I don’t know about you, but when I see a really beautiful flower I tend to think, “ok, but can I eat it?”

    If the flower in question is a violet, the answer is definitely yes. People have been eating violets for hundreds – if not thousands – of years, doing everything from candying the blossoms to putting them in salads.

    As long as you can find enough violets, this simple syrup is a great introduction to flower cookery. The flavor is polleny and complex, a bit like a mild and earthy vanilla. It’s perfect for drizzling over desserts or sweetening tea.


    Violet Simple Syrup:

    1 1/2 C loosely packed fresh violet blossoms

    3/4 C water

    3/4 C white sugar


    Bring water to a boil and pour over violets. Allow to sit for several hours or overnight. Strain out and discard flower petals.

    Mix liquid with sugar. Bring to a boil, watching carefully since the amount of liquid is so small, and allow to simmer gently for about half an hour or until slightly thickened.

    Cool and use fresh, or pour into a jar and refrigerate. Enjoy the flavor of fresh violets throughout the year.




    • is a co-editor of BAD WITCHES. She also offers witch medicine for what ails you (along with more art and other stuff) at Dream Horse. She lives in the wilds of Pittsburgh with her partner and two children who are mainly being raised by wolves.

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