Your Quicksilver Ticket to Ride – Welcome to the Mercury (rx) Show

    by Jennifer Earley

    Hello, and welcome back to Radio Mercury!

    Today we’re talking about that Quicksilver giant’s spin away.

    You know what happens next folks, articles and memes bemoaning the retro fade. Don’t forget, the slams of Gemini and Virgo archetypes, but mostly Gemini. Yep, we’re in for a doozy, ahhh-gain.

    Ever notice how glad those same whiners get when ol’ Hermes hits their preconceived sweet spot by returning? Hardy hars aside people, it normally means they missed an opportunity. And didn’t even know it. We’ll get to that in a sec.

    For now, a message from our hosts…

    Our friend Merc does all this work while facing us – smooths the way for communications, commerce, medicine… you know the drill.

    He keeps us hotfooting it just the way we want it to be. When he’s got things to do on the other side? Collectively, we go kick rocks and loudly pout so he knows we miss him.

    As you soccer your rock around, probably about some project now on hold, there is magic to be had. Movement doesn’t have to halt. You just got a pass to working deeper levels. Have your interest, eh?

    A brief interlude while you consider.

    So, what’s the hype? What can you really get out of this prescribed rest?

    Only the best.

    All those things you have for later but can’t get to because you’re too busy – pull ‘em out, dust ‘em off. Work it. Learn it. Stash it. This may apply to books, rituals, creative projects, renewed altar spaces….you get the idea.

    We’re typically too buzzed by Mercury and wind up with more on our backburners than we have the time for. As the energy shifts it’s the perfect chance to catch up.

    Predictably, I just received a message from a caller on my line saying the holidays are too overwhelming for this.

    Please, enjoy a read from our hosts. We’ll address the concern in a sec.

    Dear Caller, you are wrong. Here’s why:

    When we really want to get something done we make it happen. You already have enough to do and will get by with the bare minimum? Cool. Can’t blame ya, been on the same track before and might meet you there down the road.

    If we’re gonna be honest here at Radio Mercury I’ll add my 20/20 hindsight of previous seasons.

    I had time. I had energy. I chose not to. Reasons, I had tons of reasons.

    Sometimes I even needed the extreme output of energy for last minute deadlines to power magnificent results. My observation is that I could have done less procrastinating and chillin’ to make those occasions more stellar. Just sayin’.

    Enjoy these music stylings of amazing, we’re almost done.

    Ok, one last key point. We’re in a global time of death and rebirth. No small coincidence.

    Religions and even the weather play the game of loss and gain as Mercury hits rewind through Scorpio (water) and Sagittarius (fire/s – notice something?).

    The combo is foddering to learn, scheme, dream, and send The Messenger into triple overtime on your behalf when he gets back to regular business on December 8th.

    We’ll close this episode after this important note from our hosts.

    The Quicksilver master is giving you a ticket to ride and the key to drive the next stretch. Where you sit for this round is up to you. Fuss about the choice if you must. Either way, buckle up buttercup.

    And that’s it folks, thanks for tuning in today. May you always make Mercury spin in your favor.


    About the Author:

    Jennifer is a Mystic Artist, channeling Dragon and Mer energies into handmade egg sculptures. She doesn’t stop there though! Among the other items she makes are candles, windchimes, and jewelry. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and online at


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