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    The last Full Moon of 2017 will be in Gemini, the mutable air sign of information processing. As you would expect from a mentally focused sign, the emotional undertone of this Full Moon in Gemini will remain somewhat cool and detached. With the wide-eyes of a psychology undergrad, the Moon in Gemini loves to get intel on your emotions, seeking definitions for the multivariate categories of experience. Gemini’s ideal is to remain an outside observer, an impartial witness that hovers just above the wild abandon of pleasure and pain.

    I’ll laugh until my head comes off

    I’ll swallow till I burst

    Until I burst

    This quality of detachment in Gemini typically promotes mental clarity, where feelings do not interfere with facts. But this Full Moon in Gemini arrives in a storm of glitches and glimmers. A square from Neptune will open a strange portal where all that you see or seem is but a dream within a dream. And Mercury’s station retrograde on this same day will shift your perceptions towards that which is uncategorical.

    I have seen too much

    I haven’t seen enough

    You haven’t seen it

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    The warbling effects that accompany this Full Moon may not support mental clarity and predictable wit. But the effect will feed a creative impulse that salvages meaning from whatever disjointed array of images, thoughts, and influences that you have at your disposal.

    As 2017 draws to a close, this Full Moon in Gemini will summon forth strange intelligence, where tid-bits, fragments, and fractals will be cut and pasted into waves of sudden revelation.

    Everything all of the time

    If you are ready for a genuine learning experience, then this Full Moon should be delightfully psychedelic offering an array of colorful perceptions, synesthetic connections, and paradigm shifting moments of good humor.

    I’ll laugh until my head comes off

    Women and children first

    And children first

    However, if you resist the flexibility of mind offered by this Moon, you may find yourself stuck in ambivalence, as a kind of non-participant who remains irresolute and impassive. Since Full Moons are moments of ripeness for emotional and creative energies, it’s best not to let this time be lost to ambivalence.

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    Mercury will be stationing retrograde in Sagittarius, acting like the first strange skip on a record that subsequently melts into surreality. As ruler of Gemini, Mercury’s retrograde will unveil many layers of subliminal meaning. This subtlety of mind will allow you to read into things more deeply, opening up to new levels of understanding in your most cherished studies.

    And if you find yourself lost in a media haze, many slogans, symbols and gestures that you are normally unaware of will reveal their duplicitous nature and covert intentions.

    Here I’m alive

    Everything all of the time

    Here I’m alive

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    The feeling of this Full Moon in Gemini is elegantly evoked by the music and lyrics of Radiohead’s Idioteque from their 2000 release, Kid A. As an album, Kid A was totally infophilic in its incorporation of influences, combining styles from electronic, krautrock, jazz, and classical music.

    This is really happening


    While the music is an amalgam of pleasing rhythms, soaring strings, and glitches, the lyrics on Kid A are in the style of Dadaist poetry, a cut up of disjointed images and detached allusions. Idioteque’s flurry of impressionistic encryptions evoke something frantic and war-torn. And none of this explains why the song is enjoyable.

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    This Full Moon in Gemini exalts subtle strange intelligence, where the je ne sais quoi at the heart of Idioteque can be subliminally perceived. Somehow, even to the casual listener, this track seems to stands out. Its jagged beat and synthetic tone obscure something indefinable that makes it so catchy.

    In search of more information, pop music fans can uncover that Idioteque relies heavily on a sample from a Paul Lansky composition called Mild und Leise (1973) which itself samples the opening motif from Richard Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde. Therefore, no matter how many layers of postmodern obfuscation it may be under, the harmony in Idioteque resonates warmly because it can be traced all the way back to Wagner.

    The first of the children

    The first of the

    The Full Moon in Gemini may lead you on many fun fact-finding adventures that help you to increase your understanding of interconnectivity. Moved by Gemini’s intellectual breezes, your appetite for knowledge will bring many delightful notions for you to ponder. But the dual nature of Gemini will also force a confrontation with the dark heart of the Information Age, where mind is worshipped as god.

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    As Internet culture has proven, this god’s voracious appetite for air-popped info turns genuine feeling, historical value, and common decency into junk food. And no matter how many vulnerable stories, religious awakenings, and confessions are swallowed whole, this god’s hunger continues t0 grow.

    Ice Age Coming

    Thus, this Full Moon will be a time for reflection upon your own ceaseless hunger for information. What feeling for life do you sacrifice in pursuit of the buzz of overstimulation?

    Let me hear both sides

    Let me hear both sides

    Let me hear both

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    The endless stream of information promises answers to every problem and anxiety, tempting you to drink yourself into oblivion. And all you have to give in return is every spare moment, your focus, and of course, your information. Straight out of a Cold War nightmare, everywhere you go to get information is where information is also being collected on you. Some people may accept these conditions gladly.

    We’re not scaremongering

    This is really happening

    But for those seeking their own inner light, this Full Moon in Gemini will help you to protect your mind from invasion, retreating into private thoughts that bloom with tender memories and beloved histories. These are inner treasures that do not have to be offered up for analysis or used as fodder for likes and shares

    Mobiles squerking

    Mobiles chirping

    Image Source

    The final lesson of this Full Moon in Gemini is to remember that knowledge represents an initiation into wisdom, but acquiring more knowledge does not necessarily result in becoming wise. What guides you to find your path to wisdom is ineffable, totally incomprehensible to the mind alone.

    Whenever the soul reveals itself, it is known as if it has always been known.

    Here I’m alive

    Everything all of the time

    Much Love,

    Aeolian Heart

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