by Jaisha Jansena

    The waning moon is often associated with shadow work. While the full moon’s fall into the darkness of the new moon mirrors the willing dive into the depths of our subconscious desires and patterns, I tap into the energy of the waning moon through banishing spells.

    The waning moon can bring our awareness to our own power to choose the things we want to diminish. A banishing spell can interrupt the deeply embedded tendency to identify as the dream character.

    To perform a banishing spell, we don’t need to zero in on an external source or keep our defenses up attack. Instead we can use our empowerment to banish all the parts of ourselves that are unwilling to identify as the dreamer of the dream and reluctant to face life’s messy and complicated currents of change.

    We can choose to banish the fear that keeps us alienated from feeling the vulnerable pain of joy, hope, and optimism.

    The watchword for your sign is meant to serve you as guidance and inspiration. These lunar-visual readings can help you tailor your magic to your own sensory experience and lean into deeper resonance with yourself.

    Sit with them during meditation, use them as journal prompts, save them to your desktop or lock screen. Remember: the possibilites of transformation are only limited by your imagination. If this work of digital alchemy ignites you, lunar vision is available for download.


























    About the Author:

    Jaisha Jansena is a word-conjuring witchvamp and the creator of Lunar Visions. She offers cut up truths to femme folk everywhere through her newsletter and instagram (@jaishajansena).



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