What Is Psychic Energy and How to Protect It?

    by Alissa Monroe

    Our bodies are influenced by a lot of interior and exterior sources, among them being Chakras and an Aura that’s unique to each one of us.

    Your psychic energy refers to the ambiance that surrounds you or your personal space. This bubble is made up of this energy.

    The first step to learning more about your psychic abilities is accepting that you have them.

    Many people don’t fully believe in their special gift making it harder to protect their psychic energy.

    Often, you will feel this presence slowly leave your body and even feel out of control of your own abilities.

    If this happens to be the case, know that there are ways to protect it.

    Sometimes negative energy surrounding you can take a toll on you which is why it’s important to learn how to control and take care of your psychic energy.

    What to Do If Your Energy Becomes Contaminated

    Have you noticed that when you’re in a room full of negative people, you start feeling bothered as well?

    This is because people’s energies are contagious, but you don’t have to let them affect you.

    Occasionally, you will feel drained or as if your psychic energy is being drained with others negative vibes.

    This is common when you are working with customers or clients because they are often expressing their worries, problems, complaints or life stressors.

    We suggest that you take a moment a few times a day to cleanse your psychic energy.

    What to Do If You’ve Experienced a Psychic Attack

    These types of psychic attacks occur when someone is thinking strong thoughts about you revolving around anger or hatred.

    They are rare and usually happen accidentally because the people sending these attacks don’t know they are sending them.

    Think about a time when you were very mad at someone and could not stop thinking about what they did.

    You were sending them energy – and it’s wasn’t positive.

    If you know you are in a situation where you might be delivering bad news to people, you may want to protect yourself from negative energy they may send your way as a result.

    People with professions including doctors, firefighters, and police officers that must deliver this kind of news know that they are placing themselves in harmful positions, but any of us who work with people run the risk of a psychic attack.

    In the next section, we will teach you how to protect your psychic energy.

    Cleansing and Protecting Your Energy

    You want to increase the health of your psychic energy through everyday experiences. This is a way of life which is why you need to keep it alive, clean, and protected.

    Here are some suggestions that will help rejuvenate and strengthen your spiritual self:

    1. Use White Light

    Invest in some white light and use it as often as you can.

    Ask your spiritual guides for more light by calling out to them and surrounding yourself in its presence as much as possible.

    Some people prefer blue light because it makes them feel more at peace. Whichever you prefer is fine.

    When you are using white or blue light, do not let negative energy become exposed.

    If you have some inside of you, cleanse your energy before exposing yourself to white light as these feelings can become trapped.

    The best way to deal with negative feelings is to work with them and let them heal.

    Finally, when using the white or blue light you want to imagine yourself at the center of this light.

    You are surrounded with this white light that’s full of energy. Use it to rejuvenate your psychic energy by making this light your own.

    2. Use Quartz Crystal Stones

    It’s often believed that quartz crystals were formed by the gods. They are used to convert negative energy into positive.

    Aside from quartz crystals, there are other stones that you can wear or place around your home that hold special powers.

    A little research goes a long way in finding the right stone for you.

    1. Burn Sage

    One of the more common ways to cleanse your home, workspace, or other special area is by burning sage.

    You can purchase this herb in a small bundle at your local health store, healing art centers, and even at Wiccan bookstores.

    Many people burn sage to achieve a healing sensation and bring them into a peaceful state of mind.

    We would like to mention that psychics are not the only ones who can benefit from these suggestions.

    Everyone can use these ideas to steer away from the negative energy that others bring.

    We all experience a series of emotions that rub off on those around us.



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    About the Author:

    Alissa Monroe is the webmaster and editor of Psychics 4 Today. When she’s not blogging about psychics, spirituality, and the occult, she enjoys spending time with family, hiking in the San Diego mountains, and practicing yoga.



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