3 Signs Dragons Are Calling For Change In Your Life

    by Jennifer Earley

    It started with Dragons, twice.

    The first time was a chance suggestion to start a business, which I did. The young woman I was dared to lift her head and try. Dragon Romance was the beginner fragrance blend I made, still my absolute favorite. It smelled of wonder, lust, and hope.

    Amidst a huge family split, navigating pre-divorce scenarios, a move, an accident in a semi, scrambling to retain the normal job I’d put in notice for and had to request back – I made the decision to close up shop. I let go of all but the supplies.

    The indominable spirit of being a Creator, of more than wanting but needing to forge my own path separate from all I’d been taught to what I knew to be true for myself, flickered down to a lone burning ember. That little spark stayed vaguely lit for almost a year and a half.

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    The Dragons called a second time.

    My daughter’s 13th birthday came around and we were making it financially but not enough to buy her much. Growing up as I did means I see opportunities to take what is on hand and make something else.

    With art supplies ready and knowing her new fondness for stone eggs I made a Dragon Egg. She loved it, of course.

    In fact, lots of people loved it. Encouragement came, unsolicited, to sell them. The faint glow lying dormant was being fanned.

    Acting on instinct, and the pure love of creating, I researched techniques. We had a few failures in there! And many, many, hesitations as I tried to reconcile the desire to live my own dreams while simultaneously afraid of it. The  list of ‘what ifs’ could have buried me.

    Pent up energy has a way of forcing us to move, we can find ways to channel or repress it. Generally, the attempts are pointless. Eventually we give and the energy manifests. If we’re lucky, or attentive, nothing will be in vain.

    I started burning sessions. A few boxes had accumulated in my garage over the years, full of paper. Pages that had been tucked away neatly, representing chains and ideals of who I wasn’t.

    Tired days, angry days, hopeful days, bored days all passed with me grabbing another stack of old papers.

    Layered in the firepit outside then doused with lighter fluid they were set on fire. The neighbors probably hated me. Emotions poured from me into those flames, we fueled each other.

    As fire both destroys and renews so was the exchange in my life. Released and sent to the wind were rotted visages. Fertile earth was left behind.

    With almost every last thing burnt opportunity knocked via my brother checking the mail. He was excited to bring me an envelope he should have recognized as another useless credit add.

    What the heck, right? I opened the envelope, and it was just that, some company offering a personal loan.

    Any time prior to that day and I may have chucked it. After all, I detest debt and the American value of ‘have now, pay later’. An idea struck though.

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    From there it was a whirlwind with a reluctant but supportive husband in tow.

    Has there been a third Dragon call in my life? More than, actually! But those are stories for another day.

    Let’s talk about the calls in your life.

    Here are 3 signs you’re already hearing them, and answering:

    1. The little niggling feeling that it’s time to change is constant

    We all have the moments when we’re going about our day and something shifts. We look around and wonder what we’re doing here. We daydream very consciously of getting out of a situation we’re normally ok with.

    The solution? Make informed choices to move yourself from daydream into reality. Google and meditation are practical combos. A tarot/oracle reading wouldn’t be amiss.

    2. You can’t stand stagnant, cluttered places

    This is beyond the need to spring clean and host a yard sale. Pay close attention. What are you really trying to accomplish? What can you truly let go of? What do you expect to take root afterward?

    Clear with intent.

    Think of it this way – some of the papers I burned held old poems written by a teenage me trying to sort out the pain of an unhealthy family environment. When those papers caught I deliberately banished the hold of a poverty stricken broken home and the guilt that was never mine to begin with.

    Now, I’m not suggesting you set anything on fire, and if you chose to do so then please follow all laws and safety precautions!

    Point is, even donating a box of belongings can be done with a release of the energetic holds the items represent in your life. Do acknowledge the lessons you received.

    3. You’re rolling your eyes at my fluffy bunny summaries

    Yeah, I know. This all sounds so pretty and tidy, huh? And you know it’s not. You’re right. I had messy days, a bad attitude, foul mouth. Still happens. Not gonna lie. You will have them too.

    There is power in those emotions though. The question is – will you direct that power towards your ultimate goal or will you let it consume you?

    If you find yourself rolling your eyes at shadow integration as well then this is your cue to actually consider the concept and application.

    The more you function on a holistically cognizant level the easier you will understand Dragon calls and heed them. In truth, shadow integration is a necessary step for upleveling with continued rapid success.

    Dragons don’t call for just anyone, and never only to be heard. Their voices rumble with waves of trail blazing.

    Listen. Look for the signs they are sending you.

    Follow the path they are working to bring you on. Missteps and false starts can happen. Keep listening, looking, and following.

    The Dragons know the way and are making sure you find yourself exactly where you should be.



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    About the Author:

    Jennifer is a Mystic Artist, channeling Dragon and Mer energies into handmade egg sculptures. She doesn’t stop there though! Among the other items she makes are candles, windchimes, and jewelry. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and online at www.stormwindshq.com.


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