Awakening in the Darkest Hour ~ (Poetry)

    by Lila Talic

    When I was a child I remember having many visitors at night

    They used to speak to me.

    I don’t remember what about.

    But I remember hating bedtime.

    I would do anything in my power to not sleep alone.

    I had a deep fear of the dark.

    The voices

    And shadows in the corners of my room –

    All whispering things I didn’t understand.

    Night after night.

    Over the years

    I learned to welcome the dark.

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    I still have those visitors at different times in my life.

    Sometimes they speak to me,

    Other times I am left paralyzed but aware dare I say awake.

    Lately they have been coming in dream form.

    Sleepless nights,

    Dreams so vivid you can smell and touch in them

    And leaving impacts on you for months at a time.

    We aren’t supposed to remember dreams that way,

    or are we?

    I wonder if the people I dream about wonder about me as well?

    When I see them pop on messenger after not being active for months –

    Is it a sign?

    Something is stirring in me.

    It wants to come out and play.

    Let’s see what happens when it does …


    About the Author:

    Lila Talic is currently on a self discovery of the question ‘Who am I?’, always dabbling in new creative things like crystals, aromatherapy, keeping secret journals, and Reiki. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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