WERE YOU IN ATLANTIS? A Personal Magickal Discovery.

    by Lee Freeman

    As I have watched the spiritual community grow, share stories, experiences and advice, I’ve come to find myself at a certain point in my awakening process.

    Quite recently, I’ve had intense and overwhelming experiences whilst meditating, astral projecting or just throughout my daily grind.

    I’ve had visions, feelings, and flashes about a certain place that existed on Earth a long time ago: Atlantis.

    Many people I have come across felt in one way or more that they had a past life there. And I am often asked, can you tell me more about it? Because some just don’t remember much.

    Fortunately, I do. And I want to share that.

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    In my experience and what I’ve learned, I was a Priest in Atlantis, of one of the Seven Temples. I was the head Priest of the Lunar Temple, where the Goddess was revered and honored through rites involving the moon and the sea.

    I remember the temple being on a hill, overlooking the ocean. It had an open roof, through which you could see the sky. And in the center, was a pool of water. During particular phases of the moon, rites were performed.

    I remember one in particular.

    Oddly, two people I know were in this vision. I stood beside a lagoon, on the ground surrounding it were strange symbols carved into the rock.

    I was dressed in a white robe and my wavy blonde hair was decorated with shells and silver rings. In my hands, I held a large abalone shell, it glistened beneath the full moon.

    I began to chant, the symbols in the rock lit up and I felt a hand on either shoulder. The people they belonged to turned to face me and the faces were more than familiar.

    Also both dressed in white. They both had a box in their hands, metallic and etched in unfamiliar symbols.

    The Magick of Atlantis

    My vision then changed to different location, the temple. Me and my two partners were making our way toward the temple, up the cliff.

    I was carrying a vessel of water and they carried the boxes.

    On entering the temple, my friend, Ash, rushed to the center of the temple, where there was a huge silver wheel-like device.

    My other friend, Auby, opened the box she was carrying and placed what seemed to be an amulet-like object on the floor, beneath the wheel.

    We each stood around it, of equal distance from it and one another. We began to chant.

    The next thing I know is that the wheel was spinning extremely fast, a sphere of energy floated above it which then ascended through the building and then stretched out into multiple directions, kind of like a disco ball reflecting light.

    My body then began feeling intense and hot. I felt tingly and I was shaking.

    After I came out of the experience, I had to tell my friends. They both resonated with the vision and felt an energetic response with it.

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    Looking back and beyond

    Atlantis was a civilization built on natural energy. Solar, lunar and crystal power all worked together to keep its inhabitants afloat in life. It had buildings made of fine materials, stretching high towards the heavens.

    One thing many people have recalled and that has been said about Atlantis, was the seven temples. I mentioned one of those earlier in the article.

    These temples were each unique and had their own specific priests. From what I myself remember, the Temple of the Moon was on a cliff, overlooking the ocean and its pillars were white marble and stone.

    This temple served the divine feminine, the Great Goddess. Revered and honored as a powerful presence of all that is.

    Interestingly, not all of Atlantis’ inhabitants were humans. Many have felt a connection with mer people, which explains my fascination with the sea.

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    Before the corruption of our planet, we shared the world with other races. More advanced, magickal ones.

    Another thing people have reported, is a fear of the ocean that they can’t explain. Or, an adoration and deep love for it. The latter are most probably mer souls.

    From memory, I recall an underwater city that shared its energy source with Atlantis. This great, magickal civilization consisted of Priests, Warriors, non-human beings and much more.

    If you feel a connection towards this place, you more than likely were there. And I can help you look into that with my services.

    Our past shows us our future. It shows us the way to go. And in this case, it shows us the power we truly have.


    About the Author:

    Lee Freeman is an independent metaphysical entrepreneur. He is currently walking the Welsh Celtic Pagan Path and practices Eclectic Magick. At North Star Gateway, he provides energy healing which activates your true flow, unblocks your biggest obstacles and opens you up to your past identities which are vital to your present spiritual journey. Check out his website and Facebook.


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