by Carlotta Mastrojanni

    It has surprised me that the majority of women I speak to are most interested in how to manifest from the womb. In many ways it got me thinking, hasn’t this been done before?

    Then I realized that it hadn’t.

    Manifesting from the womb is a whole different game, one that requires a radical shift in your understanding of creation and the reversal of energy from your third eye to the womb space.

    But before we get into the more esoteric finesse of it… we have to go back to the very start.

    What makes us fearful of the process of creation?

    One of the single most pressing and terrifying things for women is the theme of creation.

    We see it as something that ought to be natural to us; after all we are the Creatrix, aren’t we?  In reality, there are many fears that come up for many of us on a subliminal level around creating:

    • Am I going to create too much and start up a tsunami around me? A whirlwind of emotions and drama that have me and everyone else go out of control?
    • Will I be too much? Will I be brandished an outcast?
    • Will I not be able to follow through? Will the creation not fully happen, will I have to abort?

    These are all genuine fears that we have to face…and as we face them we may feel somewhat blocked.

    I have always known somewhere in my being that these fears were latent.

    I was trying to produce so many creative ‘babies’, so many long-term projects, that it was easy to question whether they would really come to fruition.

    It was most obvious when I became pregnant. The first few months I was gripped by angst…what if I lose the baby? What if it’s not healthy? What if…what if…what if…?

    I had to learn to stand in my power, trust my intuition, and be fully present to this miracle happening inside of me. It was time to CREATE.

    If you are able to follow your inner thread of intuition, in the moment you are giving birth to your children you will feel this complete power and connection to life… but it’s wise not to wait until then!

    This magic is available to you even now. Here are a few steps that can start to reconnect you to your natural capacity to Create:

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    1. First, notice any blocks:

    These can include past experiences and wounding that we hold as a negative vibration within our wombs. They may even include vampire energy that is lodged somewhere inside of you.

    Hence the importance of being present to our wombs, knowing our sexual history, our pain body, witnessing and alchemizing into love all that is therein.

    Just begin with the intention of being open to bringing this latent wounding to the surface again… or perhaps acknowledging it for the first time.

    2. Tune in to Womb Space:

    Lets take a look at what Womb Space, the place where we create from, really looks like.

    Creating from the womb has a different quality to it. It is where divine inspiration can be received and nurtured as it grows from a seed to a fully potentiated manifestation.

    What begins as desire, transforms into tangible reality.

    It becomes your job to plant that seed of desire, and then to sit and wait quietly and patiently, without knowing what the outcome will be.

    You are literally waiting in the dark, moist cave of the womb space, wondering if what comes out is even what you wanted… yet you protect what is growing within you fiercely.

    This is no dull waiting, but an alive, pulsing presence to each moment.

    We stay awake to our desire, whether it be a new way of life, a birth, or an artistic endeavor.

    Our work as women is imbued with this sexual process of creation – that of conception, gestation and birth.

    And be patient. Be willing to wait, receptive and empty, for birth has its own timing, which cannot be rushed.

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    3. Clear your Womb Space:

    It can be beneficial to clear your womb space first, so lets go back to some of the wounded feelings, or elements/people/situations that still feel sticky or off in your system.

    Sometimes these can be hard to pin point so lets go inwards a layer deeper.

    Think of your womb as your inner Oracle.

    It is the place from which you see through to the truth of things. From here you cannot go wrong, because you’re now ‘seeing’ from your place of power, from your central point of gravity.

    Imagine that you have the ability to reverse the flow of energy from your third eye down to your womb and have your intuition come from this deepest part of you.

    It’s a much more visceral kind of knowing that comes from your body, from the very essence of your being.

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    Visualization for clearing your Womb Space:

    Sit with your legs in lotus position. Put your hands over your womb in an inverted triangle. Sink into this position and drop down into your womb space, putting all your undivided attention here. Make a sound to release any stagnant energy.

    What do you see?

    What is the inner landscape of your womb?
    What are the messages you are receiving?
    Who is in there that shouldn’t be taking up space?

    Have fun with it! Maybe your inner medicine woman or your inner priestess lives inside your womb, maybe your wisdom from another lifetime is just waiting to be unlocked here…

    You may get flashes of people you thought you had long forgotten. Or find a landscape that is more like a desert than a bed of roses. There may be elements in there like fire and water, or just colors.

    There is no wrong or right.

    Explore a bit!

    Trust yourself.

    Remember that imagination is the key to shamanism and you must begin by trusting what you are ‘seeing’ through the oracle of your womb.

    Now imagine a golden ball gently resting underneath your body.

    You are now ready to empty all that is in your womb that doesn’t serve you into this ball to be transmuted by the Earth.

    Gently ask whoever and whatever is in there that is draining your energy to leave. It is your womb space after all.

    If you are picking up on some cording, you can now bring those cords down into the golden ball and enlist the help of a spirit guide or higher being to effectively cut any cords to release you from them once and for all.

    Make the heart sound AHHHH as you feel them fall away.

    Time to bring compassion and love back into those clear spaces now. Bring a hand to your heart and one to your womb.

    Cleanse the womb imagining a flush of pure clear water going straight through it and swirling around.

    Once you have cut the cords to what no longer serves you, you are now ready to fertilize this landscape with the true seed of your desire.

    4. Womb Manifestation:

    So getting down to business…how do you follow through with manifesting from your womb?

    You become a clear channel between your body and the web of life that connects you to all that is.

    As a clear channel, you are able to receive information from your environment that will guide you and support you. The way you receive information, with this system, is predominantly through inner communication with your body.

    A simple trick to start you off – You can get a ‘yes’ from your body when you feel like you are tending out towards something, sometimes accompanied by goose bumps or a gentle rush for example, and a ‘no’ when you are getting a sinking feeling in your body as if you were drawing away.

    Mostly your womb will speak to you through what feels good.

    I use this technique to communicate with my baby in the womb all the time. Ask to connect with your womb and wait to feel a shift.

    It may come as a deep inner peace, a heightened sense of color, a rush of sparkles surrounding everything… you don’t need an actual baby in the womb to experience this, your womb is alive all the time and telling you its preferences!

    Next you get in touch with your deepest desires. Your desires are the forward motion that propels you forward and they end in manifestation when unhindered.

    The combination of your unhindered WOMB POWER + DESIRE PROJECTING OUT = MANIFESTATION

    In conclusion, to manifest anything:

    You must be clear. Clear in your mind and in your womb, and live from an awakened heart.

    Use your imagination. YES, your imagination. Again, Shamanism is greatly based on this and you must learn to trust it.

    Connect to your body.

    Connect to your desire.

    Use the power of your desire, your primal creative force, combined with the power of your womb, to draw to you anything that you wish to manifest.

    And above all, when all is said and done, LET GO.

    Womb manifestation demands a good dose of humility because ultimately we are never fully in control of our creative process.

    That being said, we owe it to ourselves to come back to the power of creation that is innately ours and to take the fear out of creation once and for all.



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    About the Author:

    Carlotta is a shamanic midwife and womb healer. Her mission is to reawaken all women to their natural shamanic gifts of intuition, sensuality and healing to come back to wholeness. Her upcoming short book “The Modern Medicine Woman” charts the path of awakening through Love Alchemy – using ones inner orgasmic life force to activate the womb and heart, and create from an awakened body. Connect with her at or via instagram @themodernmedicinewoman


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