by Demi Fox
    Mermaids are the sacred essence of womanhood, including everything that is sweet and beautiful and, most importantly, everything terrifying and powerful – basically everything feminine that scared the bejeesus out of the priests and god-fearing chaps of the past.

    Sex. Death. Rebirth. Power. Feeling. Emotion. Desire. Beauty. All those intense, watery, uncontrollable things. Mermaids are a potent archetype of the fullness of female sovereignty, a gorgeous lens to through which to see and experience both the terrible strength and loving gentleness of the Divine Feminine.

    Modern mermaids are women who embody the values of the mermaids. They are unusual women who exist on the edges, with one foot in the normal human world and one foot somewhere else.

    There is something seductive about them always – maybe it’s something in their eyes or just a vibe they give out, who knows, but there is something about them that is different. They inhabit their bodies differently to other women.

    Combine that with an intense awareness of the sacred and the divine, and you’ve got yourself a Mermaid Priestess. Here are seven intoxicating secrets of a mermaid priestess:

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    1. We are Mermaids.

    Well, not literally, obviously – ever tried getting on the bus with a fishy tail on? Nope.

    But our souls are mermaid souls. We feel the call of the sea, crave adventure and freedom, and need to be in nature daily. We are all light-and-dark, shadows-and-twilight.

    We are all about sex and death and desire and deep, endless, passionate love.

    2. We are deeply in touch with our desires.

    Where the human world is happy to tell us what is achievable, what is acceptable, what is an “OK” dream and what is a “bad” dream, we shoot for the weird, the obscene, the fantastic, the sensational.

    Every mermaid’s dream is different – one might want to live in a treehouse by a lake, another might want to travel the world with their lover and make love in every European country, another might want to be a folk singing superstar – but all mermaids are all-in for their dreams, all the time.

    3. We feel deeply, and we are cool with that.

    Mermaid priestesses are watery beings, creatures of love and emotion.

    But like the sea, we are not calm and pleasant to swim with all the time – sometimes there are tempests, storms, endless cloudy days.

    A mermaid priestess accepts all her emotions and gives herself permission to feel the whole spectrum. Mermaid’s don’t beat themselves up when they are feeling inexplicably sad, or are mad jealous, or crazy angry. They just accept it is the way it is.

    They understand that emotions are a part of the forces of nature, and like the ocean, they are endlessly changeable, uncontainable, and that storms blow out in the end anyway.

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    4. We crave connection with the divine.

    It’s a curious mermaid quirk but these mermaid priestesses are passionate about spirituality and connection with the sacred.

    Perhaps it’s all that hanging out at the luminal plane where the land and the ocean meet. Maybe it’s the tug of the moon on the tides of their soul.

    Whatever it is, mermaid priestesses seek out sacred places and experiences compulsively. They know that there is more to life than what the humans see, a sacredness that encompasses all things, and they want to feel it, experience it, taste it, and then share it with others.

    5. We like pleasure, lots of it.

    I think it’s a mermaid trait that the human world just assumes is laziness. Nope. Mermaid priestesses embody the feminine qualities of receiving, experiencing, being, and joy.

    They are not interested in working 24/7. They need time to relax and chase joy. They love indulging in delicious cocktails, having precious hammock-time, long conversations and aimless afternoons where nothing happens in particular. Something about them understands that there has to be space for joy to sneak in.

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    6. We like it deep (wink wink).

    We like to know the why.

    We want to know your deepest motivations, what you think happens when we die, how you feel about sex and God and what your secret desires are. We want to talk about the intangible, the numinous, the dark, the deep.

    We want to know how you really feel about something, and let you know that your most shameful feelings and secrets are OK. We want to share our most vulnerable soul side to you and see you share yours in return. As a result we kind of suck at small talk.

    7. We think we are pretty damned fabulous, thank you very much.

    Mermaid priestesses LOVE themselves. Self love is the most holy sacrament of mermaid-hood – it’s what it’s all about, baby.

    Mermaids know they are completely fine just as they are: they don’t need to change anything about themselves to be worthy or to fit in.

    We love to revel in our bodies, to enjoy every inch, see what they do and see how much pleasure they can contain. A mermaid priestess is compassionate and loving with herself at all times, just like she would be with a baby dolphin or a seal pup.


    The thing is, inside every single woman is a little bit of the mermaid, encouraging her to listen to herself, respect her feelings and treasure her intuition and her body.

    She’s the secret voice that whispers that you are priceless and precious. That your thighs are delicious. That you could fucking own the world if you wanted to.

    She’s that sensation of white hot Kundalini rising, that fleeting feeling of total empowerment and fuck-yeah-ness. She’s the voice that cries out for a quiet day of blankets and cuddles, the voice that knows exactly what you need to take care of yourself.

    She’s the part of you that sees how magical and sacred and filled with possibility the world is. How sacred and full of possibility you are. All you have to do is be willing to listen to her.


    About the Author:

    DEMI4Demi Fox is a Mermaid Priestess, an Artist, a Dancer, a Professional Mermaid and a sacred lover of the Divine. She creates mind-blowing courses to free your mermaid spirit and teaches dance internationally. Additionally she loves playing the Ukulele, expensive breakfast cereal, all the animals and…. Gary Oldman as Dracula. Sssssh.
    You can learn more about her work and get mo’ mermaid at her website Rockstar Priestess, or pop on over and say Hi on Facebook.





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