many new clients to book. I feel confident now that I can attract new business when I need to!”

    Rachel Capurso of Aeolian Heart Astrology

    “I had an unloved newsletter list of 20 people when I began THRILL. I still have much more to do. However, since THRILL I shared the essence of my work more widely and boldly which resulted in me piloting my group program with 65 participants!

    “I now feel excited about the dangerous act of taking off my masks and climbing out of the tomb of ‘professionalism.”

    Caesar Gordon, coach

    “Step by step guide as how to build an online presence. Carolyn also did a brilliant job of addressing the psychological/emotional things blocking the entrepreneurial spirit. Well worth the investment.”

    Meg Zepfel

    “I’ve engaged in several other online courses, and even attended live retreats as part of a larger online course package. With those other courses, I experienced a sense of protection and even fear around sharing info about online marketing. I felt a scarcity consciousness behind this, as if these online teachers didn’t want any competition in their field (usual something to do with women’s spirituality, moon phase wisdom, feminine lifestyle).

    “Meanwhile, with Carolyn’s teaching style I feel an expansive generosity and a playful quest to share the ‘mystery’ of online marketing with others.”

    Sonja Carey

    “My website hasn’t even been up 2 weeks and it’s gotten 125,000 unique visitors. Using the tips Carolyn recommended, I got over 5500 newsletter signups for a newsletter I haven’t even started yet. THRILL helped me get ready for public life, for trolls (which are way less scary than I thought), and for going BIG.”

    Krista Suh of The Pussyhat Project

    “As a long time business owner I went into THRILL feeling that I might pick up a few pointers to better my social marketing skills. So much transformation has taken place over the course of the last several weeks of THRILL that I now am taking off in a whole new direction with my business, deepening the experience for myself and the people that I work with. I waited until the last minute to sign up, but I would not have hesitated if I had known what I was in for I would have signed up right away. I highly recommend THRILL.”

    Maude Schellhous of Sacramento Hypnotherapy

    How it Works: 

    When you register you’ll immediately receive a Welcome email with your very first assignment & instructions for joining the private THRILL Facebook community.

    [note: if anything goes glitchy and you don’t receive this welcome email 15 minutes after registering, please contact my assistant Karolina at and she’ll get you sorted out]

    On December 30th, you’ll receive an email with Lesson 1 & the Lesson 1 Q&A.

    Then every other Monday, you’ll receive an audio and text lesson, and writing assignments for internal and external business growth.

    You also get a year-long membership in the THRILL community – and the ability to easily network with your business peers.

    The end result? By March 2020 you’ll have the skills and confidence and technology in place to exponentially grow your audience via your writing – and enjoy ease and profit via your online business.

    The cost of the THRILL intensive is $199 a month for 5 months – $995 – and will put you in an excellent position (provided you – you know, do the work) to net at least a 20-fold return on your investment – which ain’t too shabby at all.

    Another Note: audience and business growth is never a totally linear process – it may take you longer than 10 weeks to get to the level of ease and profit that you want (depending on how fast you write and think and act), but by the end of THRILL – you will have the map and know exactly what you need to do to get there – there will be zero mystery or doubt about it, and you’ll have all the pieces in place.

    Bottomline: If you’re committed and ready to get wealthy (in both fulfillment and cash) in your online business – I invite you to join THRILL.

    So go ahead and click the link. Do it if you’re bad.


    What's included in THRILL

    Lesson 1: All About You

    What you’ll learn:

    • An invitation to do the work
    • A note on writing
    • Exercise 1: Your Taboo Persona
    • Why Your Taboo Persona is Important
    • Exercise 2: Your Core Insight
    • Exercise 3: Your Lead Magnet

    Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 1: Creating an email sign-up form

    Lesson 2: All About Your People

    What you’ll learn:

    • Existential Kink
    • Defining Your Audience
    • Writing a rough draft mirroring list essay
    • The mythic story of how you became a leader

    Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 2: Setting up auto-responders

    Lesson 3: Super-Sexy Grammar & Structure

    What you’ll learn:

    • Understanding Grammar and Structure
    • Making Your Writing Smooth
    • Clear Introductions
    • Precious Writerly Secrets
    • Precise Parallelisms
    • Transparent Transitions
    • Abundant Rephrasing
    • Obvious Nouns versus Obscure Pronouns
    • Conclusions and Calls-to-Action
    • Assignment 1: Editing
    • Assignment 2: Righteous Essay

    Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 3: Creating Facebook ads to promote your essays and build your list

    Lesson 4: Relating to Your People

    What you’ll learn:

    • The Big Question Mark
    • On-going List-Building Content
    • Exercise: Brainstorming more Mirroring List Essays
    • Exercise: Brainstorming more Righteous Essays
    • Understanding Your Client Savviness Journey
    • Exercise: Map Out Your Client Savviness Journey
    • On “blogging”
    • Your shadow, your strength
    • Exercise: The Impolite Truth About Me

    Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 4: Creating & hosting webinars

    Lesson 5: On Selling

    What you’ll learn:

    • What exactly is a launch?
    • You’ve already done the hardest part
    • Ask them about their most pressing challenge
    • Decide and announce the timeline of your launch
    • Create a Sales Page
    • Pre-Launch Emails to Send
    • Open Cart Emails to Send
    • Final Day Emails to Send

    Plus Tech Hand-Holding Session 5: Online course delivery

    Plus 2 Exclusive Bonuses

    Bonus 1: 5 Pre-Recorded Q&A Sessions with Carolyn Elliott

    With each new lesson, you’ll get access to a Q&A session from previous rounds of THRILL that answer the most relevant questions to what you’re learning and practicing. Each 60-minute crowdcast is pre-recorded and can be watched anytime, at your own convenience.

    Bonus 2: Private Members-Only Facebook Group

    Within this self-study program, you’ll get support, community, and accountability from your fellow students within the THRILL private Facebook community!

    What students are saying about THRILL…

    “Would I recommend THRILL? OH HELL YES. It is real, it is authentic… she doesn’t lie to you by saying it is going to be easy — and for that it is 100% worth the time. Because things that are hard are worth sticking to. If you come out on top, you prove to yourself you ARE a lot more capable than you thought. Two words for anyone considering this course: DO IT.”

    Hannah Hermes

    “I’m way more ready to share ME than I’ve been before. Pundits tell us to get more authentic – but they rarely make it so clear how to do it.”

    Janette Dalgliesh

    “THRILL injected bright glowy-ness into my month – I am a pretty bright turned on person, and it felt so good to have someone be that with me.”

    Kora Tien Kinard

    “I now have the knowledge of the technical online tools to have a mailing list, do automations, host an online course. I did not have this vocabulary or knowledge before. Now I’m just reliant on creating my content since THRILL taught me the structures. I also understand how to structure my writing to be engaging, concise and lesson-driven to attract my correct audience.”

    Joycelyn Ranne

    “I had implemented one-on-one strategies to gain clients but felt desperate to understand a more fun and creative way to grow my audience, so that I didn’t have to work so hard for so little. Now I feel the natural confidence of my inner courage to express through my work, while using a fun and practical strategy to achieve my goal.”

    Jonathan Bryce Lyman

    “After THRILL – My work gets read a hell of a lot more now than it used to, because my writing breathes now. I’ve allowed myself space for messy stuff that I don’t understand, precisely because I’ve learned to be unafraid of it (and know that it’s what others crave reading).”

    Jeanelle Olson

    “I would 80000% recommend THRILL to anyone who wants to step up their writing game, for personal or professional purposes. I haven’t taken a writing course since college and had become so focused on academic writing, this helped me break out of that mold and find my voice again. The value is unparalleled. A course by a PhD, professorial witch who writes professionally and has built a successful online business…where else are you going to find this?”

    Sara Hocking

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: When does the course start and finish?

    Answer: Immediately when you purchase, you will receive a Welcome email with your very first assignment to complete before December 30th, as well as an invitation to the private THRILL Facebook group.

    On December 30, 2019, you’ll receive an email with the Lesson 1 audio & PDF and pre-recorded Lesson 1 Q&A session.

    The course is 10 weeks long and finishes in March 2020.

    Question: How long do I have access to the course?

    Answer: You’ll have access to all the course lessons and recordings forever.

    Question: What's your refund policy?

    Answer: I don’t offer them. As you can glean from the testimonials – I’m a damn good teacher and I’ll give you absolutely everything you need to use your writing talent to grow an eager audience that’s excited to buy from you – all at a digestible and do-able pace — whether or not you show up fully and vulnerably and actually do what I show you how to do – is 1000% up to you.

    So if you don’t trust me as a teacher and you don’t trust yourself to implement what I teach you and thereby make your investment of money and time worthwhile – this is my suggestion: do not register for this intensive.

    If you’d like to get to know me more as a teacher before committing to the course, you’re welcome to read my book, my dozens of free essays, podcast interviews, etc. You can find much more about me at or

    Question: I want to do this course but I'm very busy. How much time does it take?

    Answer: There’s no way for us to erase or sugar-coat the truth that intensive magical transformation takes daily effort. Here’s a rough break down of what kind of time investment you could expect THRILL to involve:

    Every two weeks: 30-40 minutes reading or listening to the new Lesson.

    Also every 2 weeks: Watching the 60-minute pre-recorded Q&A for that lesson.

    Every day: About 15-30 minutes invested in daily practices (details given in the course).

    At specific points during the course: Courageous leaps into confronting, uncomfortable, and counterintuitive terrain.

    Whenever you feel like it: As much time as you like spent reading and writing posts and comments in our private Facebook group.

    While it’s not small, it’s also not a very huge time commitment to revolutionize your entire business for the rest of your life.

    Question: I'm new to magic and I have so many questions! Does me joining this class mean that you'll be available to answer all of my questions any time by email?

    Answer: It’s awesome that you have many questions! There’s so much to learn!

    There will be hundreds of participants in our Facebook group, and only 1 of me, so with those overwhelming odds it’s not possible for me to make myself available to answer questions personally all the time.

    That’s how I would become a burnt-out and cranky witch real fast. 

    So this is what I suggest in order to satisfy your curiosity about issues that come up in the course:

    1. Ask yourself first – what feels intuitively right to you? This may be all you need to do. Practice inhabiting your own magical authority. Magic isn’t a science, it’s an art. It’s much more about style and play than dogma.
    2. If you feel genuinely stumped and conflicted, we suggest addressing your question to the group. There will be many participants in the Facebook group who also took previous courses of ours, have experience with this work, and will be inclined to help you if you ask your question in a concise and respectful way.
    Question: I don't use Facebook. Should I still sign up for the course?

    Answer: Ah. Well, I understand resisting the juggernaut of Mark Zuckerberg – but still – I would not recommend it. You’ll miss too much discussion and interaction with us and the other participants.  

    However, if you register for the course without joining our FB group, you’ll still receive the Lessons and the invites to our live webinar Q&As via email, so if you feel a deep soul-calling to this material it’s still an option.

    Question: What's the atmosphere in your Facebook groups like?

    Answer: It’s lively, provocative, smart, and very fun. Some participants have made deep friendship connections in other courses’ groups.

    Note: we welcome diverse ideas and experiences discussed in the group and maintain a standard of everyone expressing themselves with lots of respect and generosity towards everyone else – including myself and my assistant, Karolina Boldt.

    Without batting an eyelash, we will immediately remove anyone from the group who disrupts that atmosphere of respect and generosity.

    I don’t refund people whom I have to remove from the group for being disrespectful or unkind to us or others – so if that’s your style of online communication, please also refrain from registering for the course.

    Ready to take the leap? Here’s the magic link:

    Enrollment is open for this week only

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