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The 12 Steps: Witches Rehab

Containing all the possibilities, I am the potent elixir in the spell of life.

I am a Witch – a personal journey

Stand tall and howl ‘Witch’ to the stars and trust the Universe to hold ...

Let Chiron be Your Teacher – Full Moon in Sagittarius

...it is important that you take this time to heal yourself first—just like Chiron

Rebel Spellcraft

It is important to learn the rules before breaking them.

Cunning by Nature: Musings of a Hedge bound Fox Witch

So how do we maintain a devious twinkle in our eye and a constitution ...


It is the dawn of a new era. If big changes make you nervous, ...

3 Ways your Magickal Battery is Drained and How to Recharge

Sometimes it takes a little jump-start to get your witch motor started again.

Mental Illness Is My Superpower

Today, I view my symptoms as a built-in bullshit detector that alert me to ...

3 Reasons Why No One Can Tell You Your Life Purpose

Only your soul can reveal your purpose to you. And only when you are ...

Honoring the Divine in Each Other… Just in Time for Beltane

Like the ribbons woven around a maypole, perhaps we will come closer to weaving ...

The Death in Rebirth – a Paradox

This is the miracle of life. We don't always get to know why, but ...


Listening to the content of the psychosis, the visions can provide a way of ...

PRACTICING AMONGST STEEL AND STONE: a city witch finds her home

I sat on my couch in my tiny apartment and wondered if I’d ever ...

VULNERABILITY – the witchy way to deal with fear

So, I have to ask... what is your deepest fear - the root of ...


I’m talking about falling in love with ourselves and the power of harnessing our ...

BREAKING CHAINS BY TELLING THE TRUTH: ancestral healing through entrepreneurship

You stepping into your power shifts culture and the systems that have historically kept ...

7 Phases of a Woman’s Becoming – The Heroines Journey Home

Our recovery process begins here. Our reclamation is our greatest rebellion.

YOGA – BLOW-gah: 10 pleads for yoga teachers to revolutionize yoga

I hold the vision of all yoga being a service to body, mind and ...

Magick is Real: Recalling a Youth of Faeries, Potions & Performance

I listened intently, I listened and watched her as she told me and the ...

The Waxing Moon Energy and Ostara

Doorways are being opened, and now is an excellent time for decision making.

The Fiery Enchantress of the Spring Equinox

It's a delicious time to really sink into that Spring Equinox energy.

Shadow Work: The Healing that Awaits in the Darkness

It's in this space that I found Witchcraft the first time.

Slumber No More

That itch? That thorn snagging on your subconscious? It’s your wake up call.

Ours Is a Craft of Poetry: The Witch’s Edge between Joy and Meaning

If you need me, I’ll be swimming naked in the nectar of a home-brewed ...

IT’S NOT OPPRESSIVE and Three Other Veiling Misconceptions

Here’s the top misunderstandings people (muggles and witches alike) have about veiling.

How to Choose a Patron Deity

You work with them. You call on them for support, wisdom and guidance.

8 Key Things to Remember as a Medical Intuitive

Spirits come through in many ways to help you learn new things.

The Brutal Art of Self-Care

It’s not an invitation to gluttonize yourself into a false sense of security.


Once you accept yourself, the world must respect that… eventually.

Weaving through the Gaps in the Universe

My feet actually felt like they were on fire at one point... such was ...

Ancient Aliens, Frequency and Words

Downloads from, well, whatever that is for you - Akashic Records, Ancestors, Higher Self.....

Inception and the Power of Choice

Our cosmic encounters are all-together sacred and no mistake.

3 Reasons why Shadow Work radicalizes your Witchcraft

Shadow Work is the radical art and craft of marrying your subconscious and conscious ...

Hereditary Magic

Look deep in yourself and your ancestral history. Your power will be waiting there.

Imbolc Awaits: 3 Ways to Celebrate

The halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, it is a ...

You Are Worthy of Your Divinity

You forget you are wounded. You also forget you are divine.

5 Ways to Purify your Energy this Imbolc

Imbolc is a Moon festival, Celtic festival of lighting of the new fire and ...