To The Sensitives And The Not-Yet’s – You Are The Revolution

    by Liv Lu

    To the ones that feels a lot, that feel ’too much’ according to others and society. To the ones that feel emotional sensations like electrical flashes throughout their bodies.

    To the ones that sense touch, smell, sound and vision with their whole beings. The ones that feel it all deep, through their veins and into their bones.

    You are the revolution.

    I can feel beauty in my body and it can give me shivers down my spine.

    I can feel emotions as strong a human touch feels on my skin or as food poisoning feels in my stomach. I can feel sound physically and smells emotionally.

    I can get affected by a sensation for minutes, it can totally take me away in awe or depth. I can communicate with people underneath their surfaces and I sense what lies underneath in atmospheres and environments.

    I can tune in easily to whatever is around me because my senses are strong, awake and active.

    We feel life deeply, both within ourselves, as awarenesses about whats going on around us. ”You are too sensitive” is a common society based conclusion that we often meet.

    In other words: ”Numb yourself so that you fit more into the current society, like we have done”. The human race is a pack animal and the advice is well ment, to have everyone properly included in the general pack.

    Because we, the highly sensitives ones, aren’t suitable in this society, we are not as easily adjustable or herded, because we sense it all, underneath the surface.

    But it is not dangerous or wrong to feel!

    Though I know, emotions can feel dangerous. It can feel like they suddenly jump over us when we least expect it and take us over.

    We are never taught how to feel or how to deal with emotions or even what they are, instead we often just cultivate habits of reactive unconscious behaviors accordingly.

    But really, an emotion is just an awareness, an experience, a communication from our deeper self and life itself.

    Yes, I am too sensitive for this current system, but my sensitivity isn’t my doom – it is a radical, self chosen act of rebellion. It is the side of me that makes me want to create art, make music, write, dance and sing.

    It is this part of me that connects deeply with others and nature. Its this part of me that feels a passion for change and it is the part of me that contains my true strength – because my strength resides right in my sensitivity, within my vulnerability, within my softness, in my ability to be in it all.

    The majority of the culture of yoga, dance, music, writing, and artistic expressions of different kinds is created and maintained by the sensitives.

    Healers, peel peelers, channelers, dreamers, visionaries, believers, shakers, rule breakers, shift makers, thought leaders. We feel it all – and through these expressions we deal with it and share that medicine with the world.

    Sometimes I wonder though, maybe we all are the same down deep inside?

    Maybe we all truly are sensitives underneath, maybe its just a matter of how much we have dug it up and brought to the surface, and allowed it to be and ourselves to be in it, to live it, to express it.

    Maybe its just the old conditions and ways of society to keep us in check that emphasizes on numbness and shutting down. Maybe underneath we all feel the same about that.

    Maybe we are just sometimes spellbound by our environment.

    What if this world would be more constructed to fit the sensitives, maybe that would encourage everyone to start to dare to undress their inner softness and sensitivity?

    And maybe we, the sensitives, are the ones needing to step up to make that change happen. Maybe we are the revolution needing to happen.

    If we stopped being so fearful towards feeling, and experienced it as simple information that comes and goes, so much things would change in this world.

    So much of our current escapist behavior and numbing behavior patterns stems from an inability, unawareness and fear around dealing with emotions.

    We try to hide, push away and pretend like nothing has happened, sometimes to ridiculous extends.

    Consuming, projecting, abusing, initiating conflicts, reacting, creating addictions.

    What if we would be taught from the beginning how to be present with our emotions without escaping or reacting?

    I wish my sensitivity for all and I wish we could raise a new generation of sensitive souls ready and open up and able to change this old crumbling system into a community of more receptivity, feeling, softness, care and love.

    Taking care of each other as the main safety net and helping each other to awaken from the widespread virus of collective numbness.

    Before I doubted and blamed my sensitivity as being a dysfunction and a lack but now I know that its the most magical life skill I have and I wouldn’t change it for the world because I know it is here to create the new world.



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    About the Author:

    Liv Lu is a writer, storyteller, poetess, musician, yoga teacher, intuitive guide, reiki/energy healer, dancer and artist. Devoted to and living the creative force as tool for transformation and activation. Managing and directing creative processes to positively influence change. She is further a mermaid, a nature loving fairy, a shamanic exploring white witch and an empowered empath. Born in Sweden, living there and in Bali. You can check her out on Youtube and also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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