Reality Hacks: The One That Rules Them All

    by Solara Rose

    ..the magic of love isn’t something that just happens to us; it’s something we create with intention and a conscious commitment to making it real” -R Levine

    I’ve been doing this dance with perception… reflecting on “What’s real, what’s true?”

    The is-ness, love… what’s our true power to shift people and things?

    Is there an objective reality or is this all purely subjective? Is that even relevant since what we perceive becomes real for us? Here’s what I’ve uncovered…

    We are every-thing and at some point, we all embody the full spectrum of polarity and the infinite ocean in between. Love is the all-enveloping force (unifying, dual and paradoxical to say the least).

    In any moment, we can inhabit different qualities and characteristics on that spectrum and the parts of people and things we usually interface with are the qualities WE cognitively emphasize, focus and actively perceive.

    People and circumstances are who and what we paint, create and believe them to be.

    That may not be their truth or the truth, but the one we make real through our own filters of perception.

    The most expansive truth (which most of us are aware of) is witnessed at the level of soul and we can manifest the most desirable timelines available (in any endeavor/relationship/situation) by seeing from the higher octaves.

    We can be aware of the whole picture and then choose to focus on love… what we naturally see is what we’ve entrained to and aligning our reality means rewiring our perceptions.

    Quantum vision produces quantum inception.

    I’ve noticed that when I shift from inhabiting my habits to intentional soul-centric, heart-based practices― my entire reality levels up to match me. When I operate with compassion and clear vision, I can morph the is-ness of any situation into my ideal outcome.

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    – I shine a light on the actuality and don’t ignore the stark reality- EVER (… I’ve learned this lesson a few times the hard way). I acknowledge it completely― illuminating potential blind spots and removing illusion from the picture. This is what it is. Can I celebrate and accept it? Do I want more? Am I willing to invest the time, energy and commitment it would take for me to nourish and develop it?

    – I do my best to draw out the beauty. Wherever I can, however I can, in whatever way I can. (This is probably the most important piece). The beauty in the shadows/light, finding depth and character in what may appear to be fruitless. Everywhere. In all aspects of my creation. I FIND the potential and work with it. Emphasizing, amplifying and drawing out the gold I see. (This is an ongoing, interactive practice- perfectly in progress.)

    –  I decide whether or not the reality I’m looking at is aligned to my vision and needs. Is this what I want? Is it matching me (in alignment with my timeline) or do I need to make moves and adjustments? I.e. Do I want to work with the raw material I’m looking at or create something entirely fresh and new? How long would it take for these circumstances to shift and align? Would I rather drive towards my dreams or cultivate new levels of patience?

    The power of choice.

    We get to select what feels most true and healthful for us. There’s beauty in everyone and everything.

    There are also shadows (which can be shifted to love if we’re willing to embrace them).

    Which perspectives are most active? What are the core motivations and agendas? Can my current creations appreciate, value and honor me (and themselves) fully or do I need to birth fresh new realities with lucid awareness and refined intentions?

    Life is a living, breathing dream… exactly what we prophecy and envision it to be.



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    About the Author:

    Solara is a multi-dimensional energy expert who’s deeply invested in amplifying her love affair with life and serving other creative entrepreneurs, visionaries and leaders. You can check out her full bio and opportunities for private, 1×1 energy work at She’s also on Facebook (where she created a brand-new group) and on Instagram.     ​


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