by Grace Ng Dung


    We’re all born with the same magical potential–an actual encoded, coiled snake-power—but it fires and develops in some of us and remains sleeping and stagnant in others.

    So if we all carry the witch seed, why do some of us live as muggles?

    It’s a complex dance between the twisted serpent of creation—DNA– and the winged force of willpower.

    We know that DNA is a template, a template that provides the basis for our experience, but we’re now learning that it can also be adapted and altered by the driving force of our will.

    I believe there’s a genetic template for being muggle, and a template for being magical, and that our choices rewire our DNA accordingly. DNA, after all, is the sexiest spell ever conjured, and all spells can be revised based on intent.

    A few years ago, I started doing guided meditations through the Children of the Sun Foundation. Gradually, they began designing meditations based around theories of morphic fields and morphic resonance, a branch of study largely explored by biochemist Rupert Sheldrake.

    To explain it super simply, a morphic field is an energy field or resonance pattern that contains information & memory used for the development and evolution of a species.

    Every species has one. I like to think of it as a giant, invisible bubble full of beliefs, patterns, behavior and habits that each member of the species is connected to.

    Sheldrake’s theory is that DNA receives—not creates—the information from the morphic field, and then the evolution of the species continues on auto-pilot from that stored information.

    To really condense and rephrase what I’d read, there are two main morphic fields that the human species is currently drawing information from: the “status-quo” field that promotes destruction, degeneration, separation, isolation, and fear …and…the field that promotes creation, growth, unity, harmony and love.

    As I began to understand it, I realized from a mythical perspective– the fear-based field is the muggle field, and the liberating field of love and awareness is the witch field.
    MuggleDNA1Image Source

    Beliefs from the muggle field will have you thinking you are powerless, you are insignificant, you are a victim, and that life happens to you.

    But the magical field…well you know where that leads—you’re empowered, you see your existence as essential to creation, you are a responsible co-creator of reality, and you see that life happens with you and through you.

    If we wanna awaken our cells to be fully magical again, we have to cut our tethers from the muggle field and ditch all the non-magical programming.

    I did the guided meditations, designed to rewrite the old program and liberate the covert witch codes.

    Both during that time and long after I was finished, I watched as habits and beliefs bubbled up and tested my willpower. Insane synchronicities unfolded to catch my attention so I’d recognize which belief patterns were burning away.

    Some beliefs were reprogrammed quickly, with a flash of insight and realization, but others were deeply ingrained and held firmly in place by years of habit.

    Often times I’d be able to intellectually understand a certain liberating new truth, but it didn’t become a reality for me because I wasn’t behaving or acting as if I believed it.

    When I realized that was happening, I made a conscious effort to change my reactions to things.

    For example, I needed to invest in some herbal medicine for increasingly serious health issues I was having, and I kept putting it off because I didn’t wanna spend the money.

    I realized that meant that I was reinforcing the idea of lack, that I somehow believed that if I spent that money, it would take a very long time to come back and wouldn’t be there when I needed it.

    But eventually, I bought the medicine, trusting in the fact that I really am always provided for. And ya know, it worked.

    The reprogramming is a long process, and may end up being a life-long practice, but just beginning it really did change my perception of  e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

    Once you begin to see differently, you can’t go back to the limited view of the way you saw before.

    These are some of the old beliefs I purged out, along with their magical counterpart. If your witch blood is awakening, or if you’ve decided you wanna wake it up, I hope these provide some sort of support on your journey to re-enchantment.

    MuggleDNA2Image Source

    1. Muggle myth: There isn’t enough _____ to go around.

    You are not inherently supported, and must compete against others for what you need.

    Witch truth: You are always provided for, there is more than enough of everything we genuinely need to survive, and the fabric of creation is designed to support you and your life.

    You can create experiences of lack and scarcity by mentally closing yourself off to the gifts and resources constantly flowing towards you, and by holding an attitude of victimization.

    2. Muggle myth: Suffering is inevitable.

    To learn and grow, you’ll have to experience suffering at some point or another.

    Witch truth: Growth and change are inevitable. Suffering is not. Suffering is our own personal choice to respond with resistance to change and circumstances.

    To hold onto pain and our resentments of the present moment, instead of letting it all go. Paradoxically, suffering is inevitable…until…you learn that you do not have to suffer.

    QueenbathImage Source

    3. Muggle myth: If you do things for yourself, you are selfish.

    Witch truth: Care and love for yourself should be your first priority. You can only offer your whole self to others unconditionally when you really know how to tend to yourself.

    4. Muggle myth: Other people can control you and your reality.

    Other people might be to blame for your problems, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

    Witch truth: We are all dreamers living in a shared dream. And while this world is a co-creation of all of us together, the truth is that you are always in control of your reality.

    You are responsible for your state of being, for your responses to circumstances, and your ability to change and manipulate the world around you.

    Others can have power over you only if you continue to give your power to them.

    5. Muggle myth: There is a final destination that you’re evolving towards.

    Witch truth: We evolve to keep evolving. It is an ongoing, unending journey. Creating your dream career, making the perfecting home, cultivating the perfect family, even dying are all just points on an infinite timeline.

    Once you reach any given threshold, you continue on to whatever waits for you next.

    finalDestinationImage Source

    6. Muggle myth: Death is an ending and a point where life ceases.

    Witch truth: Death is truly a transition. It is the changing of form, the continuation of life on another level of existence.

    Your body and personality are one chapter in an ongoing, spiraling saga. Despite whatever you head tells you, your heart has always known this.

    7. Muggle myth: Nature exists as a hierarchy. Some forms of life are more important than others.

    Witch truth: Nature and existence is an intricately complex web. Everything is interrelated, and no being or system is greater or more essential than any other, no matter how it may appear.


    8. Muggle myth: All things are either inherently good or bad.

    Witch truth: All phenomena is neutral, and highly relative. Everything just is.

    Since all of nature is a web, we must look at the relationships between things instead of the things themselves to determine if the relationship is largely positive( expanding) or negative( contracting).

    Circumstances are frequently gray more often than they are black and white.

    blackwhite1Image Source

    9. Muggle myth: Guilt and shame are normal and healthy feelings.

    Witch Truth: Forgiveness, of yourself and others, constantly liberates you from resentment and other mental and emotional poisons.

    Shaming yourself or others reflects that you are not only choosing to hold onto negativity, but you are continuing to tell yourself a false story that part of you/someone else is bad and wrong, and deserves to be judged.

    10. Muggle myth: Self-sacrifice makes you noble.

    Witch truth: Self-sacrifice on its own doesn’t make you a better person, and often leads to resentment and imbalances.

    Balanced exchange of giving and receiving is necessary to stay vibrant. If you give to the point of exhaustion, you deplete your energy, and someone is still expected to “go without”—which, in this case, is you.

    11. Muggle myth: It’s your responsibility to “save” others.

    Witch truth: We are all here to experience free will, and learn from our decisions.

    You can offer your help, advice, and love when someone asks for it, but you cannot force or get them to change themselves unless they really want to. Your sole responsibility is to yourself.

    12. Muggle myth: You only receive anything of value by working really, really hard.

    Accepting gifts and favors without doing strenuous work makes you selfish, lazy, or weak.

    Witch truth: While it’s true that if you want certain things, you have to do the work, that doesn’t mean that you have to kill yourself and suffer along the way.

    When people receive things with minimal effort, we like to call them lucky, but the truth is they are more open to the flow of gifts and blessings that are available to all of us at any given time.

    They don’t harbor the unnecessary feeling of guilt that is often associated with receiving help and assistance.

    OneWithNatureImage Source

    13. Muggle myth: You are alone. You are separate from nature.

    Witch truth: You are nature, and there are always forces at work—both subtle and not-so-subtle—caring for you and sustaining your life force.

    Aside from the visible connections we have with other people, we are surrounded by unseen spirits, human and non-human, who literally guide and protect us.

    The mind has the gift of being able to view itself as separate from All That Is as it cultivates its own unique experience, but we are and will always be in relationship with all forms of life.

    14. Muggle myth: Humans are the only sentient beings on the planet and are of paramount importance.

    Witch truth: Everything is alive and has a spirit. Furthermore, everything has its own language and can communicate with you, if you are willing to listen.

    Human behavior in regards to the planet is critical at the moment, as our free-will enables us to engage in lifestyles that do not support our own inner well-being, or the well-being of the planet as a whole, but we are not the earth’s most treasured children.

    As significant as our deaths are to each other, they are not more devastating to the web of life than the loss of a tree or the passing of a bird. “Advances” in human civilization that require mass sacrifice of other forms of life and species is immature and unsustainable.

    15. Muggle myth: Aging is inevitable and beyond your control.

    Witch truth: Modern science as well as esoteric practice is proving that the rate at which we age is influenced largely by what we believe and what we collectively agree upon as a society.

    If you think that once you hit a specific age you are “old”, your biology will begin to mirror that idea. Deterioration and aging seem to go hand in hand in our culture, but that isn’t how we have to live.

    Adopting genuinely healthy habits on all fronts—physical, mental, spiritual, emotional—can slow the process of aging and actually send signals to cells to regenerate and reverse the aging code.

    16. Muggle myth: You have a solid and fixed identity that cannot be changed.

    Witch truth: You are a multi-dimensional being with various identities that are always in flux.

    Your identity is akin to your mental picture of yourself. The smaller and more exclusive your identity is, the more limits you impose upon yourself. Expanding your picture of who you think you are opens up unlimited possibilities and experiences previously unavailable to you.

    17.Muggle myth: Circumstances are largely made up of chance and chaos.

    Witch truth: We are all part of a larger system of order that is beyond our ego’s capacity to completely manipulate.

    Each of us is born with specific unique gifts designed to be contributed to the larger cosmic pattern. We can exercise our free will to develop or not develop those gifts, but it doesn’t erase or invalidate the larger pattern we exist in.



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    About the Author:

    GraceNgDungGrace Ng Dung is a writer and artist working closely with earth energies and the vast dimensions of Faerie. She is currently writing and illustrating her first novel. To book an oracle reading with the faeries, or for updates on artwork, writings, and upcoming projects, visit her at  www.gracengdung.com. Follow her work & adventures on Facebook  and Instagram.




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    • Nicole Francesca

      Beautiful article, Grace! Love it. Screw Muggle Myths.

    • Stacie Goldinger

      Awesome….. Couldn’t agree more!

    • Vallie

      You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the article you write.
      The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid
      to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.

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