by Solara Sophia Rose


    I’ll always remember this conversation:

    s: I’m going to take a golden light bath to wash my shame down the drain.

    S: That will never work. Embody it.

    s: What do you mean?

    S: Just what I said. Be it. Feel it. Express it. Love it. And stop trying to transform it. It wants to be exactly what it is. Every single thing you plan on washing down the drain: THAT’S YOUR TRUTH.


    L I B E R A T I O N

    All the resistance I had been feeling was a war I had waged against my own intuition. A battle I perpetuated against my own truth.

    Feelings I didn’t want to admit. Things I wish my eyes hadn’t seen.

    Words that felt too unkind to speak. Thoughts I had forbidden myself to think.

    S e x u a l  desires I judged as erotic and unclean.

    I wasn’t being fully honest with myself about what was really going on inside because I thought it was unspiritual – or – it went against a belief system I constructed that caused me to resist myself which wasn’t allowing me to have what I called in {side note: self-deception is the cause of all confusion}

    Shame is the number one dream killer; relationship stopper; financial blocker.

    It’s the root of what holds us back from creating and receiving exactly what we want to experience in our life.

    What will they think?

    Who will love me if I share what’s underneath?

    What will it mean if I get real, raw, and honest about how I feel?

    How will my truth radically change my life?

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    Reality: All the parts of ourselves we think are unacceptable are oozing with creative genius and pure liquid gold (along with absurd amounts of clarity that comes from shameless self-honesty).

    Owning them is the access point to our true desires.


    YOU will love YOU

    You’ll start to treasure the parts you’ve hidden away. Your truth will set you free. And people need to hear what you have to say.

    So, I invite you to:

    Show up for yourself.

    Embody your whole truth.

    Express your wisdom.

    And allow what’s truly meant for you to come.

    Because when it does, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t embraced yourself sooner.

    And you’ll realize that your shameless authenticity is  M A G N E T I C.



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    About the Author:

    Solara Sophia Rose serves luminary leaders who are dedicated to the progressive expansion of human consciousness. She awoke to her Power while overcoming a depth of trauma that ignited her journey into compassion and Oneness. She is highly regarded for her oracular vision, devotion to service, and ability to catalyze quantum transformations. You can check out all the cool stuff she’s doing on her website.


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