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6 Ways Your Empath Heart Attracts Narcissists…and how to stop it!

You can still be loving and healing and intuitive and able to sense the ...

Wake The WITCH: Shift Your Paradigm.

Get our hands in the dirt and rip the issues from the root. Plant ...

4 Ways To Get Saturnian Power, Working With Other Planets

by Monefa Walker People fear what they don’t understand. When it comes to planets ...

The Gifts We Gain From Pain

Alchemizing pain gives you wisdom, strength, compassion. And an unshakeable faith in life. In ...

Green Witch Diaries: Basil

It’s relatively low maintenance, delicious, and useful in many spells.

Green Witch Diaries: Rosemary

One of the best ways to unlock rosemary’s magic is by smudging.

The Shadow President

"united we stand, divided we fall" is an important thing to remember right now.

Green Witch Diaries: Mint

Common and easy to grow, mint, especially peppermint, is a restorative herb. Inhaling the ...

The 10 Steps To Prepare A Sacred Space For Your Women’s Circle Gathering

Our modern medicine is found within our connected collective conversations.

Witchcraft. The Borderlands Of Faith And Doubt

Doubt is the status quo. Faith is the muscle you build.

The Sex Revolution Is Now

The cycle of suffering must end, and by the hands of those who have ...

Goddesses Of The Dark Shadows

And while in the beginning it will all seem great, once the conscious selves ...

The 4 Gateways of Plant Communication

there’s a special magic when you begin to see how and why these plants ...

Green Witch Diaries: Chamomile

Chamomile promotes peace and tranquility and dispels disruptive energies.

3 Ways Dance Liberated Me

Almost instantaneously, dancing returned me to myself in ways that nothing else had.

Green Witch Diaries: Garlic

Garlic is often used for invoking healing, courage, and strength.

6 Signs You’re A Genie Caught In Someone Else’s Lamp

... you have a responsibility to free yourself into your own shine.

The Empath’s Stigmata

The dark side of being an empath is how heavy the power of emotions ...

Healing the shadow side of progress

In truth, the monster you've created of the 'other' only gets its strength from ...

Healing – the call and ache of the soul

Healing is forgiving and breaking the pattern of endless expectations - of not doing ...

3 Reasons Why No One Can Tell You Your Life Purpose

Only your soul can reveal your purpose to you. And only when you are ...


Listening to the content of the psychosis, the visions can provide a way of ...

7 Phases of a Woman’s Becoming – The Heroines Journey Home

Our recovery process begins here. Our reclamation is our greatest rebellion.

YOGA – BLOW-gah: 10 pleads for yoga teachers to revolutionize yoga

I hold the vision of all yoga being a service to body, mind and ...

How to Access the Erotic Wisdom of Your Sex Dreams

Just as our waking sex lives are filled with nuance, depth, and complexity, so ...

When Pain Rises, Release the Voice of the Great Mother

The Great Mother had creation stories. But generations of Her children grew up with ...

Vows of Love to Love Itself

I vow to no longer silence myself. To seek safety in the refuge of ...

I SEE YOU. I KNOW. How to create safety when you are facing major life changes

Only you can create the safety you require to move forward by leaning back ...


Once you accept yourself, the world must respect that… eventually.

Reclaiming the Dark Mother

Her wrathfulness isn't anger, it is fierce love, gentleness and compassion.

Nightmare Medicine: How to Transform Fears into Power and Clarity

What’s important is that we make an empowered decision about processing the feelings that ...

9 Essential Herbs For Your Magical Garden

Here are nine easy to grow herbs that do well in any sized garden. ...

“Let Me Guide You” – Your Shadow Calling

I am your yearning to return to power, source, soul, wholeness.


Also known as the Feast of the Dead, witches come together to celebrate the ...

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