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    Beauty is an Essential Devotional Practice 

    Moments of great beauty connect us with the truth that exists at the base ...

    The Unapologetic Witch: Shaping Ourselves Through Our Own Eyes

    The time is emerging where we are beginning to see and shape a new ...

    Green Witch Diaries: Lavender

    An immensely versatile herb, lavender has many medicinal properties

    SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY~ VENUS IN TAURUS- March 31st-April 24th, 2018

    It is Venus who fills you with the longing to transcend the struggle of ...

    Reclaiming the Dark Mother

    Her wrathfulness isn't anger, it is fierce love, gentleness and compassion.

    When Grief Comes Calling, Invite Her In

    I no longer try to reach for the matchstick, to find a ray of ...

    7 smart reasons to ditch “Who’s the Fairest of Them All?” for good

    I offer the following 7 expansive thought forms to say farewell to The Fairest ...


    This spark gives shine to the eyes, glow to the skin, and overall juice.