10 Ways Sex Magick Will Change Your Life Forever

    by Kim Herold

    I wasn’t born knowing I was a sex priestess, but the clues were there all along.

    When you’re up obsessed with sex and spirituality from a very young age, the realization is inevitable.

    I was a natural magician. And I loved sex. And in my 20s, through trial and error, I discovered that I was a powerful and natural sex priestess.

    So what exactly is sex magick and where will it take you?

    The answer is: it’s up to you.

    Here are just 10 ways in which my more-than-a-decade-long practice of sex magick changed my life forever.

    1. You’ll Feel Full-Body Orgasmic Just Walking Down the Street

    But once you learn how to tap into and harness your sexual energy for the good of yourself and Universe, you’ll find that feeling gentle, orgasmic waves of sensation in your body is as simple as closing your eyes and connecting to your sensations and to your breathing.

    As you learn to channel your desires through the conscious manipulation of your sexual energy, you build (or perhaps become aware of) pathways within your bodymind through which energy flows.

    Over time, tuning into those currents of bliss becomes almost automatic.

    So no one will have any idea why you’re quietly smiling to yourself, a look of peace and bliss on your face, while you’re at the bus stop, library, or family dinner.

    2. You’ll Begin to See Synchronicities Everywhere You Go

    Did you really just find a $10 bill on the ground just after you thought it might be nice to have a little extra cash?

    Whether it’s overhearing a conversation about that fascinating subject you were just researching the night before, or seeing a (literal) sign by the side of the road that seems to be directly referencing that dream you had a couple nights ago, pretty soon you’ll begin to notice little (or no-so-little) synchronicities all around you.

    It’s not that they weren’t there before – it’s just that you’re more aligned with your own true, magical nature, and Universe is revealing itself to you through these little messages.

    3. You’ll Be Magnetic to Those Around You

    So why did that barista just grin at you and tell you that your cappuccino is on the house?

    The truth is, people won’t know exactly what it is about you that they love.

    But after practicing sex magick for a while, you become happier, and thus you encourage all those around you to be happier.

    People will feel good around you without knowing why, and they’ll want to keep that goodness flowing.

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    4. You’ll No Longer Be Able to Separate Sex and Love

    Yeah, I guess it’s cool to have a one-night stand…

    …actually, I’m totally over it.

    I’m not saying you’ll be a die-hard “true-love-for-life” type of gal like the one I’ve become, but those threesomes and “poly” relationships (you know the ones I mean: where the person thinks they’re polyamorous but actually just wants NSA sex) quickly lost their luster when the world of sex magick began to reveal itself to me.

    Personally, I think the only “friends with benefits” situations that exist do so because one or both parties has intentionally (albeit sometimes unconsciously or as a result of deep wounding) cut off the potential in themselves for deeper love to arise.

    There is no difference between sex and love on a purely energetic level, though society would generally have us believe otherwise.

    5. You’ll Begin to Re-Wire Your Nervous System

    When you practice sex magick, you are essentially choosing to enter a different reality: one where your benevolent desires are realized.

    And your nervous system will have to adjust to keep up.

    You see, you can practice sex magick all day long, but if you have a significant, subconscious emotional block to whatever it is you’re creating, that thing that you desire will never come to pass.

    When you begin to tweak the deeper aspects of your consciousness using sex magick, you prepare yourself to experience deeper and deeper levels of ecstasy and fulfillment.

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    6. You’ll Experience Increased Creativity and Productivity

    Did you think sex was just for having fun (and making babies once in a while)? Think again!

    That sexual energy can be cultivated in any part of the body.

    For example, say you have a deep fear of public speaking.

    One component of that fear might just be assuaged by you bringing your sexual energy (gently, slowly) up your spine, up into your throat chakra and sounding during self-pleasure or making love.

    Try it. I dare you.

    7. You’ll Never Be Able to Go Back to “Regular Sex” Ever Again

    Your husband/wife/spouse, long-term partner(s), or that cute college kid you picked up at the used bookstore won’t know what hit them.

    Not only will your energy feel magnetic to those around you, you’ll know your own body and sexuality so well that you won’t be able to keep the magick from flowing from you and touching the person you’re intending to connect with.

    8. You’ll Get Clearer About How You Want to Use Your Sexual Energy

    Quick masturbation session at the end of the day? Sure, why not.

    But why “just” masturbate every time when you can use sounding (making noise), your breath, and intention to cultivate sexual energy in your entire bodymind, reprogram your nervous system, and send your earthly manifestations hurtling toward the stars just to rain back down upon you in a shower of ecstasy?

    9. You’ll Realize Orgasmic Energy is the Foundation of Reality

    Have you ever taken time to just sit back and observe nature?

    Those flowers in the field, swaying gently in the breeze? They are alive with pleasure.

    The gentle, babbling brook, sweetly caressing the well-worn stones of the creek as it tumbles ceaselessly through the mossy valley? Gentle bliss.

    The tiger stalking and killing its prey, blood dripping from its jaws? Ecstasy.

    And the prey, having been caught, in terror, and finally, blissfully leaving its body at the end of its perfect life? Nirvana.

    Sex magick isn’t so much a practice where you are suddenly creating laser beams of manifestation from of your pussy/cock/genitals of choice (although that’s a pretty great visualization to try!), but more of an alignment with the inherent orgasmic bliss that permeates all dimensions of all realities in all moments.

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    10. You’ll See the World Differently

    The world will take on a different luster.

    Even, paradoxically, your darkness will shine like the night sky, rich with stars.

    Why? Because you’ve begun to embrace the inherent power in any experience and emotion, not just the happy, fluffy ones.

    And when you recognize the raw power that exists in rage, sadness, even grief, all experiences become food for the nervous system and fuel for sex magick.

    And that is just the beginning of how sex magick will change your life. Forever.



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    About the Author:

    Kim Herold is a Professional Love Goddess & Quantum Sex Priestess who specializes in helping people manifest real-life true love stories. She lives in France by a castle on the Loire River with her fiancé. Kim offers 1:1 coaching sessions and online courses to bring more love, passion, and magick into your life. Connect with her on facebook, instagram, or through her website, Wild Orgasmic Wisdom.


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