The Magic Of Meditation

    by Serafina Christine

    The magic of meditation is unlike any other magic I know. But it’s one of my favorite kinds of magic.

    It takes just four ingredients to create: A little bit of time with a dash of patience atop a cup of intention and will.

    A little bit of time dedicated to the practice of your choosing on a daily basis.

    The consistency of a daily practice is what cultivates the greatness of any practice. The daily practice of a musical instrument leads to a great musician. It is in the mundane space of daily practice that magic is forged.

    A dash of patience is for you.

    When you meditate one of the gifts to yourself you begin to cultivate is that of patience. Every day you will sit down to practice, and every day you might find a new way to test your own patience.

    Your monkey mind will chuckle and chortle while you try to focus on your breath or mantra. You might find yourself procrastinating until the very last minute of the day to do your practice.

    You will need patience with the parts of you that arise and throw the temper tantrum of a three year old for something as simple as someone saying no to you.

    The more patient you are the easier your practice becomes and the faster the strength of your practice grows.

    You will find with patience you step out of your own way more frequently and allow yourself to be who you are.

    The being of who you are, which is ultimately what each meditation tradition is trying to teach you, is what creates effortless magic.

    This effortless magic is sent out into the world from your soul.

    It’s the magic of charisma, the spark of the Divine, the gift of the gods. This is the magic unique to you. And it happens when your soul can come through your humanity. In these moments you can feel your connection and power to the Soul. A glow envelops you. You become the Divine.

    All meditation practices require some form of intention.

    This intention can be your saving grace in your practice. It will guide you when your mind creates turmoil. It will support you when you question your direction and what is right. It will be your keeper as you journey through the inner realms.

    The last thing you need is will.

    The will to not only create your practice but to also sit each day in the time dedicated and do the meditation. Apply your will and it will grow stronger. As it grows stronger that which you wish comes closer. Your will directs your energetic output to the Universal energies.

    With these ingredients in order, you can forge not just the magic of meditation, but magic of anything you wish to create.



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    About the Author:

    Serafina Christine is the creator of and the 21.40 Meditation Challenge. She is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Priestess and Oracle. She offers readings, spiritual mentorship, and yoga/meditation classes. Kickstart your meditation practice by joining her 21.40 Meditation Challenge: 21 different meditations each for 40 days straight.


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