Why you need Shamanic Journeys in your life now

    by Nora Wallace

    I have a vision that everyone knows how to journey, how to connect with their guides, and feels fully confident in their connection to Spirit.

    Friends share their amazing stories of epic journeys they’ve gone on.

    No one doubts that they have the natural ability to experience the Spirit World.

    We don’t need to take psychedelics or get high in order to have a deeper, more vibrant experience of life.

    I’ve had clients who have been burnt out from taking psychedelics, and I want to let everyone know that you don’t need them.

    There’s an infamous story about Ram Dass giving a massive dose of LSD to the legendary yogi Maharaji…

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    ​…and guess what happened? Nothing.

    Why did nothing happen?

    Because Maharaji has shown us that if you have your mind “fixed on God” you don’t need anything outside of yourself to cultivate your psychic powers and expand your awareness.

    The more you journey and interact with the Spiritual realms, the more this natural ability is strengthened within you.

    I remember seeing Sylvia Brown on TV when I was a kid, and having the thought, “Only certain people are like that. I’m not like that.”

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    Later I realized what a lie that was. And most people still believe that lie, which is really robbing us of having a communion with Spirit.

    You need to learn to journey now, because there is so much that awaits you, and humanity cannot wait any longer.

    You have a whole team of Spirit Allies wanting to connect with you in this very moment, and they want you to know that you are not alone.

    We cannot ignore the call to open our hearts and access the Spirit realms that have so much to offer us all!

    Let us bridge this physical reality with the realms of Spirit, and create a happier world for our future generations.

    About the Author:

    Nora Wallace is an experienced Shamanic Practitioner and teacher of Shamanic Journeying.  She is currently offering the online Shamanic Journey Training Course. You can sign up and immediately begin learning this powerful spiritual practice here. She is also teaching a free online class September 21st at 1pm CST called Intro to Shamanic Cosmology. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the way the Spirit World works and how to navigate it safely & effectively. You can sign up here for free.

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