Ancient Aliens, Frequency and Words

    by Angie Welton

    Downloads coming thick and fast at the mo! And I’m not talking about iTunes.

    What I’m talking about… what am I talking about??? Downloads from, well, whatever that is for you – Akashic Records, Ancestors, Higher Self…..

    I’m not fussy where they come from, I just know when they do! It’s not just a lightbulb that goes on, it’s the whole flippin’ world that switches on it’s soooo bright!

    Recently I attended a webinar on mindset (because, as you know from me banging on about it here and in the courses I teach, it is everything!) – now funny enough I had attended the same webinar a few months back and it didn’t resonate.

    This time I picked out some real gems – one of which was frequency – now, if you know me, you will know that both myself and Ian are Sound Healers/Soundscape Artists, so we know about frequency and its healing powers.

    And to be honest, long before we trained in it, we were doing it.

    One of our Yoga Workshops is called Yoga of Planets – asanas mixed with the sounds/frequencies of the planets in our solar system (even growing up I had a knowing that sound was powerful) – Jupiter resonates at 528 Hz – which is a DNA healing frequency!

    So, the key to mindset is FREQUENCY.

    Low frequency = low mood, lack of confidence, manifesting blocks.

    High frequency = elevated mood, super confidence and manifesting magick!!

    So, I decided that I would use a tuning fork every morning to assist my manifesting magick.

    I have a 111Hz on my head right now! So, that was good – brilliant insight! Huge perception filter shift (Yep, I LOVE my Sci-fi!!).

    Then we were watching a new episode of Ancient Aliens about – you guessed it – FREQUENCY! And they were investigating the resonance of a lot of these ancient sites, and it turns out that these sites/chambers all resonate at 110 Hz!

    So, me being me, I had to look it up straight away, because 110 Hz wasn’t one that I remember coming up in our training! Turns out 110 Hz relates to stomach health…

    …and our connection to the Cosmos – The Universe.

    Also (which makes sense as these ancient sites have to have been built by super advanced beings) our Ancient Alien Ancestors! It’s a direct connection!! Wooohoooo SUPER DOWNLOAD!!

    So, off I trot to Ebay, and sure enough, we can order a set of whole body tuning forks (so specific frequencies heal particular areas of the body – including 110 Hz.

    And that wasn’t even the big download!

    Now, we love Ancient Aliens, but they missed a huge point in their show last night – what were these sites/chambers for? Well, d’uh! Healing! Shamanic journeying!

    Obviously! Meditation, connecting with their superadvancedbeing mates.

    And also that sound heals.

    They didn’t even look in that general direction. So, myself and Ian were talking about it and I got a ‘plop’ – (what’s that? No, I wasn’t on the loo!) it’s when I get a download, it feels like the info is just plopped into my head.

    This ‘plop’ was around the word dogma. Now, as Witches we don’t do dogma, we do thinking for ourselves, thank you very much. So, some of you might have already spotted this next bit….if not, read on!

    Now, words are magick – no doubt about that whatsoever.

    Take the word DOGMA, flip it round… what have you got?

    AM GOD!!!

    Wow!!! Huh!? What does that mean then? Well, a freethinker will not conform to the belief that ‘god’ is greater than them – we are all the same, all made from the same stuff – we are god.

    AM GOD – as opposed to the dogmatic view of blindly following the monotheistic religions ;) Your path is your own!

    Ok, so take the word DOGMATIC – do the same: CIT AM GOD.

    So, you might be wondering what this means, does it make sense? Well the word ‘Cit’ is a shortened version of the word Citizen. Also, if you took it as Cite but without the ‘e’ it means to quote something as an authority, or to mention in confirmation of something!

    Ok, so I’ve given you something to think about there!

    Your words, and YOU are ultimately the powerful creators of you own experience – yes, I know, I say it all the time, because it is true!

    I am living proof that this is true!! Crikey! I am building a business, using skills I never thought I would be utilizing! AND charging money for! Wheeeyheey!! Getting past the blocks to doing this was interesting!

    Here’s a tip – it appears that people value more something they have paid for (as opposed to something they got for free!!).

    Bright Blessings All




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    About the Author:

    Angie Welton is a Witch, High Priestess, Soundscape Artist and Teacher of all things Witchy/Occult. You can find her on Facebook on the wiTcHeS BaZAaR, or either of her websites the wiTcHeS BaZAaR or the Path of Witchcraft (for info on her courses!)


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