THE BLACK GODDESS: She Who Is Born Dark Births Light

    by Tau Tara

    We know Her. But we don’t want Her.

    She lives amongst us. The strange one. The dark one. The one with the powerful body, the piercing eyes, the deep heart, the longing ache, the fiery spirit.

    The one whose ways are strange in the eyes of the world.

    The one who possesses the burden of a mind with such deep gorges and ravines that only few can fathom its wild beauty and its dangers.

    The one whose heart is so wide out and open that nothing can pass by without entering it and touching it.

    One whose instincts are not impaired to not know the truth as it is and doesn’t hide it.

    The one who sees the pain of the world, takes it in fearlessly or despite it, and grieves it.

    The one who is not scared of venturing into the dark alleys of society, or the human psyche, to face the horrors, discern the truth and get her hands dirty in the real work.

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    One who is not disgusted by the rotting ‘matter’ of the world.

    One who can solemnly walk into the charnel grounds and burn (the dead),

    and burn (the false),

    and burn (the pain),

    as is done when the time comes.

    The one who ignores all protocols, understands no rules, believes in nothing that is not of love and lives out her life in this utter disbelief of the world instead for magic, mystery and miracles.

    She is the strange one, the crazed one, the ‘cuckoo head’ of the town.

    She is walking dynamite, powerful and explosive.

    She is dangerous because she can stir up the ordinary, spark the unseen, and set the truth on fire.

    She is disturbing because she shows her wounds openly, and loves fiercely, and talks about those uncomfortable things that have been swept away under the carpet for centuries.

    She is alone because no one can see her, know her deep ravines, sense her sensitivity. Few dare to come close, because she has very deep and dark places inside her.

    For essentially, and in essence, She is the Black Goddess!

    The one whose darkness we would all like to ignore, for the lighter, lovelier parts of her, but which no one knows is what gives her the loveliness in the first place.

    There are transmitters and receptors. And then there is the body. Every pore receiving and every part transmitting, constantly, intensely, every day.

    All of us have the Black goddess inside us, whether one was inside a man’s body or a woman’s.

    Which is why She, the Black goddess can and will visit anyone whose body has met cruelty, suppression or violence.

    She comes in, for and as healing.

    Without the Black Goddess, and Her ability to absorb the dark matter, lives would get charred.

    Without Her capacity to cry out the ‘unconscious’ pain of the people and life around Her, all life would be wrecked.

    Without Her strength to bear the pain of life, our world would cease to be.

    We are able to live, because of the Black Goddess, the dark one that makes beauty and life possible.

    Do you have a Black Goddess in your life? You must.

    For every family, every community in every region of the planet has their own Black Goddesses.

    We perhaps don’t realize it, but that broken, damaged girl who walks around breaking things? Yeah, that one. She is in fact holding an entire universe together, inside her.

    She is absorbing so much of the dark from around her, into her.

    It is her capacity to absorb the dark dreaded things of the world into Herself that clears space for light to enter and makes the world for us around to live our ‘normal’ lives.

    If you have a Black Goddess in your life, don’t be fooled into thinking you are helping Her. That you are supporting Her. That you need to see Her through Her broken life.

    It’s the other way round. You need Her. You need Her for you. And for the life around you.

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    We need the Black Goddesses in the world to keep our world.

    The world is in the state such as it is today because we failed to honour our Black Goddesses.

    Because we reviled Her and tortured Her and killed Her in the past, from our histories and psyches.

    You see how this works? The world cannot see it. See the Blackness for what it is.

    For we have been too sanitized, too brainwashed with one-sided messages of en’light’enment that came with entitlements, that we cannot see the dark as the other side of the light and of life.

    We dismiss it, hide it, loathe it, turn away from it. But you cannot dismiss the night away. For the black is not separate from the day. They are one.

    And if they are rising now, it’s because the world needs them again and is asking them to rise again.

    The Black Goddess in your life is one who has heard the plea of life and is prepared to take the pain and fear for the whole and transmute it.

    And when she rises, She may come as an ailment or an accident.

    She may come as heart break or as loss.

    She may come as a calling from the deep soul, as a roar from the void within or as a hiss from the chambers of the unconscious.

    She may visit in your dreams. She may show herself as visions in your meditations. She may speak to you through thunderstorms or whisper your real name in a crowded room full of words.

    She may speak in foreign tongues, or as songs. She may rise in dance through your unloved body, or spring as life from the roots you thought you never had.

    She may come as an event, an invitation to a new journey, a new place, a new land, a new world, a new dream, a new idea, a new fantasy, a new birthing.

    She may come as Kali or Chinnamasta, as a dakini or a yogini, as Madonna or Shekinah, as a priestess or a witch, as Lilith or Lalitha, as Maari or as Mami Wata, and many others…

    It is not that history has no record of them, but that they have been buried within our own deep unconscious.

    If you have a Black Goddess in your life, or in whom the Black Goddess has risen, honour her, respect her, and most importantly, believe her when she says she is in pain.

    She is not always only talking about the wound of her own broken heart and personal trauma.

    Those are merely open pores on the surface through which that which is inside is oozing out.

    Know that when She talks of pain, She is talking about the pain of entire eco-systems, of broken societies, of an essence lost for ages, she is talking about the pain she is experiencing from hearing the cries of a bloodied earth, and a severely wounded humanity.

    Believe her, even if you cannot understand Her. Stop asking her to get stronger, because she is ‘oh so sensitive’. Her sensitivity is her biggest strength. And we so need that strength.

    She needs you. They need you. Not to set them or their lives ‘aright’.

    They need you instead to support them, love them, embrace them, hold them gently and give them the space while they silently do their work.

    She needs you to do this work. You need Her to do this work. We need the Black Goddesses to help us break into a new dawn. And that’s an everyday work.

    And if you are a Black Goddess, then hear me, oh precious dark one.

    In this life, you are safe, you are needed, you have a place in the world. And we urge you to move on, press on, pick yourself up again and start all over.

    Because the world needs you. And because you were made for this.

    Do not fear the mother who has birthed you from the dark womb, from flesh and blood. Do not cringe in shame or disgust when she calls you back to share the secrets of the womb and life to you.

    She will pull down the facades, strip the textile cages. She will roar and rip at the things that are feeding off your strength and depleting you.

    She will pull the rug from under your feet and will dissolve your former life in front of your eyes.

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    She will reveal to you the ways in which you have lost yourself.

    She will show you how you have swallowed your own power in pain and stored it away in intimate places of your tender body.

    She will tell you how magic was turned into myth over centuries and how to restore it back into reality again.

    She will dig up all that you have suppressed and put the truth on the table for you to see what ghastful, deformed untruth really looks like.

    She will teach you to fully accept your pain so you can release it, and wholly own your story without getting attached to it.

    She will also teach you how to re-connect your with body, heal your trauma, and then how to bring healing into a crumbling chaotic world. She will prove to you that your soul is real. And alive.

    She will steer you away from your quick fixes, and get you to drop your excuses.

    And through the darkest hours, She will show you how you are the light.

    And how the world needs the wisdom from your deepest dark, just as it needs powerful light.


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    About the Author:

    Tau Tara is a young budding witch, engaged with the healing process and learning about her witchy gifts which she is still discovering through the power of plants, sounds, body wisdom and soul connection. Tau is spring born on Indian soil, chirpy in the sun, but sharing a special relationship with violent storms. She loves digging up ancient secrets from the buried past, and buried truths from primal spaces. You can find and follow her adventures on Instagram.


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