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by Merhamet Miller

We’ve landed in the New Year and as Real Witches we start to find ourselves looking for real tools, not just wands, to help us keep our year in alignment with our magical and physical goals.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a Magical Calendar.  Magical Calendar, you say?  Yep, they make them – they just label them something different.

Depending on what you need you’ll buy your very own Magical Calendar.

Most of us are looking for Moon phases; many of us are looking for planetary alignments, some want to do a spell a day, some would like to learn about historical witches, but whatever your leaning, there is a calendar match out there for you!

Getting organized and planning ahead is one of the ways that as Witches we sharpen our intuition and improve our spell casting.

So if you haven’t one already, get yourself a witchy Magical Calendar. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Lunar 2016 Wall Calendar:  A Glow in the Dark Calendar for the Lunar Year

Each month has a different photo of the moon in relation to the planet earth.  There are glow in the dark pictures every month as the moon wanes and waxes which adds a little bit of quirkiness to every persons home!  If you are a Moon child, and into planetary pictures this calendar might be the one you want! Available here.



 2. The 2016 Radical Self Love Coven Almanac

From the creator of Gala Darling, comes this wonderful little gem!

First, it’s digital so you can take it with you anywhere. Next, it offers daily Astrology horoscopes.  Daily Tarot Scopes.  Daily Magical spells of the day!  Also there are little blog posts, ditties, and beautiful photography from magical people all over the world! Buy it here.



  3.  2016 Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar

For years many with witchy leanings have depended on this reliable little gem!  It includes the color of the day, lets you know the daily phase of the moon, has a “tree association”, and lets you know about the history of magical beings whether that be Anton Levay or Oberon Zell-Ravenheart – many paths are shared on this calendar!  Plus there is a spell recommendation every month!  Find it here. Want it in a Datebook you can carry with you?



 4.  Tides 2016 Moon Calendar by

I love this calendar because it is for the magically inclined that want to plant their intention at the New moon and walk toward that goal and see it Physically manifest by the Full moon.  Of course not all calendars are for everyone, but this one is a really unique take for those of us that are visual witches .  Get it here



 5. Seasons of the Witch Calendar

This calendar is made for those with Magical Leanings that keep a Book of Shadows, or Magical Record.  Every two weeks you will receive in the mail new pages for your Spell Book, and it has in it Lunar Astrology, Mercury Retrogrades, Dark Moon Phases, 7th house noteworthy events, and days of interest you may want to work some spells with oomph!  Available here.



6.  Lunaria Wall Calendar:

This calendar is known for it’s classical romantic paintings, paired with famous poems from literary figures.  It also includes little tidbits like the best time for planting , gardening, spiritual meditations, and creativity.  This calendar also has 13 moon phases, which makes it a little unique when compared to other wall calendars.  Buy it here.



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Let 2016 be the year when you are bold, brash, and bad. Adjust your havingness levels, invest in yourself and start taking phsyical, practical and magical steps so that you can truly grow and glow like the Moon, the Sun, and the Star that you are!


About the Author:

Merhamet Miller is a very intense 3rd degree prosperous Priestess/Sorceress, active Pagan Clergy and an all around magical being that co-founded and coordinates the magical circle, Quantum Myrrh.  You can find and join her in her occulty obsessions  and quirks at Blood and Bone, Flesh and Stone.






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