4 Ways To Get Saturnian Power, Working With Other Planets

    by Monefa Walker

    People fear what they don’t understand.

    When it comes to planets like Saturn, Pluto and Chiron, the depth of their energies and power, are only really being fully understood now.

    Even though we’ve had mythology as a reference for centuries, I think some people find the comparisons confusing.

    It can be easy to forget that the gods you’re reading about are the anthropomorphisations of archetypes.

    This is so we, as humans, can understand these energies, and work with them.

    If we look at Saturn himself, without his influence in our lives, things would be very different and unstable.

    For instance, Saturn rules our bones and teeth. Charcoal is also associated with Saturn.

    Notice how in the last few years, a lot of us have been conscientious about using charcoal in our skincare and toothpaste?

    That’s the Saturnian influence; the need to implement stability, routine and structure to extend the longevity of our health ergo our lives.

    Unfortunately, many misunderstand Saturn’s energy.

    Because he rules karma, has the ability to cause delays, restrictions and end things permanently (death), people think that Saturn is here to punish us.

    Not at all.

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    Saturn wants to gift us, but not without many tests and examinations.

    That way when we’re finally ready to receive, it’s something we believe we deserve and in alignment with ourselves.

    A form of wisdom, hence why a Saturn return is every 28/29 years.

    It’s another way of saying, when we address the old karmic patterns and trauma in this lifetime we are then able to utilise and channel that Saturnian energy to benefit us all.

    Saturn is currently in its ruling sign Capricorn, with a serious stellium including the South Node Ketu.

    Notice how in our personal lives and globally there’s an area where power is being shifted, released, transformed?

    In mythology, when Saturn defeated his father Uranus, his reign was called the Golden Age.

    There was no need for laws or rules, everyone acted accordingly, and morality and ethics were addressed, in an authentic way.

    Could we be heading that way as a collective? Who knows!

    Now what I really want to share is this.

    We can engage and utilise Saturnian power, without actually working with Saturn.

    We live in a very karmic world anyway, and as powerful witches, we can harness this energy naturally.

    Side note: Quite ironic, that the planet associated with instability, awakening, truth and liberation, created an entity that is restrictive, grounded and karmic.

    Even more interesting, the planets where we can get Saturnian power, are all children of Saturn.

    Let’s have a deeper look at some of them…

    1. Neptune/Poseidon

    The ruler of the sign Pisces, Neptune rules the arts, creativity and the entertainment industry.

    It’s also a higher octave of Venus, so Neptune is about unconditional love, philanthropy.

    Neptune’s home is the sea, ocean, water.

    In other words, Neptune resides in the liminal, within the non-dual reality.

    Those of you that have worked with Neptune in your magic and spellcasting will be well aware that Neptunian energy presents itself in our dreams (astral realm), time loops and anything involving water.

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    This explains why Neptune energy is all about dissolving boundaries.

    Now on the one hand this is beneficial, it can make things dreamy, where you want to operate through intangible means.

    On the other hand, if we struggle to maintain boundaries within ourselves this can create illusions that are counter-productive at times.

    The Saturnian influence is Neptune’s ability to restrict reality, the desire to not feel grounded.

    We can’t always operate in reality, in the third dimension.

    More so, when we’re setting intentions and requests to the Universe.

    2. Jupiter/Jove/Zeus

    Like his father, Jupiter defeats Saturn tricking him to take an emetic, thus disgorging the contents he consumed… including his siblings and Cyclopes, who went on to forge his thunderbolt.

    For an energy to go up against what is seen as an authority and karmic, would have to be an energy that expands.

    Expansion is exactly what Jupiter does, which is why he is THE benefactor.

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    Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, higher consciousness, higher love, higher philosophies.

    Wherever Jupiter sits in our birth charts, we experience expansion and growth in that area.

    If you are wanting to develop personal sovereignty, wealth and a general increase, Jupiter is the archetype you go to in magic.

    Now you’re wondering where the Saturnian influence comes in?

    Quite simply through contraction. Jupiter expands, but doesn’t choose where he provides expansion.

    That means at times, we can have certain issues or problems magnified.

    But sometimes, we need something to be magnified, to pinpoint what it is that needs reducing, contracting.

    The presence of Saturn is noted.

    3. Pluto/Hades

    Another child of Saturn, the God of the Underworld. He is also misunderstood.

    You only have to read the very different versions of the Pluto/Persephone story to see that.

    Though in my opinion and through my magical experience and understanding, Persephone ultimately chose to forget she was a divine being, only wanting to tell herself she was being of sole duality.

    The eating of the pomegranate seeds was her homecoming, remembering who she really is.

    Pluto in our lives manifests by encouraging us to look at power dynamics, emotions like jealousy/envy, and old patterns we’re ready to shed and let go of.

    Of course, this archetype’s delivery can be quite dark, misinterpreted, but only to those who have yet to see themselves as whole.

    Pluto also rules death/rebirth, phoenix power.

    By being able to provide that gift to the Universe, it means there’s a restriction on monotony.

    A restriction on repeating the same cycles, with the same results. Saturn in action again!

    4. Chiron

    In mythology, Chiron was a unique centaur thanks to his father Saturn.

    Abandoned, Apollo (Sun God) took him under his wing, taught him music, astrology, art and oracle reading.

    In space, the planet Chiron has his elliptical orbit situated between, Uranus and Saturn.

    I like to call that a cosmic wounding. In our lives as humans, Chiron’s position represents where we have some serious deep wounds to heal.

    Wounds that have been programmed, and hardwired into our morphic fields.

    The more we resist addressing those wounds and healing them, the more restriction we will feel in that area.

    But when we heal the wounds, work with the resistance, understand the lessons and tests, that area of our life isn’t only healed, but regenerated with a new perpetuity.

    Can’t get more Saturnian than that!

    It’s our choice how we utilise energy. Our choice how we navigate difficult avenues, which can be determined by whether the energy requires us to take action or not.

    If you want to see Saturn as bad, negative, the party killer then hey: the Universe will deliver your order.

    If you’re willing to know that you’re worth healing, willing to do the transformative work, you could become friends with the Saturn archetype more than you think!



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    About the Author:

    Monefa Walker is a classical pianist who lives in London, UK. As well as working in music PR and promotions, she runs a small occult business where she offers psychic, tarot and astrology readings. She’s also on YouTube.


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