by Tau Tara


    When I write about the Black Goddess,

    The one who is dark as the no moon night sky,

    I’m not trying to point out the politics of gender,

    Or call out the prejudice of colour.

    Using the goddess as a prop,

    A fancy sounding word,

    To rid us of body complexes,

    Or propagate outrageous ideas of freedom,

    Or irrational belief systems.

    Nor am I referring to images carved in stone,

    Worshipped by ancestors,

    With many names and forms.


    I’m not talking about anything that society, or man,

    Or for that matter women,

    Or thousands of years of civilisation,

    Or myth or magic,

    Or art or wars,

    That millions of years of evolution has created,

    Or can create!



    There are big changes that many,

    As human beings,

    Wish to see happen in our times.


    The dissolution of dogmas,

    The rising voice of our silenced instinct,

    From where it was banished to the underworld

    Of our deep unconscious.

    The healing of our self destructive ways,

    And emergence of a harmonious way of living,

    For all beings of the earth.


    A call and the way,

    To work towards,

    Birthing a deep love.


    A deeper longing for home,

    For a peaceful life with each other,

    And for a gentle death.




    When I say the black goddess,

    I don’t mean anything else but,

    A, the, black goddess!



    Who ‘is’ Black

    Who is dark,

    Is the new moon,

    Is the night,

    Who is politics.

    Is our gender.

    Is prejudice.

    Is our colour.

    Is prop.

    Is fancy.

    Is sound.

    Is word..

    She who is our body, and its complexes.

    Is propagation.

    Is outrageous.

    Is freedom.

    Is an idea.

    Is ‘the’ irrational.

    Is a belief system.

    Is images.

    Is stone.

    Is worship.

    Is ancestors.

    Is name.

    Is form!

    She, who is the society, and is man.

    Is for that matter, women!

    Is civilisation.

    Is myth, and magic.

    Is art and war.

    Is thousands of years.

    Is evolution,

    Is creation,

    That is millions of years!

    She is the big change.

    She is the many.

    Is us human beings.

    Is a wish.

    Is a happening.

    Is our times.

    She is dissolution.

    Is dogma.

    Is the rising.

    Is our voice.

    She is the silenced.

    Is the instinct.

    Is the banished.

    Is the underworld.

    Is the deep.

    Is the unconscious.

    She is the healing.

    Is the Self.

    Is destruction.

    Is the emerging.

    Is harmony.

    She is the new.

    Is the living.

    Is all beings.

    Is the earth.

    Is the call.

    Is the way.

    She is the work.

    The birthing.

    Is love.

    Is longing.

    Is home.

    Is peaceful.

    Is life.

    Is the other.

    Is gentle.

    Is death.

    There is not a place, thing, no thing, event, action, word, form, or time, She is not!

    When I say the Goddess,

    I mean, ‘Her’!



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    About the Author:

    Tau Tara is a young budding witch, engaged with the healing process and learning about her witchy gifts which she is still discovering through the power of plants, sounds, body wisdom and soul connection. Tau is spring born on Indian soil, chirpy in the sun, but sharing a special relationship with violent storms. She loves digging up ancient secrets from the buried past, and buried truths from primal spaces. You can find and follow her adventures on Instagram.


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