Weaving through the Gaps in the Universe

    by Angie Welton

    Sometimes we need to drop the plan and go with the flow. And, yes I can’t believe I am saying that!

    The beginning of 2018 saw the amazing Super Moon, and this auspicious occasion needed a celebration.

    So, I planned a ceremony, incorporating the honouring of Arianrhod to bless our forward journey & our home – weaving through time and space and incorporating some powerful candle magick too.

    And I had asked a good friend of mine to spend the day and invited her to join us for the ceremony if she wish to…

    So, we had a really cool afternoon, had dinner and time was getting on.

    Now, not so long ago I would have been chomping at the bit to ‘get on with’ the ceremony a good couple of hours before we were due to start (we’d planned to begin about 9pm) – the other room needing setting up and I would have been in an almost panic-state!

    Sounds a bit crazy? Well, this was how my mind worked! I’m not saying it’s completely gone, but I was quite happy that evening to ride the magick carpet through the gaps in space and time…..and what happened?

    My Odin Drum

    Well, just before our friend left, I suggested a little jam (err, no, I don’t mean the stuff you put on you toast!)……..so we did!

    WOW!! we began just with some simple drumming which lead to some chanting  and all manner of things! (I don’t always remember what we do in these jams – it’s definitely channeled!)

    The experiences we had were quite incredible! The energy in the room was alive!

    My feet actually felt like they were on fire at one point… such was the energy we were generating/tapping into.

    And there was a voice (above what was happening in the room) singing – which from what my friend (and Ian) said… sounded slightly in the distance, which makes sense as I knew the Moon Goddess Arianrhod had connected with us.

    She resides in her castle/tower in the Corona Borealis (Caer Arianrhod). Spinning fate through the Universe. And to me, she sings whilst she is weaving!

    So, all in all, the ceremony we actually did was probably more powerful than what I had planned.

    What was the point of this story – what is the lesson here?

    Ok, so, if you’re like me, you like to plan things and see them through to fruition.

    When it becomes an issue (or used to be) for me is when I get stuck on the plan and struggle to course correct on the spot. I have, indeed, struggled with this in the past. To the point of stubbornness.

    What that evening has taught me is that I can course correct…and quickly!

    AND, most importantly, not be stressed about it. And, you know, when you embrace this way of being, it will almost always result in a better result than what the ‘plan’ would have yielded.

    On board a Dutch Clipper in Devon

    Weaving our way through the gaps in the Universe is the only way to move through our experience in this 3D hollographic space adventure. We are adventurers!

    We are the powerful creators of our own experience. Step forward, right now, into the middle of it and bloody well OWN it! :D

    Bright Moon Blessings to you all!




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    About the Author:

    Angie Welton is a Witch, High Priestess, Soundscape Artist and Teacher of all things Witchy/Occult. You can find her on Facebook on the wiTcHeS BaZAaR, or either of her websites the wiTcHeS BaZAaR or the Path of Witchcraft (for info on her courses!)


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