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Green Witch Diaries: Catnip

by Quinn K Dyer Know it: A member of the mint family, infamous for its use for blessings and bonding spells involving your feline friends. Catnip’s bonding properties aren’t limited to cats however. This herb is key to spells to ...

Magick for the Trump Era: Help Defeat Fascism Without F***ing Up Your Karma

It has been called opposition, civil disobedience, and many other terms.

Green Witch Diaries: Sage

It’s a natural antiseptic. The tea is also good for digestive issues like heartburn.

The 4 Gateways of Plant Communication

there’s a special magic when you begin to see how and why these plants ...

Green Witch Diaries: Chamomile

Chamomile promotes peace and tranquility and dispels disruptive energies.

Green Witch Diaries: Lavender

An immensely versatile herb, lavender has many medicinal properties

Green Witch Diaries: Garlic

Garlic is often used for invoking healing, courage, and strength.

7 Tips to Housewitch Your Way to Evil Bliss

So I figured today I'd just share with you some of my fundamental house-witching ...

What does it mean to be a Priestess of Morgan le Fay?

With Morgana’s help, I rebuilt and remade myself from the ashes.

Shadow Masks of the Witches

Slipping into a shadow mask is one of the simplest forms of self-deception.

RECLAIMING MY POWER: My Battle with Mental Illness

When dealing with your health always listen to your body, always listen to your ...

The Nine Hidden Faces of Morgan le Fey

Did you know that Morgan le Fey is so much more than “just” a ...

The Athame’s Edge – The Ever-Narrowing Path of Witchcraft

Continue to ponder examples and you will see how sharp this path can get.

Gathering the Lightning Women: Initiation by Storm and the Oldest of Gods

by Danielle Dulsky Circle with me ‘round this slow-breathing oak, ye creaky boned and ...

The 12 Steps: Witches Rehab

Containing all the possibilities, I am the potent elixir in the spell of life.

Rebel Spellcraft

It is important to learn the rules before breaking them.

Cunning by Nature: Musings of a Hedge bound Fox Witch

So how do we maintain a devious twinkle in our eye and a constitution ...

5 Signs You’re on the Poison Path

Here's some signs that the Poison Path could be your path:


I’m talking about falling in love with ourselves and the power of harnessing our ...

Magick is Real: Recalling a Youth of Faeries, Potions & Performance

I listened intently, I listened and watched her as she told me and the ...

The Waxing Moon Energy and Ostara

Doorways are being opened, and now is an excellent time for decision making.

The Fiery Enchantress of the Spring Equinox

It's a delicious time to really sink into that Spring Equinox energy.

Slumber No More

That itch? That thorn snagging on your subconscious? It’s your wake up call.

Ours Is a Craft of Poetry: The Witch’s Edge between Joy and Meaning

If you need me, I’ll be swimming naked in the nectar of a home-brewed ...

IT’S NOT OPPRESSIVE and Three Other Veiling Misconceptions

Here’s the top misunderstandings people (muggles and witches alike) have about veiling.

How to Choose a Patron Deity

You work with them. You call on them for support, wisdom and guidance.

Moon Medicine

We must persist in remembering that the mysteries are also a part of who ...

MANIFEST LIKE A QUEEN -Stop Daydreaming and Start Creating

By drawing on each of these channels, we create an empowering circuit of creative ...

Weaving through the Gaps in the Universe

My feet actually felt like they were on fire at one point... such was ...

Hereditary Magic

Look deep in yourself and your ancestral history. Your power will be waiting there.

Imbolc Awaits: 3 Ways to Celebrate

The halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, it is a ...

5 Ways to Purify your Energy this Imbolc

Imbolc is a Moon festival, Celtic festival of lighting of the new fire and ...

How to Release Your Pain with Burning Magic

With burning magic in particular, the burning process can be used to symbolize death ...

The Mundane Magic of Thread

As your hands fixate on the repetitive task your mind can focus on the ...

13 Weird Tips To Improve Your Spellcraft

Ok, so you’ve decided to do a spell. Let’s get down and dirty with ...

THE EROTIC WITCH: Captain Save-a-Bro and the Ills of Sex Magick

I sent it for innocuous purposes (like when I thought that maybe someone could ...

Hag Magick: Cold-Tongued Wisdom from the Cailleach

She’s telling us to be renegades of shadow, to own that seething, slithering part ...