10 Signs You’re A Sorceress

    by Lauren Malloy

    As you let the word Sorceress settle deep inside you, do flashes of long-forgotten joy and power fire off within you?

    That’s what it did for me when the word came into my field of consciousness in a meaningful way.

    It took some messiness to get to that point!

    Being a Sorceress does not happen if you follow the rules, and it will not manifest if you try to please those around you.

    You begin to crack open the door to your inner Sorceress through life not going the way you want it to. This process might appear dreadful, but trust—the results are anything but.

    You begin to awaken to Who You Really Are.

    And who you are is powerful, wise, compassionate, loving, joyful. Alive. You are a being who’s raising her consciousness, and impacting all those around you.

    Here are 10 signs that you are a Sorceress:

    1. You trust the Universe

    It doesn’t matter who you say this to or the eye rolls that you may get in response.

    You call upon it, impress it, demand your desires from it, seduce it. You have a relationship with the Universe and you know that it supports you.

    You pull a card after meditating first thing in the morning, eagerly awaiting what the Universe has to tell you.

    You’ve long since given up trying to please a man-made, fear-based god, knowing that the creator (the Universe/god/goddess) is in all of us, because part of a creator is always in his/her creation.

    And a creator always wants his/her creation to thrive.

    2. You unapologetically declare your desires and expect them to manifest

    Some might call manifesting what you want magic, and this might be so, but you know that we are causing things to happen all the time with our thoughts.

    Whether good or bad, you know that your thoughts are always creating life around you.

    That’s how the Universe works.

    And because now you truly know that, you choose to create from desire. You are so clear on what you want and you stay in that energy and savor the magnificent feelings it conjures.

    You are aware that as you focus on what you desire, and away from all that you do not, you will get it.

    There is most definitely magic in that.

    3. You get off on being vulnerable

    You’ve learned that vulnerability is a sign of inner power.

    There is no more potent way to be who you really are, than to share what you are feeling, with raw honesty. You are doing this for you, not to pull anyone else in to care-take or love you.

    There is profound freedom in saying the truth and not worrying about the reception.

    Vulnerability like that comes from going deep into the darkness. It creates connection like nothing else.

    You’ve peeled away restrictions and conditioning that allows you to say just what your truth is, unabashedly.

    And you feel free and radiant as a result.

    4. You believe everything is energy

    You know that you can stay connected to someone you love even if you’re miles apart because you are connected to his energy.

    You know that the things you want exist as energy before you get them in physical form.

    You can sense what someone is feeling because you are reading their energy.

    You believe that a woman channeling the energy of a group of entities is perfectly normal!

    (Hell, you were reading the Seth books way, way, waaay before you felt comfortable with the idea of a person channeling an entity).

    You happily spend a Saturday afternoon with that channeler and like-minded Souls, absorbing energy, wisdom and the collective genius that’s present, all around you.

    The impact of those kinds of experiences has you live an even more joyful, expansive and loving life.

    5. You have transcendent sex

    You’ve grown to love your body exactly as it is.

    You love the feeling of having sex.

    But not just any kind of sex.

    Sex that’s above the range of mere physical human experience. Transcendent sex.

    It’s most definitely not about a toy or position.

    It’s not about being exaggeratedly, theatrically “wild”.

    You are all for variety, and you also know that all those add-ons take away from what happens when you know every inch of your body.

    Especially the inside of your body.

    And you are so in your body that even the slightest touch or movement sets off tidal waves of bliss and connection.

    Each encounter is better than the last, because you keep growing as a person who is open to receiving more—even, and especially, pleasure.

    6. You meet men (or women) in real life, not online

    That’s putting it mildly.

    You have the power to pull them in with your magnetism and turn-on, even pulling in the same ones more than once.

    And the product of that is explosive and nurturing and fun.

    You’ve healed your gripe with the opposite (or same) sex. Even more, you’ve reconnected with your own sex.

    You are proud of your natural beauty and radiance and sexiness and others are just sucked up into that magnetic energy.

    And you come together, seeing the god/goddess in them and are grateful (oh so grateful) for the sexy journey.

    7. You feel absolutely at home everywhere and anywhere

    And with everyone.

    You could be by yourself, in a crowd or with your lover.

    There’s stillness and a calm that surrounds you as you journey.

    Your gypsy soul has you travel frequently and you always feel at home, because you know that home is inside you.

    8. You are aging backwards

    The more vulnerable and true you are and the more you descend into the darkness and rise again, the more you shed old layers.

    Layers of grief, pain, resentment, shame, wrong-thinking float away.

    As you shed, you polish yourself, so that you look younger and brighter and lighter.

    And you attract young and old, most of whom can’t believe how old you say you are.

    Once again, you know it’s all about the energy.

    And yours is light and happy and cleansed and open.

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    9. Animals are drawn to you like long lost friends

    This will most definitely happen after a sound bath, but can also easily happen while hiking, walking your dog, crossing the street.

    Cats come up to you at your friend’s house and stare deep into your eyes, not leaving you alone until they are shooed away and then angrily start banging pots and pans around in the kitchen (!)

    You can’t blame them.

    They see an unbound and kindred soul and energetically want to commune and play.

    They are a barometer that your consciousness is rising higher and higher and they want to be in your energy.

    10. You have an altar

    It’s not an “official” one.

    The one you create moves around a lot, just like you.

    It’s made up of objects that have deep meaning for you, that inspire you and that stimulate qualities which have been asleep in you, and are waking up.

    image: author’s own

    The truth is that this list is not only about a chosen few.

    We who identify as female all have the inborn power to be a Sorceress.

    We are all Divine. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

    The difference is some are not ready to claim it.

    You’re a Sorceress when you claim it.

    The Divine in me sees the Divine in you.



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    About the Author:

    Lauren Malloy is a coach and Spiritual teacher of love, sex and relationship. She’s a Poet and Huntress of Desires. She works one on one with women who desire to be connected to their beauty, sexiness and Power and live a fully ignited life.  She teaches classes around NYC on the Masculine + Feminine, where you’ll learn how to turn on your life by using the most essential ingredient: You You can follow her at laurenmalloy.com or email her at lauren@laurenmalloy.com


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