Improve Your Mental Wellbeing Through Tarot

    by Jane Sandwood

    We use tarot cards to help give us insight and perspective into our lives. It is about looking inwards to discover things about our personalities, as well as divination – looking to the future.

    Tarot cards are ancient, over 500 years old, we have been using them to show us the path, since at least 1750. We are spiritual beings, we want to understand how we fit into the universe, and why we are who we are.

    This level of understanding helps to boost our mental wellbeing and gets us on the path to rediscover our spirituality. We just need to interpret the cards.

    The simplicity of a three card reading

    A three card reading is where many people start, when learning to read the tarot cards. It is a simple premise and can allow you to concentrate on the symbolism and meaning of your cards.

    The first card represents what is happening on this physical, earthly plane.

    The second card represents what is happening in the mental realm. It deals with the mind and emotions.

    The third card represents activities in the spiritual realm, and sometimes comes accompanied with a message.

    From the Major Arcana tarot deck, we can draw an accurate reading, to help us understand ourselves and be in tune with the world. In this way using tarot can help our mental health.

    The Suit of Cups

    The Suit of Cups directly linked to mental health. This suit is all about being connected with our emotions. Even if there is pain in our lives, we need to recognise this and deal with the source of the pain in order to get better.

    The Cups particularly represent the relationships and love that surrounds us everyday. Drawing a card from this suit tells us to think with our hearts and follow this instinct. This is something that doesn’t always come naturally, but being able to express our emotions is healthy.

    It’s good to talk, it means that our feelings are out in the open.

    When the Suit of Cups are drawn reversed, we are looking at the more negative emotions that can be harbored.

    These range from feelings of disinterest and not being engaged with the world around. They are sending the message to connect with our feelings instead of repressing them.

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    The Suit of Pentacles

    A lot of focus is put on this suit, because the cards represent the material things in our lives. This can be money, business, property and work.

    The importance of these material possessions differs for everyone, being prosperous and wealthy can improve quality of life, but not necessarily. It all depends on our priorities in life.

    When you draw from the Suit of Pentacles, you need to ask yourself what is important. If we are truthful about our life goals, then we can dream. It can open your horizons and give you a feeling of happiness.

    The Suit of Swords

    The Suit of Swords can be considered dangerous, it represents violence, a battle, rising up with force. But most of all it represents a change in our lives.

    To improve our mental wellbeing we need to use the tarot reading as a catalyst for change in our lives. It can take courage to make a change in our lives, but it is always worth the effort.

    Although the Suit of Swords represents destruction, think of this as being a phoenix in your life, rising dramatically from the ashes.

    The Suit of Wands

    The Suit of Wands is telling you to embrace your creative side and to be inspired by life. This is good for your mental health.

    They are associated with the great outdoors and the hobbies and passions that we have to keep busy.

    When you draw a card from the Suit of Wands, it is showing you the importance of getting out, becoming one with nature and paying attention to your spiritual side.

    Even a simple three card tarot reading can show great enlightenment in your life. To look after your mental wellbeing, your need to follow your instincts, express your emotions and try and make change where there are problems in your life.

    The insight from the tarot cards truly helps with this, and shows who you are inside.


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    About the Author:

    Jane Sandwood is a professional freelance writer with over 10 years’ experience across many fields. Jane has a particular interest in issues relating to spiritual health and wellbeing.


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