8 Key Things to Remember as a Medical Intuitive

    by Heather Carlucci

    I think sometimes I should start a Dear Heather column for medical intuitives. In the world of light workers we seem to be an odd lot.

    I’m told a lot of mediums (and psychics or whatever word we’re using right now. I include everybody that listens to the energies) are nervous to be a part of a diagnosis.

    That’s never the thing that makes me nervous. Helping guide a healthcare worker of any kind even consider something that is being overlooked brings me great joy. Literal unadulterated joy. The kind of joy that comes with doing what you were meant to be doing.

    You know what scares the hell out of me? Trying to find lost children. I know a lot of people jump into that. Bless you all that are true navigators of that emotional energy.

    For me it is a hot bed of nerves. It’s also a hot bed of frauds. That’s for another post.

    I’ve come up with a list of things to keep in mind as a medical intuitive.

    Largely because spreading knowledge and being open with what you can is so important. And also because articles that are lists get a lot of play. It’s true.

    It just takes me a long time to marry the two. I love a list for my own doing. For those of you that remember File-O-Faxes that was a dream object for this Virgo.

    But lists of things to do for others in this blog/article form doesn’t quite come to me easily. But this stuff I know.

    1. Listen carefully. Don’t leave anything out.

    When reading a patient or client we hear lots of things that seem really outlandish.

    We hear about how to sit, blueberries, organs that have nothing to do with why we might be there. We hear about friends who have had other experiences and songs and weird shading over a thigh muscle.

    Listen to those signs and say everything that you hear. Everything. If it doesn’t make sense to the health care worker or client, you’ve said it and I guarantee it will come up later for them.

    You must plant the seed for them. Let them stumble on it in their own time or let it pester them until they go back and check again.

    Spirits are not wrong. Remember they picked you for a reason.

    I’ve been given images of friends or relatives that have nothing to do with whom I’m reading and inevitably it’s been a message that has brought us to the right place.

    Got a picture of late Aunt Rosie in your head who passed from kidney failure but the client is coming to you with lower back pain?

    Tell them to check their kidneys. Ask them about urinary tract infections. The spirits will bring you to places in languages that you can understand no matter what.

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    2. Get to be friends with an enlightened doctor.

    I know they are few and far between to find. Western medicine has knocked all the love out of curing people.

    But as we all know a lot of Eastern philosophies are taking root again in our odd human history and many people are seeking higher ground.

    Sure, largely out of desperation but also out of logic and how it sits with them. As people like us know, sometimes the abstract makes the most sense.

    My practice changed drastically when I found a doctor that actually wanted to meet weekly to talk about her patients as well as what I working on. Now I send my clients to her.

    If a client is open to being referred, I’ll tell the doctor what I saw and what some of the spiritual attachments are. The spiritual stuff is mostly to see what correlates but the real scientific hard nut work is as medical as any other doctors work.

    I realize that I’m lucky we found each other. She gets another view point and I get…..(this brings me to my next point)

    3. Medical education.

    Nope. I don’t expect you to enroll in med school. I can’t sit at a desk for ten minutes not to mention years.

    There is a lot to bring to the table when you speak the language that needs to be spoken.

    Just like going into the world as a young person and being able to speak will and with confidence, it is out responsibility to have the spoken word in our pockets.

    About 25 years ago I went to my first homeopathic doctor. I couldn’t find a doctor that could help me and I knew I was sick. I was tired ALL. THE. TIME. My stomach was distended day and night. I woke up one day and heard “Find a healer.”

    I’m not sure I ever thought that way but I started asking around and fate brought me to the first person that would be a health mentor to me, Dr. Eyraune Jau-Saune.

    He diagnosed me by looking at my fingers, irises and tongue. And he listened to me.

    I learned a ton about food, herbs as well as modern medicine from this amazing man.

    Over the years with his encouragement I learned about Ayurvedic medicine and went on to absorb anything that had to do with the body.

    All these things are very mainstream right now and I urge all of you to really find out what is real and what is not (that’s the next point). So many of our “health gurus” are more celebrity personalities.  Really be careful.

    Learn about diseases and find out in plain everyday language what makes the heart beat and the brain function. How does aging affect people differently?  What makes inflammation in different organs? Just read.

    4. Be careful of truths.

    When I was learning about Ayurvedic medicine, one of the teachers said to the class “Be warriors of Ayurveda. Remember it is not about body type. It is not about a trend. A 5000 year old medical practice cannot be boiled down to a list of body types in a world where we hit the ground running.”

    Brilliant words if you ask me.

    Just because it’s trending doesn’t mean it needs to get into your lexicon.

    One of the positives and negatives of our work is that we truly utilize what we know whether it’s on purpose or not. As we are still very human, ego is always a possibility and it’s always fun to impress.

    Please remember that a majority of websites are businesses. It’s celebrity, click bait, money making.

    Research. Find that doctor friend and double check. You know if you truly listen, you’ll know what is right and what is wrong but don’t run with the popular vote on this one.

    Our work is what’s in right now. Let that flow around you. Appreciate it, please don’t wear it.


    5. Be aware of all the levels of health.

    Just between us – we know that we’re not just always reading the immediate health. We can also read deep seated DNA issues, ancestral issues as well as passed lives.

    Do your very best to stay in the present. It’s easy to get pulled into the undertow of what your reality and the patient is working with.

    For a regular reading, sure. For something in the immediate, be aware of where your information is coming from. Listen to the language you are hearing and be discerning.

    Let your client know where your concerns are.

    I find that in matters of health panic and defensiveness kicks in. Many times I’ll ask question about health issues and the answer will be a resounding “No”.

    It’s usually followed up with a call correcting themselves. It’s hard to remember even your own self when you are sitting in fear.

    Leave room for them to remember.

    image source

    6. Protect yourself.

    When I read, whether it’s health or anything else, I tend to take on the physicalities of the spirits I’m hearing from. I gesticulate the way they do, often my speech will change slightly, my posture will be different than my own.

    Similarly, when I’m doing a medical specific reading often I will feel where the pain is in my client’s body.

    I can’t stress enough that before a reading you must protect yourself. However it is you do it.

    Picture yourself surrounded in light, pray, speak out loud to the spirits…whatever works for you.

    7. Don’t second guess yourself when you see a run of the same diagnosis.

    It is a classic spirit move to keep bringing in the same energy over and over. It’s how you get better.

    It’s a way of the energies showing you all the ways you can read one illness.

    Remember the old joke “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice.”  It’s always mind blowing to me how often this happens. It happens in all light worker spaces as well.

    I was at a group reading not long ago where about 400 people were sitting in the audience. I wanted to witness this kind of reading to see if I could do it (that’s where the money is and I still have a child to support and rent to pay).

    The medium asked the audience about a teen who had committed suicide. Two women had raised their hands. Both of their sons had done this. Then he narrowed the facts to “He played football with a green jersey with the number 12”.  Again, both women raised their hands.

    There were a few more questions that covered both boys and then finally he named the mother and it was only one of them. But it’s amazing no? This happens ALL. THE. TIME.

    This was the spirit insuring that the energy and room was available for both parents. The other mother was read by another medium on stage.  Both mothers were taken care of and also got to be in a space where they could be together.

    For me it was not only emotional to experience (what an emotional thing to watch) but it also confirmed to me that this always happens.

    image source

    I often have to check myself that I’m not going right to something because my more earth bound side is taking me there out of ease. Inevitably, it’s just like energies teaching me how to recognize them.

    I will also often be brought physical ailments that I’ve also experienced myself.  I’ve suffered with endometriosis for all of my adult life and I can diagnose it – even with undocumented atypical symptoms – very easily.

    Not just with my own experience but because of the energy the client wears as she walks in for the reading.

    Very often it’s a new energy and as I read her the disease will come up. It’s something else to learn about how endometriosis shows up differently in each woman.

    And for the men, the same with prostate issues. They show up differently but the same. It’s our responsibility as medical intuitives to take note so we recognize it again.

    8. Never rely on what you already know all the time.

    I say this to my doctor associates. You cannot stop learning. We know so little of science – though we insist we know everything.

    We will never know everything. We can know a lot. We can know more than most people we know. We can be cocky or confident. But remember you cannot stop learning.

    Spirits come through in many ways to help you learn new things. If a client questions you, listen.

    I can be very confident about a diagnosis. Know it to be true. But I will always listen to the client and think about it again and even reread it after the reading is over on my own time.

    Sometimes it’s something I need to do without the client in the room. That mention from the client is still a message for me in some way.



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    About the Author:

    Heather Carlucci is a medium and medical intuitive. She works extensively with doctors and healers and her private clients. After 30 years in the restaurant business she came out of her woo closet. It surprised no one. Except for Heather. You can check out her website or say hi via Instagram and Facebook where she does live videos on medical work, spooky things and questions sent in by excellent people and witches.


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