Many, many more people are witches than the ones who happen to already consciously, publicly, deliberately identify themselves as witches.

    Let me make this super-clear: to be a witch – one doesn’t need to be a Wiccan, or even a Pagan. At all.

    Myself, I’m some sort of strange hybrid Buddhist-Christian-Existentialist internet folk magic witch – so, go figure.

    A witch is a person (of any gender or belief) who lives by her own internal validation and creative inspiration rather than seeking approval from the powers-that-be.

    Queen Elizabeth I, Jesus of Nazareth, Cleopatra, Yeshe Tsogyel, Joan of Arc, and John Lennon were all great witches with giant powers of fascination, who wielded great influence through the use of symbol and pageantry. I could name a lot more, but maybe you’re starting to get the idea.

    Being a witch is an inherent quality of one’s being, like being deeply compassionate or having a green thumb. Even though witchiness is in-born, it still calls for deliberate cultivation to reach its fullest potential. It’s a particular flavor of spiritual and emotional incarnation, it’s not necessarily a collection of conscious beliefs.

    That being said – coming to awareness of one’s own witchiness is a wonderful thing.

    Once you have accepted and know that you’re a witch, a vast field of play opens up.

    When you’ve accepted that you’re a witch, you can start deliberately cultivating your power, you can make sense of the world and your life through a whole new  lens, and you can begin seeking out connections with other witches.

    So here are some common traits I notice in witches – see if you can recognize them in yourself – and if you do, you might want to begin calling yourself a witch.

    Calling yourself a witch at this moment in history has giant, positive political and historical ramifications – because our way of being has been persecuted for millenia. I could say a lot more about this, but I think you’ll get it if you ponder it for just a moment.

    So, onto the Traits of a Witch.

    1. You don’t give a fuck.

    The most amazing and notable quality of witches is that they’re in touch with a level of intuitive and imaginative power which gives them an inner authority.

    They’re being moved by their own genius and not by any external dogma or force. They may use a wide variety of traditional or institutional tools, but they’re not dependent on traditional or institutional authority for their power.

    They’ve woken up the magic within their own hearts and it’s alive and throbbing.

    Witches are often offensive to – well, just about every body. Witches tend to offend both the sensibilities of  conventional, non-magically oriented types of people and also of people involved with magic who have rigid ideas about what magic should look like.

    Just about everyone gets alarmed in the presence of an actual live-wire witch.

    Among these we can count my controlling, holier-than-thou ceremonial magickian ex-boyfriends.

    (Hi, gentlemen! Don’t you worry ’bout me, my magic is rolling along just great even though I don’t ever do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram! Mwah! Hope you’re still enjoying living with your mom! Yes, Bali is great this time of year, and I don’t at all wish you were here! xoxoxoxo, Carolyn)

    So if you find yourself still very committed to magical practice and to spiritual development and you have next-to-zero interest in fulfilling anyone else’s expectations of what your magic or spirituality should look like, then you may just be a witch.

    2. Seriously, you do not give a fuck.

    In your life you’ve probably had plenty of experiences of people freaking out at you about your signature strange way of being in the world, and while this is sometimes sad or challenging, ultimately you don’t care.

    You’ve got work to accomplish – art to make, people to heal, houses to build, rituals to craft, stories to write – and you just don’t have time to be constantly soothing people who expect you to adhere to some standard other than your own genius and inner authority.

    This may mean that eventually you go into stealth mode so as not to continually create alarm, but you don’t go stealth because you’re hiding or avoidant. You do it because you’ve got things to accomplish and only a limited amount of time here in the third dimension.

    3. You make people nervous.

    No matter how toned-down you allow you are in your dress or demeanor, you still make people nervous just by your very presence. There are things that can be done to mitigate this, but it’s probably unavoidable.

    For folks who are looking to external authorities to tell them what’s good and beautiful and okay, the presence of you, an inherently wild someone who is wholly reliant on her inner authority,  is disturbing.

    Your presence is disturbing because others can sense there’s something about you that’s unpredictable and uncontrollable.  You’re not being ruled by the conventional programs, so you’re not immediately legible to people who still allow themselves to be ruled.

    4. Folks tell your eyes are “beautiful” – what they mean is that they’re penetrating.

    Most people don’t have the words to describe your eyes.  They just notice that there’s something compelling and different about them.  That something is that your eyes see.

    You can look at someone and see what programs they’re running, see where they’re blocking themselves, see what they’re attached too, see how they mishandle their own sexual energy and power, see their potential for liberation. It’s just evident to you when you look at someone because you’ve done that liberatory work on yourself already.

    5. You can always tell when someone is full of it.

    See the above. Your penetrating vision is a kind of psychic perception. You can see how people deceive themselves because you’ve unravelled many of your own self-deceptions.

    You can hear when someone is bullshitting because you can perceive that the whole of their being is not in full resonance with their words.

    6. You’ve been actually persecuted at least once in your life.

    Because you make people nervous and you don’t give a fuck and you probably did not start out in stealth mode, it’s very likely that if you’re a witch you’ve attracted actual persecution at some point.  This could be persecution in the form of cruel harassment and teasing in childhood, or persecution in the legal and professional realms as an adult.

    Often it’s persecution in the form of malicious gossip from former friends who couldn’t keep up with your magical growth and then felt envious. Kindness and compassion in the form of brahmavihara cultivation are great antidotes to energetic persecution, and so are traditional protection spells and an ongoing practice of developing your communication and relating skills.

    7. You encounter tons of synchronicity, and it doesn’t always lead to peachy places.

    Witches are basically tantric bodhisattvas; they have a soul-commitment to liberate themselves and all beings as fast as possible, ideally in one lifetime, using alchemical transmutation.

    This means that they’re on the karmic fast-track and life very often comes super-fast and hard to them. This means that following even gorgeous synchronicities can sometimes lead bad witches to apparently dark places – and that the visit to the dark and dirty places is totally part of the trip.

    In other words, life is not a “love’n’light” New Age bowl of cherries for witches – it can, at times, be a tour of the hell realms.

    8. Your disapproval visibly hexes people.

    One reason that you make people nervous is that you have so much personal power that if you dislike, insult, or disapprove of them – they’ll feel it, hard. Their day will be ruined, and maybe their whole confidence.

    When people get hexed by a cross word or look from you, they lose connection with their own best direction.  They look dazed because they’re up in their heads, spinning scared thoughts around.

    Folks are so affected by your disapproval for the very reason that they can sense your perception is penetrating. This is the “evil eye” that’s been so feared in so many cultures across history.

    Of course you would resent and fear someone who had the power to crush your confidence with a glance because you know they see you clearly. 

    So as a witch, it’s a good idea to continually cultivate awareness of and to transmute your own resentments and fears so that you’re not walking around spattering everyone with mean ju-ju just because you don’t feel good that day.

    9. You’ve experienced your raw magnetism in action.

    You know you’re hot stuff. You’ve had abundant experiences of your own magical ability to magnetize amazing romantic partners and friends and other beautiful things.

    There’s times when people just come up to you and tell you how fascinating you are or how deeply moved they felt by your work.

    You’re magnetic and you’ve got reams of proof, so just accept it already.

    10. Your experience of the fourth dimension is more vivid than most people’s experience of the third dimension.

    “The fourth dimension” is a short-hand term for the world of spirit and emotion and desire and vibration and feeling and intuition and imagination. It’s all the unseen stuff that can have the power to dramatically affect the seen.

    On the whole, witches have a much easier time navigating fourth dimensional realities than they do with third dimensional realities.

    The third dimension is hard, literally. It includes matter: table legs that you can stub your toes on, cars that can crash if you steer them the wrong way, water that leaks through roofs, bills that have to be paid.

    A major challenge for witches is integrating their fourth dimensional prowess with third dimensional day-to-day reality.  The third dimension is more difficult for us than it is for others for the simple fact that large amounts of our minds and hearts are usually occupied by the fourth dimension.

    We witches have less processing power to devote to third dimensional issues, and so we have to make it a deliberate part of our spiritual practice to deal with material reality – hence, practical magic.



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    • Dr. Carolyn Elliott is the founder of WITCH magazine & is known for her uncanny and uncomfortable ability to trick really smart, high-achieving magical people into doing the things that they actually want to do. She’s the teacher of life-altering online courses, including INFLUENCE, FORCE OF NATURE, MONEY, and EARTH. Carolyn is the author of the cult-favorite creativity book, Awaken Your GeniusAwaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Guide to Uncovering Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams... ... and the upcoming Existential Kink: A handbook of life-altering magic. She runs a multi-6-figure online business specializing in helping people achieve dramatic positive change in their lives through shadow integration practices and applied occult philosophy.

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    • Steve Fisher


      So I’m a bad witch afterall.

      • Carolyn Elliott

        Hells yeah you are, Steve. Now write some articles for us!

    • ron pappin

      Well done

      • Carolyn Elliott

        Thanks Ron!

    • Lori

      This is a BRILLIANT, bad-ass, witchery post….. I LOVE it. You are a delicious witch with writing skills that are not of this world. I can F-E-E-L your magic. XOXOX

      • Carolyn Elliott

        Lori – thank you so much!

    • Jason

      My evil eye can stop a crowd

    • Stacy

      Perfect timing! :-)

      • Carolyn Elliott


        • Jenn

          100% resonating with me….I am 40 and have spent my whole life wondering what actual term to use for myself lol….I’ve always just known natural born witch, but have tried to interact with Wiccans and that never clicked(they acted like I was not a witch because I did. Or so what they do). Why should I when I do if my way with no help at all? Lol just everything, all of it is spot on. Thanks so much xoxo

    • SAmantha

      Well so I suppose 9 n a half out of ten aint ALL bad… just have to work on that last half..!!! :)

      • Laura Gyre

        Hey, I don’t know if I hex people, and I’m good with that. Bad witches refuse to be contained the structure of the scoring system! Unless, you know, they want to be ;)

    • M

      Validating read, thank you very much

    • Kelle Sparta

      I’m not really sure how this makes me a “Bad” Witch. For one, I identify as a shaman, but we’ll let that go for now. I can see that it makes me “dark”, but not “bad”. I think that this is the challenge that we’ve had in our culture is that powerful women have been portrayed as “bad”. This is why I love the new Maleficent movie because it brings balance to women’s power. I agree with everything you’ve written except the label “bad”, so all in all, nice work.

      • Laura Gyre

        Well, it’s not intended to be compulsory if it’s not something you want to identify with. I like to think of our use of the word “bad” as about half playful and half claiming all those things that mainstream culture would like to stop us from embracing, bad in terms of popular judgement.

      • Carolyn Elliott

        Hi Kellee – it’s really “bad’ used in the sense of bad-ass, not bad as in “evil” or “sucky.” It’s a play on the hip hop term “bad bitch” which refers to an empowered woman who’s not to be messed with.

        • Kelly

          I love this take on not being ashamed of your power!

          Just found your site and signed up for your email. In raising another generation of witches, there are many promising articles I can use.

          Thanks so much for being you and being out there.Kudos from one bad witch to another!

        • Sheba

          Well said blessed be)0(

      • Sandra T.

        Yeah by defintion all magic is good or bad but there are. White and black green ,grey, and other forms as long as you don’t use it to harm others I dont consider it bad .but as for protecting myself or loved ones I do and I will retaliate if I’m hurt or my loved ones are .I’m against negativity .and I definitely don’t give a fuck but I’m not evil I’m good

      • Kelz

        I agree with your statement… I read the article and Identified with every word written in reflection to myself. It was weird. Then I noticed it said bad witch at the end. I all most never have that intent. Say LA vie

    • Cassandra

      Holy Cow! Excellent and validating. I have been called many things, and sometimes feel like a misunderstood angel in the outfield that is relearning my magic skills. I also relate to Kelle’s comment, however, bad is good and good is bad, it’s all relative to the magical experience.

      Thank you!

      • Carolyn Elliott

        You’re so welcome, Cassandra. ;)

    • Nuit

      I think I am a bad witch!

    • SilverFeathyr

      Interesting read.

      Add to being a “bad” (or “dark”) Witch to being an empath, and there’s my life’s challenge. lol Especially because I don’t “give a fuck,” but am experiencing all the emotions that are out there anyways! Like I don’t have enough of my own self already to experience… Curse or blessing… some days it’s a bit of both. But at the end of the day, I’m too tired to give a fuck either way… ;)

    • kodo moon’s

      At last I know why I remember to buy candles and keep forgetting to pay my electric bill! Your inside has energized me!

      • Carolyn Elliott

        I’m glad you’re energized! Yay!

    • Atell Rohlandt

      Interesting article and made a good read. I don’t believe in the bad witch/good witch thing myself, magic is magic….it’s how it’s used that matters.

    • Marilyn Woodbury

      OK now I do have a label. Yah, I hit all of them. Thank you so much for putting everything in order. Perfect…..

    • Barb Richie-Timmer

      I plead guilty to being a Bad Witch, but am also a hopelessly Good Person.

    • Jessa

      Loved it..brilliant

    • wende

      It’s so true. I prefer “dark” to bad. But it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

    • Freya Aswynn

      Yeah, I don’t give a fuck, never did. Am I bad yes, for the most part, do I scare people yes, but not for no reason and Then I enjoy it.


    • Shelley

      You nailed it, I AM a very BAD WITCH. Gave me chills like you have been looking through my mind

    • Susan

      Great writing ! I can relate so well however at this time I seem to be stalled ! I’m going to get your book and hopefully it will kick me into gear. I felt so much more “bad” when I was younger. But at 65 I shouldn’t be losing my powers should I ? I’m stuck but this article has given me a “poke” !
      Thanks !

      • Laura Gyre

        It can take some adjustment as we go through different phases of our lives, but no, there’s no reason you should be losing your powers – there are plenty of powerful witches your age. Hope you start to feel less stuck soon!

    • Trinity

      Oooooooohhhhh .. I think I am a very BAD Witch !!, :) :) :)

    • eileen king

      Yes that is me. But I always knew. I have little tolerence for those that constantly say love and light. Have never found them to be trustworthy. Get peed with those that read a book Don a cloak and say I am a witch. No they are pagan long time before they get to witch. Do hold with the addage you can only call yourself witch when others do. And am not afraid to use my inner power. Am I a good person ? Mostly but then I am only human.

    • Priestess Firestorm

      So I’m bad ass witch after all Lol,I seriously don’t give a fuck!!!! Lmao

    • Juniper

      This is well written and I am all that it describes but as I don’t use my powers for black magic/tantra, I am not a “bad” witch – just a powerful one. That’s the only thing I would shift about this article.
      Thanks for writing it!

    • Ali

      To the bone… how does a bad witch wade through culture shock watching the muggles and their July 4th rituals?

      • Laura Gyre

        Ha, that’s a tough one. I sometimes like to pretend that they’re my own personal fireworks for whatever I feel like celebrating. :)

    • Sherryl

      Hm, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw this, but I must say it was quite interesting. I always thought I was alone and a bit unusual in my abilities, and that a lot of people are just faking because they want it too. My question, how do you decide what attributes qualify to make one a “bad witch”?
      Many of these signs classify to those who aren’t witches *or wizards* just on attitude and inner confidence. How do you know you’re a “witch” and not just labeling common things as “magic” because you’re a “witch”?

      Why do I use quotes? Because there are many people who call themselves “witches” because they want to be, and when something happens around them they latch onto it as justification of their abilities. I normally don’t post on these sites, because I see many others that get flamed in return with sentences like, “…you don’t understand because you aren’t a witch…”, “…it’s a common misconception for those who don’t believe in the magical…”, or “…because you want to be one and can’t be, you decide that this is all fake…” I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. Do I believe I’m a witch, hmm I don’t think I latch onto that term. I’m a spiritual, a healer, a dimension traveler, dream interpreter, intuitive, occasional aura reader, and creator. I don’t have a set skill that classifies me as a specific title, and I find people try to make themselves ‘fit’ into a title. I am me, and my abilities speak for themselves.
      What’s the point of this post you may ask? If your still reading, wonderful. The point is to stop using titles and labels that make others grasp onto what you’re saying “this” is and make themselves fit. You claim “bad witches don’t give a fuck…” yet here you are, in essence, saying “Do you fit my label, if not, too bad you aren’t ___.” So I guess my “don’t give a fuck about your label” attitude makes me a “bad witch” even though I don’t conform to a label.
      Ironic, isn’t it.

      • Sue


    • J’te Argent

      Love your article! My mentor, Alison Harlow, taught me that the correct answer to the question, “Are you a good Witch or a bad Witch?” is to reply ” I am an excellent Witch” and let the muggles wonder what that really means!

    • Anna

      Damn. 10 of 10. I am 49 (this time around) and am just awakening to this. I have suppressed a LOT because people thought it ‘wasn’t normal’ or ‘just my imagination’. Fuck them. I own this power. They don’t.
      I am one bad ass witch/empath.

    • Faith Harding

      I am all the above and FINALLY someone gave it a Top Ten list! Rock on, Bad Witches!!!

    • nikki

      This feature is seriously off the charts Carolyn

    • Sara

      Hmm… I guess I am a bad witch after all. :)

    • Juliana

      This is killer! Love it.

      • Carolyn Elliott

        Yay, glad you dig it, Juliana!

    • M-Nyx

      The corner of my lip lifted. Excellent validation, while not necessary, awesome to be appreciated every now and then. Thank you for a wicked read.

    • nicole

      rock on!

    • tina

      In high school my friends (the muggle ones) used to tell me I was evil.

      and once (this is funny) I met a German backpacker who said … “and your eyes are like – magic witch!”

    • Isabella

      These are the exact things that have scared me about myself for as long as I can remember. I don’t even know how to process this.

    • Lucy

      Just found this and laughed with pleasure and relief at the utter synchronicity… I was howling to the universe as usual as I lurch from one delicious disaster to another… what am I?

      And the universe replied girl, you’re a bad witch ;-)
      Thanks for a great article.

    • Wendy

      I got 9 out of ten signs that I’m a “Bad Witch.” I’ve been having trouble with number 10.I think it is because I’ve been ill & I’m under a lot of stress.Any tips for unwinding that doesn’t involve a bath tub because I don’t have one?

    • Sha

      I roared with laughter reading some of this stuff.

      You tickled me right into myself.

      True power here, at long, fucking, last.

      Let me know how you feel best thanked. xxxxx I would like to please you.

    • Sy

      This is incredible and explains so much. I’m working on developing my bad-witchery, after years of fits and starts. I’m exhausted and trying to not give a fuck WHILE also supporting myself financially, which has been my main source of anxiety. So far, I’ve only managed the former. Well, that and interacting with most people (muggles?)

      I’ve long been baffled by people’s reactions to me…sometimes it’s given me the feeling that I did something to them in a previous lifetime…I don’t know. So, I make them nervous and they make me nervous as a result, perhaps. I find this extremely difficult to navigate (I’m also a Cancerian and still need to work through the occasional people pleasing, wanting to make people feel safe and nurtured etc.) I end up isolating myself in order to really not give a fuck and to deal with my own sensitivity. But I’m so glad to find there’s a community for us here.

      Thank you so much for this!

    • Sy

      sorry, the last line in the first paragraph makes no sense and it can be deleted…i forget what i was trying to say!

    • Lauren

      Wow I have to say I love your site so far. The first article my husband and I read was “7 Clues the Man You Love is a Bad-Ass Wizard” and we had a great laugh because we totally identified with everything that was written. I also identify greatly with being a bad witch. Growing up in a small town in the deep South in a southern baptist family I struggled with it constantly (Since birth actually). Especially 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10 so much so that it makes going back for the holidays and talking to family very awkward to say the least. So I have implemented 1 and 2 for much of my life. I have also in the past couple of years lost a lot of my badness in which reading this article has sparked an ember of my old self and made me miss it dearly which I plan on getting back to starting right now. Thank you so much for writing this as it has made me realize how much of myself I had given up to try to fit into society FYI it has not turned out very well at all I have experienced the worst year of my life recently. Here is to getting back to being a bad ass witch!

    • Jenny Greenhart

      Hilarious! So refreshing to see this kind of writing, without being dependent on the label of feminism. Just straight up punk rock! I love it!

    • Heather Saletri

      Wow thats me to a T completely i cant believe all those signs are me in every way thank you for the clarification!

    • maja9167


    • Tracy Ashley

      This summed it up pretty good.

    • Jenna

      I have experienced all of these things, quite strongly, but I don’t consider myself a “bad witch”. I walk in the light, but wont hesitate to protect what is mine, including my friends and my family, from anything or anyone…. Still doesn’t mean I’m a “bad witch”. So, if someone could explain why experiencing any of these traits makes one a “Bad Witch”?

    • pam


    • Dana Himer

      It is so weird that I have never thought of myself as a bad witch but after reading this I now think I am a bad witch, and it is funny because people always ask me are you a good witch or a bad witch and I always have said good, now I guess I will have to say bad. I have only once put a spell/curse on someone to get them away from me, but now knowing just how I look at people could be those things I am worried. What is considered a good witch? Can you be half and half? Now I have many questions blessed be all of you

    • Autumn-Skye

      I absolutely fit each one of these. And I love being a ‘bad’ witch.
      Happy with my weirdness and powerful eyes. I love writing stories.

    • Ebon

      Sounds exactly like me. Now, how do I do the cool stuff in my dreams while awake?

    • MoonRider

      Great read. Thank you for sharing it,

    • dee getty

      9 out of 10, basically can not recall ever being persecuted. maybe they were afraid?

    • grandma owl

      I am learning so much, when I get mad bad things happen with out touching anybody just feeling and thinking about it . the power that’s in me scares me..

    • Jennifer Kale

      Turns out I am definitely a bad witch. Lol. It does help explain the question I asked my husband yesterday which was “why when I’m nice to people do I still scare them?” Oh well I shall enjoy my bad witch status. ;)

    • Aleq Grai

      As an actual Gardnerian Wiccan who used the system as it was intended – an apprenticeship that expected the individual to be a school of thought in their own right by 2nd degree – and then use the system to go off and find their own particular bent in the craft and a wider occult portfolio – I have to say – Bravo – well said, well written.

      I say Actual – because like you have surmised – the majority don’t even qualify as the Basic Witch. Its the results that speak volumes. Wicca is still what it was ever meant to be – but the majority missed out the bit were they were expected to work to gain the attention of the Old Ones.

      That alone will set you apart – and the herd hates 1%-ers.

    • lizza83

      This, is amazing.. I can totally relate!! #badwitch

    • Jos

      i am 64, and would say that I come from a line of witches. But to anyone who is unsure of themselves, I would advise you to awaken to your relationship to Yourself. Listen to your internal dialogue and become your best friend, if you are not already. You may play with spells and voodoo, but be very aware that the finger pointing the bone has three returning back at You.
      As I have aged, I understand that to rule, is, to serve. I do emanate energy. I choose not to kill with it though I could. I am a warrior, and my fight now is saving this Earth from the ravages of Mankind, in any way I can

    • meilleurs lisseurs 2015

      I rarely comment, but i did some searching and wound up here 10 SIGNS YOU’RE A BAD WITCH – BAD WITCHES.

      And I do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright. Is it only me or does it give the impression like a few of these comments
      look like they are left by brain dead people? :-P And,
      if you are posting on other places, I’d like to keep up with everything new you have to post.
      Would you make a list of every one of all your public pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook
      page or twitter feed?

      • Carolyn Elliott

        Hi there – hmmm I really like all the comments I approve – so I guess my first answer to your first question would be – alas, it is just you having that interpretation. Maybe look into what benefit comes to you from judging others as brain dead?

        As for my social media presence, thank you for being interested – you can find me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/carolyngraceelliott

    • Lilian

      Hi, I love this article, I feel each point reflects who I am, amazing. One thing I am not clear, why the use of the term ‘bad’..?
      Waiting for your reply.
      Warm regards

      • Carolyn Elliott

        Hi Lilian – in our parlance, a bad witch is the same as a bad bitch, but magical. “Bad” in this context means bad-ass, not “yucky” or “evil.” ;)

    • jamie

      I’m a 32 year old single mom. I actually see that I fit a few from “basic” profile. Eye opening. Somehow I’ve offended myself. A good read. Now, where to go from here with such a blunt new perspective in my mind that cannot be erased is what I’m wondering. Am I the only one yet to admit that I relate to basic?

      • Carolyn Elliott

        Jamie – it takes a lot of deep courage to recognize and confront traces of basic-ness in oneself. This brave recognition alone is an act of badness to be proud of. As for next steps – that’s a great question – I encourage you browse around the site here and imbibe as much badness as you can. Also, you can find my book, Awaken Your Genius, on Amazon, and that may help a lot as you continue your journey towards relying on your inner authority.

    • Morgause

      You’ve just listed all the traits of a starseed…

      • Carolyn Elliott

        That’s interesting Morgause. I have a number of friends who identify as starseeds but I don’t have personal experience with the whole alien scene so I don’t get super-enthused about it myself.

    • Misty

      OMG… This is me *totally* in every detail. Scare the sh*t out of people and I can’t help it just continue to learn to work with it.
      Thx for the mirror xxx

    • Inexplicablethings

      Ohhh, they truly have no idea how bad this little voodoo priestess can be! Love the article! Great to finally see so many bad witches coming around.

      • Inexplicablethings

        And if ya don’t believe me, be sure to check out my website at InexplicableThings.com. I assist those that need someone to help them do bad!… those that are pissed off and ready to make a change! Love the article and have signed up for more!!

    • percise

      My eyes really effects peoples!! especially m lovers.
      Gross :/

    • Nan

      A question asked of me many times – are you a good witch or a bad witch?

      My response – I’m a damned good one.

    • Takara

      I’ve never liked the word very much … too many past life memories with unhappy endings. But by your definition, having all 10 traits ring wildly true, I guess there’s no denying how truly witchy I am.

    • Grace Holmes

      Well then where the spells at yo?! Let’s rock this mofo and make some peace and love happen!

    • Jennifer

      Love, love, love this article. Complete validation in every area. Thank you Carolyn xo

    • Yshatar

      This article is great!…I can relate to every single thing. Just wondering where’s the connection to cats? I’ve been surrounded/followed by cats my whole life, and not on purpose either.

    • Teri Iris ShadoWolfe Sorisso

      Well done!!! I snorted, laughed and chortled as I identified myself and several of my children and grandchildren. My children always used to ask, why do people stare at us, even when we’re driving down the road. I said, they are mesmerized by our life force. It’s not what we do, it’s who we are. They either love us or hate us, because they either want to be like us or they are afraid of us as they are themselves.

      Such a great article. I will share with my Tribe.
      A’Ho, Namaste’, Blessed Be and tidings from a Pagan on the side of the Rebel Jesus — Practical Mystic & Devotee’ of Peace. Iris xo

    • Chara

      I often find people following my lead even when im cruel to them. (i snap sometimes when too many people crowd me) And seem so hurt everytime i shout, even when they KNOW i dont like people crowding me.
      I always end up in places of authority, even when i should logically be the yhe bottom leaf. Is this normal for wiccans?

    • Aasmith

      Wow!! That’s an awesome new way for me to look at things. LOVED it!!

    • Alexandria Constantinova

      You bad-ass.
      You coolio and the beans
      Bring on more of the witchiness

    • Vixen

      Mmm never thought of it that way. Maybe but I’m just me. Fuck them if they don’t like it!!

    • Janelle

      I understand myself a little more now. I can’t help but smirk to myself here in the dark..

    • Gretchen wrenn shepard-murray

      I must say your words described me to the T amazing how awesome we are ,glad to know all these years I wasn’t the weirdo, sarcastic bitch, just a witch, just an awesome witch.

    • Caerbannog Eiddew

      I shall continue to wear my sunglasses to hide my eyes lol! They’re big, green and attract comments from strangers……now I know why ! Thank you )0(

    • daughterofthemoon

      You do realize you left a couple traits off right? For instance, an inate ability to cook, i know a couple others like me and 1 of them can cook, as can i, without having anyone teach us. Also, a lot of people think you are wierd for absolutely no reason.

      • Gretchen wrenn shepard-murray

        I hear Ya, what’s up with being able to make something out of nothing.. It just came naturally to me.. go figure. I absolutely love the smell of cucumbers and basil, gives me witchbumbs.

    • Brenda

      Appears all 10 apply to me

    • Billie

      Nailed it.

    • Bronwyn Griffith

      OMG(odess) this makes so much sense to me!! Its like reading my life, and my problems with people. Bless you !!

    • Chilli

      Wow, Carolyn, thank you for empowering and validating! Reading this makes me wanna drop everything else and just unleash and be me! unapologetically. Ive been away from net connection those past years, in the wild places… now i just wanna dive into your writings and fully be who i really am. Thank you for being the wind under my wings! Thank you for being!

    • Jill

      It figures when I read witches can read minds….been doing that since I was ten

    • Selene du Ciel

      Being a witch is the antithesis of a xtian. No satan, multiple dieties, equality, greatest respect for the goddesses and gods.

      Often saying, I used to be a witch — means never been a witch. It’s not something you try on in your twenties. It takes years of research, growth, experience, and practice.

      Blessed be.

    • dune

      I am what i am no more no less, I am different form many but yet the same, more power to those who seek good in the world, love and understanding

    • Chanel

      Right on point. I am all of that and more………….

    • Nicola

      This piece lifted me up. I am a witch and I’ve known since I was a little girl. I honour this wise person who wrote this.

    • Veronika

      Thus is such a great read. It has opened my eyes. This stuff has happen to me all the time and o appreciate you! Thank you so much

    • Josee Laplante

      Hehehe I had a good laugh honestly…what a treat! It’s always strange and fascinating to be described in words. It’s so good to be alive but above all to be aware of who you really are! Thanks! Bless you my fellow witches

    • Lindsay O’Connor

      I recently began following the path of witchcraft again and I am excited about it. I have a lot to learn, but my inner-witch has always been a part of me. I can’t wait to see where my magical journey leads me!

    • Natasha

      Thank you for writing this article. It explains so much in my life. The hatred and persecutions I have faced as a child and now as an adult were always unexplained and now I understand why first people idealize me and then persecute for the same ideas. I try to protect the weak and then get stabbed in the back by the very same people I have helped. People use me to manipulate what they want and then throw me away. I am really at the wits end. Please help.
      My question is how do I hold a job and live around them?

    • Natasha

      Thank you for this article, it describes me in tiniest of details. I grew up in a country other than USA with other laws. All my life I was persecuted and wondered why did people love me than hated me and hurt me. I was not just bullied at kindergarten and school, I was severely beaten on daily basis and teachers and others saw it and said nothing. Once my entire class was running after me to beat me up for about 2 kilometers My own parents would beat me till they were tired. and nobody else cared about me in my family. I had suicide attempts and escaped into marriage which was just as abusive. And yet all my life I cared about the weak more than about myself. I had been attracting lots of men who would fight with each other for my attention and considered a local beauty. I did magic spells because books were widely available, but I have never considered myself a witch. Now I know, thank you for this. Love

    • Natasha

      would you please delete my first comment, I did not see it posted so I wrote another one.

    • Sorvinea

      Honestly, it amuses me how many of you “witches” aren’t perceptive enough to catch the play on words with the whole “bad witch ” thing. It’s obviously meant as bad as in bad ass, not bad as in evil or negative.

    • Christine

      Thank you for putting this article out here for all of us to read & learn from. It gives me a great deal to think about. I felt that you were taking about me, personally! It was a little eerie. But, still spot on.

    • Valerie Love

      One of the best literary works on being a Witch that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Exquisite. Insightful. Penetrating. And most of all REAL.

      Thank you for the top of my Witchy heart to yours!

    • Christina Carnoy

      :-) Just starting to explore all of this as I come out of extreme Christian Fundamentalism and total suppression of my natural witchiness. I am starting a journey of discovery! Thanks for the enjoyable article!

    • MaryAnn Brown

      I just want to thank you Carolyn for writing this. This honestly help me out ALOT…everything you wrote explains me and my life to a T…so again thank you and truly look forward to reading more of your material. Plus I have to say I got a kick out of your note to your ex’s. ..as I was reading it all I could do is smile Cuz I would have wrote and done basically the same…just had ta throw that in there…

    • Sara

      I was told I was a witch in a previous life. The article definitely resonates

    • Ella Blue

      Brilliant read !! I had such a good giggle and all soooooo true !!
      Thank you and Blessings ♡♡

    • Nita

      Pretty neat shit. I am a Witch, I wear it with Honor. Would like to learn more but so far my inner directory has been spot on.

    • betty:3

      What is this…cozmo of paganism? hilar and dumb as fk

    • Brandy

      My mother use to tell me when my hair got too long for her liking that “You look like a witch.” My father use to say “You just have to be different, dont you!” I thought this was the best compliment a parent could ever offer. My exes have called me a witch. I totally embrace this but I dont take responsibility for their demise. One passed on while still carring a torch, the other had a stroke and is in a wheelchair. Both were cheaters. Im sure it was karma. I am an empath but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to detach so its wont drain my energy. People especially young men tell me their most intimate hurtful experiences and I do my best to guide them. I feel badass empowerment & started a twitter acc. to reach out to others and the response has been great. Its so magical when you can shift someone from having a bad day. I totally enjoyed your site keep up the great work.

    • Laura Austin

      I recently happened to spend some time with an amazing shaman in Mexico. I did a session with him, where he read my energy, and told me that I am undoubtedly a witch. Previously only having Hollywood’s version of a witch in my head, I was quite skeptical. This article helped me put things in perspective though. So thank you. Do you have any recommendations for books to read that can further help understand and utilize the amazing gifts we’ve been given?


    • thug goddess designs

      so much yes :) guess i was right all along that i was a “bad witchy lady” but never identified to the whole wicca/pagan thing. so this is so validating and proves that LABELS are BS. thank you thank you!!!

    • M

      This article is awesome. It clearly articulates all the aspects I wish I had but haven’t yet come naturally to me in my 36 years. Maybe I’m a witch somewhere deep down and I just have to try harder to cultivate these traits? Or maybe I’m not actually a witch, just a witch admirer. Thoughts?

    • Dracona

      Thanks. I knew all this, I just needed the in your face reminder.

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