A natural born astrologer is not necessarily a mystic or a prophet or even a “people person”. A natural born astrologer is anyone who trips out on observing cycles of time and who appreciates the process of the spirit’s internal transformation.

    Astrologers are people who are born with the desire to watch things grow, transform, and fade away.

    Before the advent of the atomic clock, astrology and astronomy were the keys to understanding cycles of natural phenomena.

    Knowledge of the heavens was once essential to the timing of everything, including: farming, navigating, traveling, and properly enacting any symbolic ritual.

    In more recent history, (since the Enlightenment era) astrology has been disregarded by scientific discourse based on assumptions that any symbolic language which draws its observations from a geocentric perspective is false.

    In more recent history, (since the Enlightenment era) astrology has been disregarded by scientific discourse based on assumptions that any symbolic language which draws its observations from a geocentric perspective is false.

    However, the observation of the sunrise and sunset is experienced from a geocentric perspective and the phenomenon of envisioning the sun’s arrival and departure has a profound impact on our psychological state, our biology, and our behavior. Consider that the commonly understood astronomical fact that the sun is

    Consider that the commonly understood astronomical fact that the sun is not actually moving still does not affect our experience of day being vastly different from night.

    Therefore, where astronomy does inform us about the physical structure of the solar system, it does not explore the internal experience of our relationship to the heavens.

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    The emotional and psychological changes that the spectacle of a sunset arouses is what astrology is actually studying.

    Astrological studies explore the internal transformations within us that have been observed over millennia to be strangely in tandem with the stars and planets. As an astrologer, your goal is to get in rhythm with complex cosmic timing.

    Here are the twelve signs that you were born to be an astrologer:

    I. You Are Inspired by New Beginnings

    A natural born astrologer is someone who is keen on observing transformation, even when it is personally painful.

    Therefore, even though some endings in life are agonizing, an astrologer tries to feel the promise of a new beginning within the pain, knowing it to be a seed of liberation.

    Though astrology does not demand a purely optimistic point of view, there is some comfort in knowing that some things are worth letting go of in order to usher in fresh energy and new beginnings.

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    II. Your Concept of Reality is Highly Structured

    Your world-view is only as big as the language you are familiar with.

    As a natural born astrologer, you are innately aware of that fact. Astrology is attractive to you as a dynamic symbolic system of human thought that enables you to expand your conception of the psyche, but within the structure of an ancient knowledge system that gives you a solid foundation from which to explore.

    Astrology has linguistic scaffolding for you to build a more nuanced world-view upon.

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    III. You Love to Share and Receive Exciting Information/New Ideas

    Astrology is a great way to find out a lot about people, which is something it has in common with psychology.

    If you love to have deep conversations with people about any subject, astrology is a great way to open up a rapport. Additionally, astrology is an expanding field of study and has more angles, approaches, and uses than you can imagine.

    If you like to get deeply involved in a subject, you will never find an end to exciting studies in astrological research.

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    IV. You are Most at Home Nurturing Others

    The counseling aspect of astrology can be very analogous to therapy.

    If you like to encourage people and bring them insight, astrological counseling is a natural activity for you to engage in. In a time when many people need a therapist, but most therapists are inculcated by the belief that human feelings should be pathologized, astrologers as counselors are often a much needed alternative.

    Astrologers are not a substitute for medical professionals, but they can bring many people therapeutic insight and comfort.

    V. You Love Being in the Spotlight

    Let’s face it. At a party, if you know something about astrology, then many people will be all ears. Even people who know about their sun sign already will still be interested in what your perspective is.

    People love to hear about themselves and about compatibility with lovers and friends.

    So, if you can talk astrology with any modicum of flair, you will find yourself quite popular in many social circles.

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    VI. You are a Great Teacher With an Organized Mind

    Astrology is a big ocean of information that intimidates many people from even dipping their toes in.

    This means that you will often forget how much people don’t know and you will often find yourself teaching people about what you are learning and experiencing.

    People who are natural born astrologers find a way to translate their studies in a way that will eventually be of some use to other people and they will have a way with finding excellent metaphors, personal anecdotes, and/or references to mythology that enable them to turn technical knowledge into a conversational tapestry.

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    VII. You are a Natural Matchmaker

    Love and Money. These are the questions that bring 99% of people to astrology.

    It is probably true for you too even if you can hardly remember. There are some assumptions made by pop-sun-sign astrology that some signs are compatible and others are not.

    This is not a belief that a natural born astrologer can ascribe to, however the synergy between people’s charts will be a fascinating study for you.

    Though you will never have all the answers, you really can provide people with insight into the strongest relationship points and the most vulnerable.

    VIII. You Love Solving Mysteries

    Astrology does not have all the answers, nor is it the deepest wisdom of the universe.

    In addition, its accuracy is still a mystery and nobody has a purely rational or verifiable explanation for the “as above, so below” phenomenon of finding human experience reflected in the stars.

    Astrology asks that you remain open to mystery, accepting that some things are unknowable, but they remain profoundly inspiring nevertheless.

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    IX. You Seek Excitement and Adventure

    Natural born astrologers are highly creative people.

    Consider then that astrology opens up a whole new world of imagination that will ultimately summon a lot more creativity in your thinking and therefore manifest a lot more excitement in your life.

    For one thing, astrology will begin to reveal its influence in your life through amazing synchronicities. In other words, it will often feel like you are being given signs, messages, and visions of manifest meaning that will lead you into new adventures all the time.

    Also, astrology tends to attract an interesting crowd of people into your life, for better or worse, and this social circle of eccentric people may offer you more interesting conversations and invitations.

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    X. You Want an Advantage in Life

    This is a tricky point to assert, but astrology does give you an advantage in life because it promotes within you a better sense of self and a better sense of timing.

    Do not get the impression that the winning lottery numbers are in your chart. However, if you wanted to ritually buy a lottery ticket on a day of great personal significance, then astrology has that to offer you.

    For a person who seeks to find a way to make every day a ritual of self-discovery and improvement, astrology definitely will offer an advantage in life.


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    XI. You Have Been Called to Change the World

    How does astrology help you change the world? It does not.

    But astrology does help you to articulate to yourself and others that the world is changing: always has and always will.

    Astrology will allow you to speak of particular cultural climates, to see transformation on micro and macrocosmic scales, and to find it within yourself to use this information to inspire others to remain flexible and philosophical, even during tempestuous times.

    An astrologer is a counselor and a visionary, so if you think you can change the world by inspiring people, then this is a practice you were born for!

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    XII. You Love the Unknown  ( ~ )

    Astrology is an arcane and murky study when it really comes down to it because its mechanisms of accuracy remain mysterious and its point of perspective is as capricious as the gods of Homer’s Illiad.

    A natural born astrologer is someone who is seduced by unanswerable questions and is inspired to experience the unity that all this information eventually dissolves back into.

    Astrology teaches you that it is the journey and not the end result that matters, so use this language to great effect and in the end, take it with a grain of salt!

    No world-view, cosmology, or language can fully express infinity, but astrology can give you the tools to have a really good time trying!

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