Don’t Date A Witch – Unless You Are Ready To Be Initiated

    by Sequoia Starr

    Because you will be.

    I bet you think you can handle anything, that you could walk into roaring flames and feel the burning intricacies of arcane love deep within your bloody heart.

    Well then, prove it.

    You see, this is not just any woman. This kind of woman needs a true Warrior.

    You must take care when entering the luminous lair of a Witch, dearest. Have you tasted the icicles which reach like long bony Crone fingers down into the depths of your soul?

    Have you heard the utterings of mystical mantras tickle your insides in the mightiest hours of your dream state?

    Have you sensed the gaze that twinkles and peers into you with such deep devotion as if your eyes were crystal spheres which held the entire Universe within them?

    Get to know the fear that looms when you see her passion like moving poetry, full speed and still in slow motion upon her celestial Chariot.

    Get to know it like your best and closest friend. This fear is the twilight glimmer upon the mountain top after a long, painful and arduous climb.

    It is the raven perched above your door. It is the excitement of deep longing and reunited breath. It is the swampy mud lands where all of the most sacred and hidden treasure dwells within you.

    She will be there to journey with you, all the way to the distant pink thousand petaled lotus, but only if you are ready.

    Don’t date a Witch if you want comfort or routine, if you want plain and mainstream, if you want predictable and traditional.

    Don’t date a Witch if you want a good girl who follows the rules and who settles for stagnant streams and shallow depths. Or if you want some ego feeding dinner for one.

    You better be ready to taste the flavor of a thousand rainbows born of the forbidden fruit of heavens most sacred gardens.

    You may be wickedly surprised when she blows like a spiraling hurricane and lifts you up into the skies with one soul penetrating kiss.

    You will be shocked to find she questions and seeks and dives ever more into the mystery with obsessive curiosity.

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    That she is entirely infatuated by the mystery.

    You will soon see her radiance ripple through her sphere and into her life weaving Magick into form with the most graceful and erotically innocent dance.

    It will awe you, inspire you. You will be surprised to know that she sees you as a divine God-being, that you too are royal and radiant, a powerful King, and that a Wizard lives within you.

    Don’t date a Witch if you aren’t ready to confront your truth, to acknowledge your power, to realize your infinite potential, to embody your inner Warrior.

    If you don’t want to look at your shadow, forget it! Her growth is exponential and flowering, and so yours, my dear, must be too!

    It’s true she will ride you like a Goddess and spread her arms like ancient Isis wings in the frightening divinity of her truth reflected in your glorious oceanic and planetary eyes.

    She will move her hips with such bliss as the Maiden in a white lace dress in a sunlit field.

    It is true she will dance sensual and serpentine along the ridges of your sweaty body, wrapping herself distinctly like a pink silken ribbon, as a present into presence and dissolve like iridescent violet essence into your crown.

    It is true she will worship your wand and know that you too, worship her cauldron. It is true she will take you into dimensions many have seldom explored, and this alone dear, would stand as initiation.

    So, the question is, curious Wizard in waiting, are you ready to be initiated?



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    About the Author:

    Sequoia Starr is a practicing The Witches Spiral who facilitates workshops on Earth Magick as a path of empowerment. She is a visionary writer, energy healer and tarot reader who has studied shamanism, yoga, tantra, wicca and witchcraft over the years. She celebrates as well as encourages the continuous exploration of the Great Mystery. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram!


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