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    What’s the point of being a magical practitioner if you don’t practice? None, really.

    And yet so many of us (myself definitely included) don’t make use of the vast occult knowledge we’ve spent years accumulating. It’s one thing when you’re just starting out, reading anything you can, learning correspondences and planetary energies and deities and spell components.

    You may follow pre-written spells that your teachers or favorite authors have included in their books. You may be wonderfully spontaneous and just throw together spell components and BOOM!, there you go.

    Or you could be waiting for a specific phase of the moon and planetary alignments to make sure you’ll get the results you want.

    But what about when you’ve spent years, or even decades, acquiring knowledge and information, you’ve cast some very successful spells and gotten results, you know magic works….

    Yet for some reason when you need it the most, you don’t know where to start.

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    I know people will tell me “use divination” but my cards have never been particularly helpful with choosing how I ought to be casting spells. They’re great at telling me what’s going on right now and where things could go, but they’re not very forth-coming with the instructions of how to get there.

    And since I’ve spent the better part of two decades studying several different systems, where there’s just so much I could do, I get stuck with all the options and I end up not  doing anything.

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    I think a part of my personal hang-up is that the fantastical part of my mind wishes that magic could be more like Fantasy Magic; wave a wand, make a hand sign, spout the right words from the right book and POOF! The world is how I want it to be and I can get on with my life.

    I know real magic is slower to manifest in the physical world. I know this, it’s been repeated by my teachers and coaches and by synchronistic blog articles a thousand times over.

    I also know, intellectually at least, that in order for my magic to fully get into gear, I have to take the plunge and just DO IT. That still doesn’t make it any easier for my very stubborn brain to accept as truth.

    Frankly, I think my Shadow has accepted this piece of universal truth so readily that she’s spent the last 10 years manifesting poverty and hardship just to prove to my how easy magical manifestation is. (At least for the things She wants. We’re still working out getting ourselves on the same page of wants and desires.)

    Clearly, I have a lot of soul-searching to do yet; a lot of Existential Kink to stop shaming myself for and instead embrace as a wonderful sign of my abilities to manifest things exactly how I want them.

    Maybe finally writing this public confession is the first step to acknowledgement and acceptance.


    About the Author:

    TallahBioPVWitch, aka Tallah, is a Pop Culture Heathen Witch living in the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass. She enjoys reading too deeply into cartoons and movies, witchcraft, existential quandary, and Tumblr, which satisfies all three. Follow her adventures in personal and professional development at Pioneervalleywitch.com or write to her at PVWitchTallah@gmail.com.



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    • Maya

      This is a fantastic article, but the credit for your featured image does not load on mobile devices (Firefox or Safari). As an artist and fan of the original artist’s work, I wanted to comment and add a link to the original (https://parablevisions.com/the-neverending-dreamer/) so that others could love his work as well.

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