by Alex Baker
    All cycles share a likeness. 

    With the rise and fall of a breath, the weight and liberation of decades can be felt.

    We walk along stardust roads

    With each step the earth bends, paths lead to the continuity of water — curves and loops and spiraling undulations. 

    Our movements are cyclical, but they carve the ground and tides anew with each revolution around the sun.

    Paths cross, diverge, run side by side.  Orbits synchronize, clash, dance in mirrored moves that echo shared stories ages apart. 

    One life is but a single footprint on the back of a giant, a flicker in the eye of a galaxy.

    Flickers sung back in waxing and waning, to luminous centers revealed and revealing as our moon pulls back the curtain. 

    One sun, endless stars and centers.  Droplets poured out from ceaseless depths that exalt each wound and swallow up every victory.  Everlasting waters.

    Breath drawn in and expelled from boundless skies, both reservoir and landfill. 

    Soil shaped by intention, and the tender death that comes with incarnate beauty.  All that seems inert, only God in Her moments of stillness.

    fullness!  emptiness.  renewal.

    love.  willfulness. 

    both mender of wounds and that which wounds.

    satiety, drought, immersion, blessing

    permanence.  dissipation.  equal fear.
    oh, un-enduring moment and eternal fulfillment

    ongoing love.  perfect triumph.  recovered manuscript.  unfinished masterpiece.

    ​cast of thousands, act yourselves through me
    with holy details of her shapes, this merge with fathomless totality





    Where we go, until part decides again to descend,
    Wrapped up in soulful movement, tied from endless finite end to end.



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    About the Author:

    AlexBakerAlex Baker is a writer and street philosopher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an active teacher at the 4th River Free Skool and a feature contributor to RealitySandwich.  To learn more about Alex, click here.


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