7 Ways All Mothers Are Witches

    by Leila Khani

    1. They’ve suffered and overcome.

    There’s nothing like growing and birthing a human being. Nothing.

    There is nothing that prepares them for it.

    No one tells them that, in all aspects, they will be torn down (literally) and then re-born and re-made again.

    It is shatteringly painful…physically, mentally, and emotionally…

    …in the way that all true, deep initiations are.

    And when they come out on the ‘other side’, they are forever changed: stronger and more powerful than ever.

    2. Their power is shunned and feared.

    The patriarchal system does its best to keep them small and powerless. Isolated and alone. Feared.

    In fact, it even turns them against themselves.

    They spend their precious time and resources bickering, and competing, and comparing.

    They spend their days so overwhelmed with the societal expectations that are heaped upon them…

    …so that they don’t have the energy to rise up and change the system and the world. Because we all know they would.

    3. Their intuition is intense.

    There is a magic power they posses called intuition. Instinct.

    A knowing deep in their blood and body and bones.

    They were gifted with this, because they need it to be able to raise children.

    Even if it was strong before, it becomes sharper and clearer and easier to access.

    They can, of course, also use it to create anything they want, in life and in biz, when they learn to get still and quiet, go within, and listen to it…

    …rather than to all the outside noise that strives to drown it out.

    4. They are magnetic.

    They have literally been physically and energetically re-arranged and re-programmed for connection.

    Connection with other human beings, of course (their children!), but this connective power translates to plants and animals too.

    There is a magnetism to them that is irresistible: it’s the light and power, and spark of life itself.

    It is the unfathomable magic of the Universe incarnate.

    They can learn to tap into this, too, and use it to change their lives and the world.

    5. They are the greatest alchemists.

    There is nothing more miraculous.

    Without any conscious thought whatsoever, their bodies took raw elements, and shaped and grew and birthed a new human being.

    No one on Earth knows how this Magic happens. They do it naturally, instinctually, and, yes, magically.

    They are the most fundamental, essential generative creators.

    6. They are elemental.

    They now feel and know themselves to be intrinsically part of the cycles and rhythms of nature itself.

    They have felt the awe and wonder of life itself…and they have been transformed by it.

    They are connected to the web of the Universe, to the dance of the seasons, to the phases of the moon.

    They now have a different level of belonging than when they were Maidens.

    7. They are the most powerful beings on the planet.

    Magic. Intuition. Connection. Creation. Resilience. Strength.

    They hold it ALL in the palm of their hands.

    They are the Life-Givers, the Light-Bringers, the Ones with the Power.

    And they are Rising.



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    About the Author:

    Leila Khani is the CEO and founder of Paragon Academy: a real life magic school (it only exists online at the moment, but it’s time in the physical world is coming!). Leila empowers magical mothers so they can raise sovereign, empowered children. She believes we can radically change the World in one generation…one wise, strong and free child at a time. Come join the Paragon movement on Facebook and Instagram.


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