4 Reasons Why Music Is An Ancient Form Of Magic

    by Monefa Walker

    We are all aware that creativity begins, nourishes and flourishes outside our conscious plane and is initiated in the unconscious.

    I could go into why painting, acting, architecture and other types of art also magic… but for today I will delve into music as I am a classical pianist/composer myself.

    The most amazing thing about music is that there is no real official date when it began.

    Humans didn’t create music, but we sure did learn how to nurture the required skills to create more of it.

    There is a music among the stars, music when a planet orbits around the Sun, we just are tuned into those vibrations and frequencies.

    If you listened to me talk on the Missing Witches podcast-Beltane special, you would’ve already heard me go a little bit into why music is magic, and why all musicians are magicians.

    But, I thought I’d pick out 4 specific key points, as to why I know music to be one of the oldest forms of magic!

    1. Numbers and notes

    Learning and reading music in itself is very unique. All notations go back to a number on a certain key.

    In other words, paraphrasing Tesla, the notes are the frequency, the sound is the vibration and the energy to drive this magic…is music. Sacred geometry!

    Even classical composers, who were associated with monotheism, used numbered codes in their music all the time.

    Particularly the fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio.

    The reason why this is so ancient, so timeless is that numbers themselves are one of – if not the original – type of communication in the entire Universe.

    It surrounds us, helps us, commands us daily.

    And, if you want to cultivate a healthy relationship with Money, understand how wealth magic works (as an example), it’s worthwhile understanding the mystery, confusion and intrigue that comes with using numbers, to communicate a message that transcends time and space..

    Which is another good point, even time and space itself uses numbers.

    So, here we have another example of perception perceiving itself.

    No surprise that people for millennia have deigned to look for secret messages, hidden within music.

    2. The liminal space

    Mozart himself said that music is the “space between the notes”.

    Beethoven said that “music is the modular between the spiritual and the sensual life”.

    Two of the most famous and talented musicians/composers to ever grace this planet, and they too understood the magic behind music.

    Which also makes me chuckle as they were men who believed in one God, had a religion, and according to many you can’t practise a religion and consider things outside your own religious philosophy.

    These composers proved that assumption to be quite the contrary.

    Without the power and magic of the liminal, music wouldn’t – and perhaps maybe couldn’t – exist for us.

    The astral plane seems out of our reach when conscious.

    Just as our unconscious can access that plane much better, our unconscious and non- dual selves are not maintained by rules, structure, and material observations.

    The astral provides the freedom and different frequency and vibration, in order for the plants to be seeded, the creative “order” that we often place with the Universe.

    Our Saturnian, 3-D material plane is too rigid, too full of “rules” to set the ripe environment for creativity to be nurtured, grown, birthed.

    In other words, the astral is where we create the art, the material plane is where we take action, in order to make this a conscious reality – one way or another.

    3. Radical healing power

    We’ve looked a little at how music can affect/heal us spiritually (due to our need to connect with our higher selves on some level, in order to create), now let’s briefly discuss how music affects us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Mentally/emotionally, music can evoke different emotions, trigger memories, soothe us, spur us on.

    We choose music to say what we ourselves struggle to translate and explain to others.

    When we’re sad, we’re reminded of what we want in uplifting songs and when we’re happier, we can hear the pain and healing that is required to make a sad song.

    These are just two ways, of how we all intuitively choose to tune into something that connects us to a higher power.

    Regardless of whether the choice is conscious, unconscious, or both!

    The more amazing thing is how music can also affect us physically and the short/long term benefits that come with it.

    Some of us get the sensation when all the hairs stand up and we get goosebumps.

    Infact if you’re someone who has clairaudient skills (I myself am clairaudient), you will definitely experience this listening to music.

    This is because the physical sensations are a side effect of you yourself being able to tune into the hidden messages and healing power within the music.

    Some people have a literal “out of body” experience whilst listening.

    Even doctors in surgery use music to keep aspects of their brain distracted, so they can focus on the task at hand.

    What’s even more interesting – and important for our future – is the effects of music on our bodies when we’re ill.

    Certain types of music help to support those in cancer treatment.

    But what’s even cooler is that they have proven that music measured at a particular hertz frequency  can help alleviate symptoms and reduce the damage that diseases and illness can cause us.

    In other words: music is the magical, well-needed component when it comes to healing you, your spirit and your DNA.

    4. One of the oldest forms of communication

    We have already briefly looked at numbers being a type of Universal communication, but before the music that we know and love today, our ancestors engaged in different sounds for the same purpose: creating magic.

    From my own experience and research, particular Celtic, Caribbean and African tribes use humming… though I suspect that communities and tribes from other diasporas also have used humming for millennia.

    If anyone listens to Enya, check out her track “Boadicea” to get more of an idea of what I mean.

    All in all, humming wasn’t only used as a baseline for music, but the music itself was a form of communication.

    Communication with the Universe, their spirits or Gods in a ritual/spell.

    Communication to warn others of imminent danger or change. Or perhaps communication to signal another message.

    There are many more, but those are the top three that I think will resonate most with people when digesting this.

    And many of us magicians use music in a similar way this present day.

    Consider this: when we listen to music we are decoding messages and Universal downloads.

    When we create music, we are setting an intention, sending out a new message to the Universe and within.

    I don’t think it’s far fetched to even consider that in the future our health & treatment plans will involve a heavier prescription of music.

    Whether it be a genre, a concert, a particular hertz, but it’s time we realise that combining several medicinal methods is key to evolving how we share, take and give medicine when we are unwell.

    I think this possibility is much closer, than our collective ego wants to allow.

    In the meantime, don’t forget to give thanks and appreciate the magic and messages every time you yourself listen, and/or create music!

    Blessings infinite beings,




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    About the Author:

    Monefa Walker is a classical pianist who lives in London, UK. As well as working in music PR and promotions, she runs a small occult business where she offers psychic, tarot and astrology readings.


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