by Stephanie Pierre

    Lilith – the wildly feminine force of justice.

    She’s going live wire in Sagittarius for the next 9 months; a full gestation cycle beginning February 15th.

    Perfect for those of us cursing at Valentine’s Day. Lilith is the dark femme fatale, black Madonna-whore aspect of the divine feminine.

    In Sagitarrius…. welcome Harley Quinn…..and Nicki Minaj.

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    Now, don’t freak out! Well actually, on second thought my friends, FREAK the FUQ OUT.

    Lilith exists to create equality.

    She raises up the divine feminine, not to overpower the masculine, because that would be counterproductive, but to allow each other to be empowered.

    Let’s talk about angry vaginas.

    The Women’s March. What did I see?! A whole lotta hurt, angry vaginas with good reason, as the feminine has every right to be angry!

    But…. in my perception, this was not a state of truth abiding empowerment and exaltation.

    Pro-life women weren’t even welcome to march! There was a chasm created in the feminine based upon political affiliation instead of totally uniting women regardless of belief.

    This is what can happen with Lilith. When the feminine is suppressed so much, it becomes distorted and takes on the cutting and separating qualities of the masculine.

    This is where Lilith in Saggo could use healing.

    In Hebrew myth she fled the Garden of Eden in a state of rage after she wasn’t “allowed” to get on top in her lovemaking…. Yet, this isn’t the end all be all state of her expression.

    Lilith in Sagittarius is a passionate crusader of women’s rights from a place of glory, not bitterness, suppressed anger, and rage.

    Each of the astrological points, dark moon, black moon, and asteroid Lilith, represent three different stages of her evolutionary journey towards self-autonomy and actualization.

    Through the terms “black moon” or “dark moon Lilith” we are able to identify her connection to the moon.

    But, it isn’t in the way we think. In this case she is not always the nurturing, life affirming mama. She is more akin to Kali.

    She is the hungry, life devouring force that dances erotically with shadow, the dark aspect in all of us. She is everything that is suppressed and demonized about the feminine nature.

    This is what makes her so freakish. Until you start to embrace her, she is not yet in her evolved and healed nature. Only then can you own your real feminine power.

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    When Lilith is experienced in the natal chart or via transit (aka she hits up on one of your planets) she brings up everything that has stopped you, hurt you, and prevented you from feeling accepted, safe, loved, secure, nurtured, and warm.


    **Geminis **…. she will be in your house of love.

    **Sagitarrians** …. she is your new identity, your mask, style, and persona.

    **Other signs** …. wanna know more? Contact me today and get a reading exploring how Lilith will awaken and liberate you.

    Lilith is fiercely feminine. So, let’s break it down, shall we?

    If the Masculine (Yang) is:

    Naming things, order, structure, logic, the mind, doing, action, light, heat, external measurements, and domination;

    Then the Feminine (Yin) is:

    The darkness, shadow, inaction, receptivity, vulnerability, cold, intuition, non-rational, curves, non-linear, void, emptiness

    So, Lilith invites us to ask:

    “How do we diminish our Yin & the seat of our power?”

    “How do we fearlessly tap into our own shadow? Dance wildly and erotically with her?!”

    “How do we honor our own moon light?”

    “How can we attract the resources we need to free ourselves from pain?”

    If I had to sum her up in one quote… would be this:

    “Lose your mind and come to your senses.” -Fritz Perl

    Don’t try to control your inner-feminine world. Don’t fear it. Witness it.

    Lilith offers us the same comfort as a midwife would in the birth and/or death re-birthing process.

    She seeks to empower us through darkness, not to be afraid of or even judge the dark and its mysterious shadow.

    Lilith is also highly sexual and represents the sexual animal instincts that are viewed as sinful, dark, and sinister.

    Lilith symbolizes our most private parts and inner experience of our private life.

    She signifies where we are shut off, shut down, and not even conscious of the hidden pain.

    She comes alive in sexual experiences that force you to bare all…And, no, not just your body…..your very soul, raw and emotionally lit up like a live wire.

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    Lilith in Sagittarius rides the mystical centaur (half mind, half animal self); she is the Burlesque dancer par excellence.

    The emphasis we place on engaging and embodying our animal nature as the rebellious truth seeker will be the theme for the next 9 months peeps!!

    Imagine how you would ride a horse or a Unicorn. You have to let go of the reigns and let the horse guide you. Get into your body and allow your instincts to play as much as your logical mind and human consciousness allow.

    “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Cambell

    Give up trying to analyze and figure everything out!

    Lilith in Saggo is waking up the aspects of you that have always craved the spotlight as an entertainer.

    What to expect of Lilith in Sagittarius


    • Flamboyant Jetsetting
    • Learning magic from indigenous cultures all across the globe
    • Sporting Gypsy gear
    • Aviatrix
    • Cultivating space themes
    • Aim
    • Brazen
    • Radical candor when it comes to women’s sexuality/rights
    • Chaos
    • College type sex
    • Exotica
    • Foreigner “relations”
    • Wild entertainers
    • Exploring
    • Rock & Roll
    • Erotica (Saggo loves books)
    • Burlesque
    • Comedy
    • Dancing
    • Pole Dancing
    • Gypsies
    • Wanderlust
    • Enhanced Athletic/Sexual Prowess
    • Sex as an adventure
    • Voyeurism
    • Escorts…. (complete with exotic locations and wild savage parties)

    Challenges to face:

    • Dealing with the mundane concerns of life and the feelings of others; the truth hurts wildly.
    • A tendency to escape, run from, or hide your emotions beneath a facade of humor or sexually wild experiences.
    • Keeping your personal truths and philosophies secret from others, especially as they relate to religion, education, and political views.
    • Self-righteousness and overly judgmental opinions, which breed further stubborn mindsets.
    • The constant impulse to escape via travel, the beach, jungle etc… whether focusing your attention on “foreign” concerns or leaving your “problems” at home.

    Want to know the specs of how to work this Lilith essence self to full capacity?

    Interested in what area of your life Lilith will be awakening in full throttle?

    Do you want to fully engage her and free yourself in ways you’ve only dreamt of?

    If you said, “YES!” to any of these questions, then you need to contact me for a Lilith Reading!


    About the Author:

    Stephanie Pierre is the creative mastermind of Haute & Cosmic Botanical Perfumes, Chocolates and Elixirs. A songstress stargazer with an exceptionally rare and unique healing style that integrates astrology and soul retrieval for a  sensual and heart-centered lifestyle. You can check her out at

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