by Shereen Sun


    I’m someone who has always been fascinated by the creative process.

    Growing up in the urban jungle of Las Vegas, NV, I constantly found myself surrounded by the misfits, artists, and counter-culture creators.

    At the time, I considered myself an arts advocate and supporter, but not a creative person. I mean, I rarely sat down to paint a painting, write a song, or perform in front of an audience. I wasn’t putting my creativity out there the way my friends were.

    I felt that I didn’t have anything important to add to creative conversations and this lack of self-confidence took a huge toll on my ability to express myself.

    Now I know that we all have a creative spark inside of us that’s begging to be nourished.

    I’ve spent the last 6 years exploring my inspirations and courting my inner-muses. I believe that inside, we all hear the call to create.

    Our creative powers are a divine gift.

    I’ve been so intrigued by the process we all go through as artists, makers, and creators. I’ve seen how creativity can heal and transform lives.

    Now, I’m on a mission to share this message. I’ve spend the past few weeks interviewing 26 creative experts to find out all of their creative tips, tricks, and inspirations.

    So, here are 5 of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned about creativity and how its transformed my life.

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    1. Creativity is a Process

    What we mostly see from the creative process are the end results: the finished painting, poetry, performance, music, or dance.

    We don’t get to see what happens behind the scenes, the hours of creative intelligence that go into every piece.

    The process of creativity fascinates me—our human ability to find a way through problems, make use of mistakes, and end up at an entirely new destination is pure magic.

    Before my creative rennasaince, I would often stop in the middle of the creative process. As any artist will tell you, there comes a point in creation where the maker start to become filled with self-doubt.

    In these moments, it is crucial to stick with it, follow through, and turn that beautiful mess into something that you love. These moments are where we get to see the creative force in action.

    Creativity is a process oriented journey rather than a product oriented one. If you trust the process at its roughest points, you’ll end up at destinations you never could have foreseen.

    2. Creativity is a State of Mind

    We can think, play, and act creatively. We can live our lives in a way that honors the creative spirit.

    Being an artist or creative is not a linear path that requires formal training and a practicing, paid career in the arts.

    My definition of creativity is incredibly open-ended.

    To me, creativity is a feeling that I cultivate in every aspect of my life. It’s what makes me come alive, live in the moment, and feel authentically self-expressed. It’s my ability to problem solve in challenging situations, the way I dress myself in the morning,  and what inspires me.

    Creativity is a set of practices that we define for ourselves. My version of creativity looks very different from yours, and that is a beautiful thing!

    shereen1image: author’s own

    3. Creativity Lives within the Body

    What a magical thing to be born into a human body!

    Our bodies hold so much wisdom and creativity stored in our cellular memory. Our bodies are the vessel for our unique essence. I believe we can move past creative blocks by tapping into our body wisdom and moving around stagnant energy.

    One way to access our fullest creative potential is to build a relationship between our soul and the outer world.

    Our body is the bridge between our inner landscape and our outward expression. Embodiment practices like dance, breathwork, yoga, or even just playful movement help me get out of my head and into my heart so I can listen to my inner-wisdom.

    When I do, I become more present to and can express myself authentically. All of us are innate artists. By becoming present with ourselves, we can seize every moment as an opportunity to live artfully.

    4. Inner-Critics Are A Part Of The Journey

    Do you ever hear that voice inside of your head that nitpicks your creative ideas? Guess what, we all do.

    Within my interviews of creative experts, there was one thing that remained constant: inner-critics.

    Whether you are a practicing artist or are just picking up a paintbrush for the first time, you are likely to encounter an inner-critic at some point in your journey.

    The good news is that there are many ways to stop inner-critics from running your creative life. You absolutely can redirect them and transform your relationship with them.

    I asked 26 creative experts how they’ve overcome their inner-critics, and they all gave me different practices.

    shereen3image: author’s own

    5. Make PLAY a Priority!

    We’ve all heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine.” As adults, we often don’t give ourselves permission to PLAY!

    Unstructured creative time is essential for a thriving life. In moments of playful exploration, we come up with some of our best ideas. These are the times when our imagination can run wild to produce some of our freshest and most innovative ideas.

    So many of us live our lives focused only on work and family commitments and as a result, don’t have time and space for pure fun.

    On your creative journey, get curious about what might happen if you prioritize play as a tool for engaging your artistic mind. You may surprise yourself!

    If you want to continue exploring the creative process with me, you should sign up for the FREE online event, the Creative Revolution Summit. You’ll recieve 26 interviews with top creative experts, including Carolyn Elliott, streaming every day.

    Sign up at www.wildheartentrepreneur.com.

    I can’t wait to see you there!


    About the Author:

    shereenShereen Sun is an artist, educator, herbalist, and activist who thrives when creating safe spaces for people to express themselves. She is the co-founder of Green Seed Arts, a non-profit that facilitates ecologically-focused community mural projects and free art events. She also organizes the Wildheart Entrepreneur Summit, a FREE online event featuring interviews with 26 creative experts.  Sign up here: www.wildheartentrepreneur.com




    featured image: Frida Kahlo





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