eros, money, and the dance of Maya

    Hello everyone,

    So I’m waving a white flag on my ability to answer all of your emails about MONEY: the life-changing course on wealth magic as an initiatory path personally, as there’s just toooooo many of them (thank you greatly for your enthusiasm & interest!)…

    … so we’ll be sending out an email which addresses many questions later this week. 

    Before I hand it over to Dave to talk more about everyone’s favorite subjects, sex and money, I want to make sure you know that tomorrow Dave & I will be hosting a very rare LIVE free online training on beginning your journey with the spirit of Money.

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    Over to Dave…

    My wife Carolyn (a different Carolyn – this is a long, fun story – ask us sometime!) has told me that money and sex/erotic love are fundamentally inseparable…

    And so that money magic and partnership magic are inseparable as well.

    I trust her a lot on these topics, because she’s proven her mastery of them by successfully inspiring me to (a) devote my undying love to her and (b) make and manage a lot more money for both of us than I was ever able to without her.

    What I’ve come to believe, with her help, is something like this:

    1. Money is basically public sex

    In the same way that erotic love is a uniquely potent manifestation of desire’s intersection with the private (“intimate” comes from the Latin word for “secret” or “innermost”), money is a similarly potent manifestation of desire’s intersection with the public.

    This is the case for a number of reasons—but the most important are that monetary value is derived fundamentally from desirability, and money requires at least three people to exist. (Unlike sex, clearly, which requires only two – and some would even say – only one.)

    (Since money is transferable debt, it has no purpose without the capacity to be transferred to a third person.)

    So money’s connection to value ties it to the energy of desire, and the necessity of at least three people being involved gives it its public character—in contrast with the more private intimacy of sexual love.

    This means that all the magical work one must do with desire itself in order to heal one’s relationship to money inevitably bleeds into one’s relationship with sex, love and partnership, through the permeable wall that exists between the public and the private.

    1. Erotic love and money are both inseparable from receiving

    When people think of the benefits and outcomes of money magic, they often think first of receiving money.

    While real money magic is in no way constrained to this specific phase of the money cycle (and the MONEY course includes plenty of work on effective ways to melt through the feeling of scarcity that keeps us focused so tightly on receiving money, at the expense of saving and spending consciously)….

    There are still good reasons for thinking of it as somewhat primary. 

    For one, it’s often the phase of the money cycle that people struggle with most… because gosh do we struggle with receiving things.

    The obstacles we subconsciously construct to receiving anything are based in very, very deep egoic patterns connected to the rejection of different aspects of our own souls—and thus the reflections of those aspects in the outer world.

    In order to fully receive devotional love from a partner, we need to fully embrace all aspects of ourselves—and, if we want to receive money magically, we need to do exactly the same thing.

    Any rejection of some aspect of the soul—be it beautiful and pure, or apparently hideously twisted—results in a psychic block to receiving that aspect’s experiential reciprocals in the world.

    In practical terms: if we reject our own darkness, we can never fully receive devotional love for that darkness from a partner;

    If we reject our own sensual desire, we can never fully experience carnal rapture;

    And if we reject any aspect of ourselves connected to money and all its shadows, we can never receive, enjoy, and fully have money itself.

    Conveniently, since the shadows connected to money are so incredibly culturally important, much of the work we do with money magic melts through precisely the same obstacles to receiving that are involved in subconsciously staving off a loving relationship.

    It’s no coincidence that Carolyn Elliott found herself in a breathtaking relationship with a brilliant martial artist wizard (who is now her husband, the great Taia Kepher) shortly after reaching the 6-figure mark in her business, or that my own businesses really bloomed shortly after getting engaged to my wife.

    People often think receiving money or romantic love somehow requires a strong sense of “worth” or “value”—but this is a myth. “Worth” is a concept based in separation; receiving comes from the experience of all-embracing unity, which takes gritty and often humiliating magical work to access.

    1. Sanskrit explains it all—we are raised to reject the feminine

    In Hinduism, the goddess Maya was considered to be a manifestation of Lakshmi—the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and love.

    Lakshmi image found on Pinterest, artist unspecified

    But as Buddhism developed against the backdrop of Hinduism, “Maya” came to refer to the illusory perceptual world.

    This mythical-etymological link hints at the connection between money, love, and the world of dancing illusion we live in.

    One of the most common understandings of money is that it is a representation of value—which may be a simplistic definition, but is still an important one.

    “Value” is a somewhat sterilized term for “beauty” or “desirability”; and so to the extent that the essence of existence is beauty, all of our perceptions of existence are also representations of value.

    In other words, all human perception—inasmuch as it is linked to desire, or the intuition of beauty—is a kind of money.

    Our hyper-scientific, magic- and illusion-rejecting culture has something fundamentally in common with the hyper-masculine, orthodox strains of Buddhism that reject the dancing world of perceptions.

    And it’s not an accident that both, in different ways, reject or repress the fundamental power of eros, the feminine life-impulse.

    The radical embrace of the feminine principle, which is eros, requires the wholehearted embrace of the dancing illusions of the perceptual, sensual, sensorial world—which money, as a representation of beauty, is a holographic manifestation of.

    And, of course, embracing eros is required in order to fully experience erotic love—so money magic has a profound effect on our capacity to create loving partnership, by re-uniting us with the Lakshmian / Mayan energy of ravenous love.

    There’s a fourth reason for money magic’s connection to love and partnership, which we’ll be diving into tomorrow.

    — Hi, Carolyn again – thanks for following along mine and Dave’s whirlwind tour of phenomenology, mythology and economics ;)

    love and villainy,


    P.S. The money anthems I’ve been particularly enjoying this weekend are Kanye and Jay-Z’s deep reflection on the liberatory effects of Socratic eros, “No Church in the Wild”

    P.P.S. Tomorrow at 4pm ET/1pm PT Dave & I will be hosting a very rare LIVE free online training (with time for Q&A) on beginning your journey with the spirit of Money.

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    Below are some quotes from participants in the last round of MONEY: 

    “Before this course, I considered Money to be a force I was pitted against. After this course, I feel that Money is living breathing soulful entity that I have a relationship with. Through this course I connected to the “humanity” of Money (the dark side, the light side, the stern side, the generous side etc.)” – Mindy Selten

    “By week 2 of MONEY I had doubled my bank account. I received an influx of job opportunities and received a raise in pay. I finally began to own that I am a creative freelancer and structure my financial situation to reflect that. I am on week 5 and am nearing having quadrupled my bank account.” – Alanna Kali

    “I quit my shitty job and found a new one that’s a much better fit!! Which I was not even expecting to do because I was so happy with my financial stability in the old one. My creative world is exploding – creating art on a level I’ve never seen before, found a new dance studio, preparing to perform, having synchronistic artistic connections.

    “Perhaps most surprisingly… a new version of an old love that is earth-shatteringly, terrifyingly real and magical with synchronicity abound. I have never had a relationship like this in my life. I didn’t know it could be this good”

    – Kelly Belargi

    “This course was about so much more than Money and yet gave me access to a completely different experience of my relationship to money, to giving and receiving as a spiritual being having a physical experience. I experienced some of the deepest moments of gratitude I’ve ever known.” – Patricia Black 

    “Due to my work in the MONEY course, I landed a job in my area of expertise that is paying me double what I have ever earned – ever! And perhaps even more importantly, it is a position with some authority and decision-making power that acknowledges the value of my experience.” – Mindy Salle​

    “Unexpected checks and other financial boons (budget savings, tax return bigger than expected, etc.) arose during this course, to the tune of $10k. I also often found cash in random locations during the course; and the center where I work decided to allow employees to raise our client fees for the first time in 10 years.” – Miriam Jones

    “This course completely transformed the way I view consumption. Every single transaction I make now is a beautiful, spiritual, fulfilling experience.” – Amanda Nicole

    “Working with the Spirit of Money in the MONEY course brought me $10,000 in checking, a new house, I moved, a new job more aligned with my goals and visions, and a better relationship with my spouse.” – Amy Dillard

    “The work in MONEY is seriously deeply visceral, taking all of the philosophical “Law of Attraction” type ideas and forcing participants to truly confront our own limiting beliefs through very challenging exercises that work to alter our ideas of who we are, what we can accomplish, and what rules we really need to adhere to in this life.” – Betty Field

    “As soon as I started the course, constant job offerings and opportunities are flowing towards me with total ease. Deeply connecting and reconnecting with people, lots of new, wonderful friends (which I’ve met not only through the course community). Love and sex life powerfully reactivated with an  amazing woman, an absolute tantric priestess, who feels like the most perfect match I’ve experience in my life.” – Andrés Córdova

    “The assignments are so profound and the insights in the lessons are so different and perspective changing from any other course I’ve seen on Money.” – Michelle Dobbins

    read more testimonials here


    • Dr. Carolyn Elliott is the founder of WITCH magazine & is known for her uncanny and uncomfortable ability to trick really smart, high-achieving magical people into doing the things that they actually want to do. She’s the teacher of life-altering online courses, including INFLUENCE, FORCE OF NATURE, MONEY, and EARTH. Carolyn is the author of the cult-favorite creativity book, Awaken Your GeniusAwaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Guide to Uncovering Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams... ... and the upcoming Existential Kink: A handbook of life-altering magic. She runs a multi-6-figure online business specializing in helping people achieve dramatic positive change in their lives through shadow integration practices and applied occult philosophy.


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