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MAGICK: there’s more to life than what’s going on

by GemStorms

The charges
1 Count of Terminal Complacency
1 Count of taking the wrong actions for the wrong reasons
1 Count of knowing better every damn time

Verdict on all charges: GUILTY
Sentencing: Fix your shit or burn bitch

If the Fates weighed in on me two years ago, this would be the fun version of the trial. Kidding, and kinda not.

You see, I’m really not different than most of the human population. Some epic levels of BS happened. Some of it I caused, some I just weathered.

No matter where I stand to view the scene…I didn’t live up to my own potential. For the record; I’m still not meeting that potential.

I am rising though, faster every day. Since we’re talking about it I’ll add – I hope I never meet my highest potential. Or you, yours. We should exist where possibilities are endless.

I want to rewind first though. And I mean like, waaaaay back.

Some of my first good memories were questioning my Dad. I’d ask “What does that sign say” and then “What does it mean?”.

I did ask to be a pest sometimes. Most of the time I just wanted to know.

I can also remember running and feeling as if I would soar into the sky at any second. Such beautiful simple energy from a time before I knew that knowing didn’t mean shit. Before I knew that flight with nothing but my own soul was harder than a thought and a dose of adrenaline.

Magick1Image Source

Now let’s get a little more current, shall we? Broken home, oldest child who thought she had to be the responsible one turns into a single mom, finds a decent guy she can stand, gets a good job, and settles in for a long haul.

My daughter is fantastic BTDubs, my husband is pretty good too. My job is well, a job.

Through most of this time I’ve put my head down and handled business. Miss Responsibility reigns most days. She is a side I leave in control because I simply cannot and will not allow my daughter to know the poverty level I did.

Basically this Queen’s rule keeps the kingdom well above water, as it should be.

Did I just call an aspect of myself a ‘Queen’? Oh yeah. It happened as I was typing actually. And I’m smirking to myself. Appropriate.

I am a Queen. I have many faces.

Yes yes I’m a Gemini, we may talk about that later. You are a Royalty, too. I won’t deny myself. I won’t deny you. After all, that’s what this is about anyways.

Magick2Image Source

I’ve spent some time exploring magick. I read books, search the internet ruthlessly.

I join Facebook groups to find missing info, to meet like-minded peeps. In all of this zipping from place to place I have learned a lot, mastered a bit, and am questioning every second.

Moving on….I keep finding brick walls in places they shouldn’t be. Specifically, in posts and responses on social media within the magickal community.

Examples include but are not limited to: Empaths, shape-shifting, astral projecting, channeling, etc., aren’t real. There is no proof.

Fuck that. Fuck the people who say it.

Can I shape-shift? Cue the Gemini jokes! In all sincerity – I may learn how to and master it just to flip off the nay-sayers.

How can we possibly say things like ‘I commune with dragons’, ‘The faeries are dancing today’, or ‘I saw it in a dream’ and then out the other corner of our mouth dare to restrict anyone???

I am pissed. I’m pissed at you. I’m pissed at me. My instincts scream at me, most of the day lately, that there is more to life than what is going on.

More than what we accept. So I’m saying this to me and to you…

Stop accepting. Start challenging. Experiment. Meditate. Run the fucking world and show them what they forgot. Remember to forget your own limitations. Forget to remind someone else of theirs.

This is me. The me I buried and tucked away. I hate boundaries and barriers. I want to know why. I want to give Superman a run for his money as I fly with nothing more than thought and adrenaline.

I’d rather if you didn’t get in my way and flew beside me instead. What do you dare to dream inside your hidden royal chambers? Call out the guards and rally your armies.

It’s time to rage war on reality. May the Fates find you only guilty of blazing paths into the highest potential of humanity.

Magick3Image Source


Exist. Where. Possibilities. Are. Endless.





About the Author:

GemStorms has just started writing publicly. She is working to create her own small crafting business for the magickally minded. Until things are up and running she encourages you to buy from small businesses and artists.



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