by Charles Webb

    This essay may seem heretical, blasphemous…transgressive…irrelevant…to some. No matter.

    It has to do with real events that are on going…not dreams…not imaginations or fantasies. Mundane events to some…even trivial, maybe…comical even?

    But that’s how the realization materializes…high strangeness in unexpected places. Jesus showed up and I made a deal with him.

    Here’s what happened…

    At dawn on Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, I was driving down Interstate 5 on my way from San Francisco to Prescott Arizona to attempt to solve an incredibly vexing problem of bedbugs in one of the units of a rental property that my wife and I own. (I am getting specific about this because of the inherent difficulty of dealing with this type of problem.)

    I turned on the radio…it “landed” on a station playing Christian gospel music and suddenly “everything” (my perception) came in almost psychedelic focus and Jesus was “present”…sitting next to me…riding shotgun.

    After the initial surprise, in my “anti-worshipful”, I suppose, “shamanic” way, I proposed a deal to him.

    If he would miraculously “disappear” the bed bug problem in Prescott, I would actively explore and develop a working relationship with Him and promote this to others in some fashion (“re- convert”…even though I grew up a Christian – Methodist…St. Cyprian Style?).

    This encounter and perceptual shift ended about fifteen minutes later.


    More specifically…and this is important re the powerful result I experienced…I had just paid a large sum to have the bugs exterminated, but a couple of days after, live bugs were still observed in the units affected.

    When I got to the property the next day, on inspection, no bugs were found. Also, on follow-up spraying by the extermination company a few days later, or on inspection by the company and property manager two weeks later…still no bugs.

    I considered this…for lack of a better term…a “minor miracle”…sorry to be so cliché’d…but this outcome was really surprising and significant, even though I was (in Strategic Sorcery style) pursuing mundane as well as non-ordinary solutions at the time.

    I have been working with Jesus Magus ever since…hence this essay among other things.

    The characterization of Jesus as a magician or sorcerer is not new. Two books in particular, Jesus the Magician by Morton Smith  and Jesus the Sorcerer by Robert Conner  have discussed this POV on the Jesus mythology in detail.

    Many other accounts are also available online. The point of this essay is not to engage in that controversy…it is to put out information about direct personal interaction and results from workings with Jesus in a pragmatic way in the here and now.

    I made a deal with Jesus. He delivered.

    To keep up my end of the bargain I have started a Facebook group, Jesus Magus (all readers of this essay are welcome to join if you have an interest in this current), proposed the compilation of a grimoire detailing way of working with Jesus Magus, designed a spirit board for interacting with Jesus and St. Cyprian,


    proposed the construction of an astral temple, the Temple of Jesus Magus and the formation of a church or Order of Jesus Magus.

    Below are some excerpts from posts in the Jesus Magus Group.

    I am offering all of this up in a shameless, almost evangelical way (not my usual style by any means), with a view toward nudging some readers into a relationship with Jesus the Sorcerer.

    He’s looking…and hooking up with Him is embarking on a powerful conjure track…I can attest to that.



    I grew up in West Tennessee, not far from Memphis and Highway 61 in Mississippi…blues and hoodoo country.

    I say this in order to give this post some context…

    A couple of weeks after my encounter with Jesus at dawn on Interstate 5, described in an earlier post, I had an extremely vivid dream about a weird “head cutting” session (a “duel” between blues or jazz musicians, usually on piano, guitar or fiddle) at an isolated country crossroads just before dawn, which involved Jesus and the Devil.

    They both appeared as “Big Black Man” blues guitar players, but they were still easily distinguishable from each other.

    Jesus won, banished the Devil, then waited until a lone young man with a guitar warily approached the crossroads.

    Jesus made himself visible to the young man, took his guitar, tuned it, then handed it back and commanded the young man to play.

    Dismayed at his sudden virtuosity, the young man looked at his benefactor closely, then exclaimed, “Jesus?!!”

    Jesus morphed into B.B King, then Muddy Waters, then Lightnin’ Hopkins, grinned…then vanished.

    The young man shouted into the darkness, “What about my soul…?”


    Has Jesus Magus, the Trickster, been the Big Black Hoodoo Man at the crossroads all along?

    Black Jesus will become significant to our discussion here.



    Here is a seal I use on petitions to Jesus Magus/Jesus of the Crossroads.

    Most interested in hearing about details of other people’s workings with Jesus.

    More detail about my workings and what they have done will be forthcoming.



    So tonight is my sixth night of going to the Crossroads to meet Jesus Magus, once again.

    Tonight I got a tap on the shoulder and was “inspired” to put together a video conjuration “method” as a way for me and members of the group to work with Jesus Magus.

    The link to the resulting video is:

    I am using music and video a lot in my workings these days, since this has been my profession for many years. This video piece includes a rendition of “Summertime” by Janis Joplin. Do not take this lightly. I have worked with her as a spirit ally in this way for quite some time now. Listen to the lyrics and stare into the eyes of Jesus at the Crossroads…full screen…until the end of the song.

    Then make a request…or simply ask for acknowledgement of your presence.

    You will get a response.



     Astral Temple of Jesus Magus Part 2

    As a more detailed elaboration of my last post about the group jointly creating an astral temple, I suggest the following…

    The Astral Temple of Jesus Magus has at least as many secret entrances as there are members of the temple…probably more. Jesus and his associates need to come and go also.

    Finding rather than creating an entrance is the way to go…maybe a hidden cave, maybe a certain page in a certain book, maybe an abandoned church in the Mississippi Delta, maybe a dive bar…this is an imaginal search, much like finding the rabbit hole for a shamanic journey.

    Once inside (based on my first look), the temple opens into an immense space containing individual chapels for each member as well as a grand cathedral and library where Jesus and others do their teaching and perform rituals.

    I am beginning to use my entrance and then further explore the interior during my usual 4AM (San Francisco time) meditation periods. If others meditate upon this search and exploration at the same time, perhaps we will meet up.

    Also, I do this work during the hypnagogic state before falling asleep and, whenever possible, while dreaming.

    I will post experiences of the astral temple as they occur and hope that others will join me on this part of the journey.


    And so it goes…

    Check out the Jesus Magus Facebook group for further developments.


    About The Author:

    IchingBioCharles Webb is a San Francisco based filmmaker, practitioner of various of the occult arts and founder of the reality handling method Cinemorphics, (Alchemical Conjuration Technique – A.C.T.). His latest book, “Quick-Knife Hoodoo”, is available at Amazon.

    Image Attributions: All images are photomontages composed by the author.


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