Healing the Evil Queen Archetype with the Divine Holy Mother

    by Nora Wallace

    When I was about 7 or 8, I had a nice summer day eating cherry red popsicles at my friend’s house.

    I was determined to get home at the time my stepmom told me to, because just the week before I accidentally stayed a half hour late at my friends house across the street.

    We were putting on a play and let time slip away from us, as kids often do. I got in big trouble for it, and received a nice long lecture that I did not want to get again.

    I was so excited to get home on time & please my stepmom by showing how good of a listener I could be. I opened the door to my house with a big smile on my face, only to see her frown at me.

    I was confused – what did I do now? Wasn’t she supposed to be happy?

    “What’s on your lips?” she asked.

    “…What? I don’t have anything on my lips.” I answered.

    She then proceeded to rant about little girls wearing lipstick & JonBenet Ramsey, and how I’m a selfish brat that doesn’t listen.

    I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t wearing lipstick, that the color came from a popsicle. She told me I was a liar and I was making up stories. There was no reasoning with her…

    I was sent to my room and grounded.

    There had been times likes this before – random things upsetting her and me not knowing what I did wrong.

    But this time, I actually got really frustrated. I wanted to scream & yell at her, tell her she’s a psycho and she’s wrong.

    However, I knew this would only make things worse. I learned how to take the undeserved punishments quietly.

    Unfortunately, this scene is a far too common childhood experience of the Evil Queen/Jealous Stepmom archetype.

    It’s a type of motherhood wound that leaves little girls with a lot of issues to unpack as adult women.

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    Some of the effects of the Evil Queen/Jealous Stepmom wound that can manifest in adulthood include:

    Mistrust of other women for fear of being betrayed, low self confidence due to constantly being put down, inability to experience joy because you feel like you’re doing something wrong, and being uncomfortable with having something good in life because it could get taken away.

    It can also result in having a really loud inner critic that runs your life with tyranny, making you feel like you never do anything right, and when you do it’s not good enough.

    Fortunately, there are ways to heal the patterns in your life that came from the Evil Queen/Jealous Stepmom archetype.

    The first way is to reconnect with the Divine Holy Mother of All Life, because She can give you a direct download of unconditional love to heal the aspects of your life where you felt unloved or unworthy.

    Establish a deep relationship with Her, and you’ll never feel alone again because you have a strong connection to the infinite wisdom of the Goddess.

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    She can help you to trust others again, because you can count on Her guidance and you can rely on Her to always be there for you when you need Her.

    Other ways to heal include increasing your self confidence by recognizing your own accomplishments, practicing preventative relaxation techniques to help you not feel like you’re walking on eggshells all the time, and healing your inner child & comforting them with the knowledge that you are now an adult and don’t have to go along with the twisted mind of the Evil Queen/Jealous Stepmom.

    Finally, it can also be very healing to get professional help from someone who understand this type of wound & will listen to you and help you unravel all the conditioning that occurred for you.

    Healing the Evil Queen/Jealous Stepmom archetype is not an easy task and it’s something that could take a lot of time, depending on the level of effect it had in your life.

    For the deepest wounds, the way to truly heal is by working with the Divine Feminine, specifically the Holy Mother.


    About the Author:

    Nora Wallace is a professional Tarot Reader, Shamanic Practitioner, and Priestess of the Divine Feminine. To heal your motherhood wounds, click here to join her new group offering: Invoking the Goddess, starting in August 15th. Invoking the Goddess is a 3-Month group journey that fully aligns you with your Divine Feminine wisdom. Together we explore the many different aspects of Goddess, creating opportunities for life-changing self-discovery, self-knowing, and healing. You can check out her other offerings, including one-on-one private sessions and mentoring for your sacred business, at www.norawallace.com.


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