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Hey there bad witches –  I’m gearing up for a 90-day Orgasmic Living Experiment in Havingness Expansion which will begin on February 1st, 2015.

I want to invite you to join me in the experiment, and I’ll be writing here on Bad Witches everyday about what comes up for me as I do it.

I designed my 90-day Orgasmic Living Experiment in Havingness Expansion based on a well of desire that I felt bubble up in me upon the occurrence of receiving some amazing stuff that blew my havingness level totally (this amazing stuff involves a diamond ring and an Edwardian mansion) and the occurrence of some other kind of sucky stuff (nearly dying from a tooth infection, having to get said tooth removed, relationship drama) that served as a wake up call from the universe that I’m not doing what I need to do in order to be able to have the stunningly amazing life that I want.

So I asked myself – well, what kind of life do I want to be living? And the answer is that I want a life with:

  • A money havingness level so big that it includes earning $10,000 a month and saving $5000 of that
  • A romantic havingness level so big that it includes a harmonious and deeply intimate relationship with my partner
  • A health havingness level so big that it includes feeling tons of vitality and ease and sexiness and joy in my body
  • A magical havingness level so big that it includes amazing synchronicities and new spiritual insights
  • A community havingness level so big that it includes a huge amount of connection and teamwork
  • A creativity havingness level so big that it includes me getting to write and build an audience for my fiction and poetry

Whew. That’s a lot.

So then I asked myself, well what practices do I know that will get me there to this place of massively expanded havingness?

And the answers were pretty obvious. I live in an intentional community dedicated to Orgasmic Meditation and we like to say that “Orgasmic Meditation is actually a three-fold practice” which means that if you’re OMing regularly (we call Orgasmic Meditation OM for short) and you want to wake up spiritually and physically, you should also be doing a practice called Fear Inventory (a written reflection on your resentments and fears, very similar to 4th and 10th steps in 12 Step Recovery) and a metabolizing exercise like Bikram yoga each day in order to clear out your system and make magic and joy happen.

There’s an added caveat of general wisdom in the OM world that you’ll also need to cultivate your gratitude and your acts of selfless service in order to expend all the energy that OM gives you.

Oh, and you should probably also feed yourself food in a way that actually nourishes you.


I know that doing all this will get me to where I want to be, because I’ve already experienced the three-fold practices massively increasing my havingness level to the point that I’m able to have SIX times the amount of money come into me each month than I used to be able to attract, I’m enjoying a much more passionate and intimate romantic relationship than I’ve ever had before, and I used to be lonely a lot and feel misunderstood by my social circle but now I’m surrounded by loving magical super-geniuses.

And I’ve experienced all of this just in the past year. That’s a gigantic and rapid expansion in havingness.

But lately, ever since I got myself a boyfriend and went back to coaching and writing instead of barista-ing, I haven’t been doing Bikram, I haven’t been doing much gratitude or service, and I’ve been drifting and disconnecting in my OMs. I also notice that I have a definite long-standing habit of trying to numb out uncomfortable emotions with food or tobacco, and generally consuming stuff in an unconscious way.

So yes. I know exactly what daily practices will get me to the fabulous level of havingness that I want to occupy. I just haven’t been doing those practices.

And I haven’t been doing those practices because I’ve been too busy being a negative bitchy witch due to the fact that my havingness level was completely blown by the awesomeness of falling in love with my bad-ass wizard.

Sigh. Can anybody feel me on this?

So, here’s what My Orgasmic Living Experiment in Havingness Expansion entails:

  • Orgasmic Meditation at least twice a day, every day
  • Bikram yoga every day
  • Fear Inventory everyday
  • Attentive eating with a focus on nutrient-dense foods
  • One hour of expressing Humiliating Gratitude to the people and divinities around me through words and service
  • One hour devoted to Senseless Creativity (i.e., creative play which has no potential to result in me receiving money or acclaim anytime soon)
  • Writing each day here on BAD WITCHES to reflect about what I’m doing, notice what’s coming up for me, and stay accountable to my deep intention of living the kind of wildly orgasmic, dramatically magic life I know is possible.

And here’s what you need to do to join me in this Orgasmic Living Experiment in Havingness Expansion:

Post in the comments section below, describing how you’d like to raise your own havingness level.

Commit to doing these same daily practices: OM, Bikram yoga, Fear Inventory, attentive eating, Humiliating Gratitude, Senseless Creativity, and Writing to Check In.

If you’re not OM trained yet….

….go ahead and contact me and I’ll hook you up with some of the best trainers in the world, who can train you via Skype. Or, alternatively, you could Google “TurnON event” in your home city and find your local OM trainers (they run events called TurnONs in many major cities – Austin, San Francisco, LA, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, London, Sydney, etc). Or, if you’re really not willing yet to get formally trained, you can teach yourself the practice by reading Slow Sex and watching the online How to OM videos. But I highly recommend formal training, because that’s the way you get plugged into the larger OM community… a community which is amazing.

If you don’t already know how to do Fear Inventory….

…..just hold tight. I’ll be posting about it soon. You will be well-educated in it by the time February 1st rolls around and the Experiment begins!  Same thing goes for Humiliating Gratitude and Senseless Creativity. I have a lot more to say about those, too.

And if you don’t already have a membership at a Bikram studio…

– well, you got time before February 1st to get yourself signed up. We value Bikram a ton in the OM world largely because it can calm your limbic system and flush out your hormonal / lymphatic system like nothing else, and the very embodied enlightenment work we do requires a stable limbic system and a clean hormonal / lymphatic system. Here’s some more information about the benefits of Bikram yoga if you’re curious.

So, what do you say? Are you in?

If all of this sounds great to you but you don’t know how to inspire yourself to do it by yourself and you’d like some help, remember I’m a coach and you can feel free to contact me for a free Exploratory session.


image: the beautiful bad witch Lana del Rey in the video for Born to Die, photo from ushumor.net


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  • Laura Gyre

    This is good timing for me, since I’ve been taking time for gratitude and creative practice/play since the new year, and just started focusing on yoga and healthier eating a couple of days ago (just discovered Strala yoga, which I’m kind of excited about). So, I’m willing to try adding fear inventory (curious about this, think I’ve done something similar as part of intensive shadow work) and cultivating an OM practice at home. For me, commitment seven is going to be that, considering my history and lifestyle, some of this isn’t going to get done every day. For at least thirty days I’m going to keep trying to get back on the horse.

  • Nikki Dee

    This is GREAT timing for me — I’m all fucked up in the winter, and my havingness levels have especially been weirded out by introduction to MY totally bad ass wizard boyfriend and my perfect, exactly what I wanted new job. So yeah! I need this.
    I’m terrible at staying on top of things & especially daily practices, so I really want to dedicate myself and stay accountable with this. Because it is every good thing in one.
    I’m also doing Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bootcamp — she’s a bad witch if I’ve ever met one, for sure — and I betta FLY after this month!

    Just started healthy eating again after a 6 month backslide, and doing a 30 day yoga challenge and RSL bootcamp. Gonna check out fear inventory and OM, get my meditatation and gratitude journal back on track, and rock this winter out.


    • Carolyn Elliott

      Nikki – yay! I’m so glad you’re into it!

  • Josh Inklovich

    You did a swell job of expressing the laying out your intention while identifying your blocks and identifying a pathway ahead. May you receive the things you wish for. Lovely focus on the always important “spiritual” side of success attainment.

    Of all the things listed, I suspect gratitude and service will yield the juiciest fruits. Sure seems to for me. When the gratitude slips, so do the bounties.

    My personal commitment to success includes apprenticing to a wise, grizzled wizard to further come into my power, daily meditative practice combining sacred geometric symbolism and sigils, the always healthy diet, gratitude, and service. In the mind’s eye is always a vision of majestic success, a in the heart is a belief in it’s achievement, and in the spirit resides a willingness to give flesh to puuuuuulllll it into reality.

    Here’s to a great 2015 for all.

  • Marika Vossmerbaumer Thomas

    Hello Lovely One, I am very late to the party, I know, but I am on board for this great quest!
    You are quite the mouthy, uninhibited inspiration and I love getting your emails, reading the Witch, listening to the podcasts and digging ever farther in to your archives and seeing your transformation.
    Thank you sister of my heart…

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