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    When you’re being bullied at work, your body is in a constant state of siege and there’s nowhere left to turn.  You desperately need to leave because if you stay, your spirit dies a slow death.  I know what it’s like to have a shitty job, but with all the bills coming in, if you leave, how will you stay afloat financially?

    Sadly, there are no easy, concrete, step-by-step instructions on how to leave your toxic workplace without facing what terrifies you. It’s not like there’s an app for that.

    However, let’s consider how you might harness an under-utilised yet powerful, innate ability you’ve possessed since birth. Yep, I’m talking about your psychic powers. I have 7 psychic strategies to help you transition to a better life. Let’s examine what they are:

    1. Your Intense Emotions Are Your Greatest Ally – But Not In The Way You Think

    Jai Maa KaaliImage Source

    Each day you step into the office, your shoulders tense, your breath is shallow and your heart races as you prepare to do battle.

    Inside, you’re like Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Destruction in the throes of a primal scream. Rolling her eyes back into her head and sticking her tongue out as far as it will go, she beheads the demon with a scimitar, getting drunk on his blood and killing everything in her path.

    Nothing less will give you the same deep satisfaction.

    Meanwhile, you smile wanly to your boss with a glazed, listening-to-elevator-musak expression on your face as if you’re Ms Meek ’N’ Mild. At night you seek solace in the midnight glow of the refrigerator light, gorging on ice cream until the nauseating sugar trance hits.

    Gradually, your disgruntlement leaks out of you: a steady drip at first, then emotional dumps like a firehose blast of sewerage over anyone who dares to listen.

    You vent your spleen to the HR department, colleagues, friends, family and anti workplace bullying forums on Facebook – anyone’s fair game.

    But that is not what I mean when I say: “emotions are your greatest ally.”

    Rather, emotions are the language of your soul and they have something very important to tell you. Your emotions are telling you this job is unbearable and and get out NOW before it’s too late. Your emotions are the gateway into your true power.

    You need to listen as if your life depends on it.

    Take the time, preferably first thing in the morning to listen to your body; a vigorous, hour-long walk is a great daily self-reflective practice. Listen to your heart beating, your blood rising and your sweat pumping.

    Feel how your whole body rebels against this workplace. Stop fighting reality, managing reality, intellectualising reality, rationalising reality and allow it to be exactly what it is.

    2. Awareness Gives You The Right Plan At The Right Time

    When you listen to your feelings instead of fighting them, awareness arises.

    The moment you know your job is unbearable is the moment you decide you must leave. It’s scary journeying into the unknown, but terrorising yourself with imagined catastrophes is not the solution.

    There are better alternatives to total ruination and if you observe your emotions arising and passing away without obstruction, you’ll reach a calmer place from which insight can emerge.

    The mind loves to be in control, even when misery is the only dish on the menu. It will shout over your wise, intuitive voice like the bombastic booming of a Donald Trump.

    Be vigilant when your mind cuts in and gently redirect your awareness back to physical sensation. Keep coming back to the present moment each time your mind races and ask yourself “and what does that feel like?”

    The only certain answer to the question “what will happen to me?” is “I don’t know;” stay in the “I don’t know”.

    When you’re willing to experience uncertainty even for a short moment, something inside you shifts, allowing your intuition to unveil other possibilities – but only if you’re listening deeply and intently.

    These possibilities may arrive looking as plain and homely as Aladdin’s dusty lamp – at first glance. However, the small thread of “something” has the potential to lead you into your life’s most glorious tapestry; if only you have the courage to listen and trust your soul’s deepest calling.

    3. After The Gross Comes The Subtle

    With enough deep listening, gross, painful sensations pass and you arrive at a quieter, more spacious mind. Within this emptiness arise subtle signs with zero emotional charge.

    It takes practice to notice these subtle realms because the din of your mind makes you temporarily deaf.

    It’s hard to trust the subtle, especially when it’s fleeting. Doubt only pushes these impressions further away, so the key to connecting with the subtle is to shift ever more deeply into the realm of “I don’t know.”

    At this point, ask yourself open-ended questions like: “What do I do now?” or “What’s next?” and the answer is:

    “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know,” like a mantra until you get acclimatised to hanging out in the unknown.

    Imagine a huge “?” hover in the air above you while you wait patiently to receive the reply.

    With more self-trust, you’ll receive impressions more easily. They may appear as images, memories, music, scent, words or phrases in your mind’s eye. Allow these impressions time to develop more fully and savour them until they sink in.

    As you receive impressions, I recommend taking notes. The smartphone app, iA Writer Pro is easy to use in dictation mode so you can “write” as you’re walking:

    MC2Image Source: author’s own screen shot

    4. Ask Yourself Questions And Receive Answers

    As you develop more trust in yourself, your ability to ask questions and receive accurate answers will grow.

    When faced with adversity, I like to take the time to view my struggle from a higher perspective. I imagine myself shifting upwards in a column of light emanating from the crown of my head and taking perspective on the view below, as if from a helicopter.

    I imagine patterns of energy, manifest as clouds of colour (for the visual person), physical sensations (for the kinaesthetic person), sounds or words (for the aural person).

    I look for patterns of dark, smoky clouds (negative energy), the kind you see billow up above a bonfire of car tires.

    Where the smoke clouds cluster more densely and where they trail off informs me about how to proceed.


    Some questions I ask myself are:

    =>  Who is the person in the environment who creates the most “smoke”?

    =>  How does their energy field affect others in the environment?

    =>  How does it affect me?

    =>  Where do I feel it in my body?

    =>  What is the likely outcome of this energy pattern?


    When I notice myself hooking into negative energy, I imagine unhooking from it and walking away, free and clear into a beautiful, tranquil place like a pristine beach on the edge of a rainforest.

    One of the fascinating results of removing yourself from an intensely negative energy field is that without obstruction, it can unfold naturally. Often the situation will collapse more rapidly because you’re not holding up the process.

    Thus, if someone is treating you unkindly, the person’s negative energy will rapidly rebound back into himself if he can’t hook into you.

    Mysterious and synchronous events occur because this person has set a self-fulfilling prophecy in motion. If that person’s intention was to burn you, the flames will rebound to engulf the host.

    All that’s left for you to do is watch on in awe.

    5. Know The Difference Between Power And Force

    Learn to distinguish between power and force.

    Struggle is inherent in forcefulness, whereas real power arises from awareness and minimal effort, like setting a sail for it to fully receive the wind that takes it back to shore.

    The less you do, the more powerful results you get.

    Abandon self-righteous indignation – it takes a lot of effort and it doesn’t work to get the results you desire.

    Before I understood how to use this principle, I crashed around like a cosmic bulldozer: I made a lot of noise, I broke a lot of stuff and I alerted my enemies to every move I made.

    It’s awareness itself that makes all the difference – it’s easy, graceful and effortless.

    With greater awareness, I was able to harness the power already present in a given situation and give it a tweak to deflect the destructive forces away from me and back into the situation. This is true psychic power.

    6. Focus On Freedom: Give Yourself A Psychic Vacation

    Where your focus goes, your energy flows. To focus means to actively apply intention and emotion to thought, consistently and over a period of time.

    Unfortunately, most people who work in shitty workplaces tend to focus on how shitty their work life is, and guess what? The shit just gets shittier.

    You have to give yourself a break.

    To do so, focus on imagining yourself in a situation that gives you feelings of freedom and expansion. It could be travelling the world, swimming with dolphins or becoming a star of stage and screen.

    Take your imagination on vacation and spend the better part of your day daydreaming yourself into a better reality. When you consistently focus on your psychic vacation, the intolerable is more likely to fall away.

    Adaman sea and wooden boat in ThailandImage Source

    7. Allow Your Buoyant Spirit To Rescue You

    No matter how bad things get, your buoyant spirit will always rise above (eventually). You’ll go through adversity, then wake up happy one day for no reason – just because it’s your natural state of being.

    Who you are is a magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional being of love and light and you will prevail.

    You are connected to all things, throughout all space and time. There is a field of infinite possibility before you and you get to choose how you wish to shape your experience.

    The most power you have in any moment is based on what you choose – and you can choose anything you like, no matter how improbable it seems. You are limited only by your imagination and in this earthly life, you’re learning how to create your reality.

    Like a kid on a bicycle, you get better with practice.

    Perhaps you’re only on your training wheels right now, or perhaps you had a bad tumble and need to recover.

    All around you are angels waiting to assist you to a better and brighter experience. Experiences of failure are useful because they enrich and deepen our wisdom and compassion.

    Finally, it’s easy to gloss over these 7 steps. It takes daily, disciplined practice to convert these ideas into lived, physical experience.

    I write this for you because I too had many shitty jobs and I found a way out. I would love the same for you, too.



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    About the Author:

    MCBioM.C. Higgins loves having things happen effortlessly and magically, making mischief, and stirring up trouble (even though it simultaneously frightens and excites her), unearthing secrets (especially those that most need to be hidden), developing her psychic powers, life outside the physical body, reading energy, intelligence and wit, money, power, sneaky intrigue, tripping malfeasant people up using their own stupidity, chocolate, Dogue De Bordeaux dogs, and rebelling against consensus reality. You can find out more about her at: http://freespiritedme.com/



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