BIRTHING THE NEW PARADIGM: New Language for Ancient Systems

    by Adrienne Ero-Phillips, MA

    Many of us sense the old systems crumbling. But what can we do about it? How can we create the systems we all dream of existing within?

    We can easily name what we don’t want. But how can we really birth the new paradigm? What are the guiding principles of the new systems we wish to create?

    Naming old paradigm problems is a good place to start but we can’t stop there.

    New language can breathe life into new/ancient systems.

    The following is an offering of 4 solutionary mental constructs that we can plant in our collective mindscape.

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    1) patriarchy à CREATRIARCHY

    A societal system rooted in natural abundance.

    The humans within it know how to take aligned action by listening to the intuitive, creative, womb energy that Mama Earth embodies.

    This energy is a part of every human with or without a physical womb.

    Women especially are able to connect with this energy.

    Though this is the case, every human can (and should) tap into the power of the collective womb matrix that is awakening through us now.

    Women and humans with energetic womb wisdom will be the ones to lead us towards the Creatriarchy we seek.

    A multitude of multi-disciplinary solutions make the fabric of the new systems we are weaving.

    We do this by telling our stories, saying yes to that magical business we have wanted to start, or bringing our full, witchy selves to the boardroom, classroom, and office.

    The role of Mother is particularly revered in this system with resources being funneled first to life givers.

    2) white supremacy à EQUITABLE SOVEREIGNTY

    A societal system that centers and uplifts the stories and solutions of currently and previously marginalized groups.

    These include but are not limited to indigenous/people of color, queer humans, neuro-diverse folks, women, and other-than-human beings.

    When we experience true equitable power, we cultivate the real abundance that comes from our fundamental interconnectedness to each other and Mama Gaia.

    Equitable sovereignty is non-linear, a spiraling practice of inner work.

    It means stepping down from the parts of us that need to be transformed and stepping up into other parts that need to be elevated.

    For me, this looks like stepping down from unconscious whiteness, forgiving myself again and again when I fuck up as well as using any privilege I do have to shift resource allocation.

    This also looks like stepping up into the brilliant queer visionary woman I am.

    3) heteronormativity à LOVE ELEMENTALITY

    Love is the most elemental, guiding force of this universe.

    This can show up in a gamut of human physical manifestations within relationships.

    This includes but is not limited to uplifting and centering queer love manifestations and stories.

    Connecting the heart space to the womb space will energize this new paradigm consciousness.

    As a queer woman in an interracial/intersexual orientation marriage (I’m bi and he’s straight), it is essential to love myself the way I am and embrace the paradigm-shattering in-between space I often inhabit.

    Or as Carolyn Elliott says, we get to learn how to hold the paradox as the potent potential that makes a magical life.

    4) cisnormativity à RADICAL RESPECT

    Deeply respect gender identities that people are. This includes a very wide gamut. Masculine and feminine energies exist within each of us in different ways.

    They/them consciousness is spirit. When we collectively center, recognize, and honor experiences and stories written by non-binary humans, revolution happens.Every human has a unique set of intersectional identities and your soul is your soul.

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    Your soul’s deep stirrings, dreams, and desires are indispensable. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

    May these 4 mental constructs inspire you to birth your slice of the paradigm shift by living courageously from your deep authenticity.

    Here’s to birthing the CREATRIARCHY, the societal system in which sovereignty is equitable, love is elemental, and respecting the gamut is essential. May it be so!





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    About the Author:

    Adrienne Ero-Phillips, MA is a therapist, womb wisdom teacher, channeler/writer, artist, doula, healing facilitator, consultant, and mother. She deeply believes that individual and collective heart/womb/yoni empowerment is birthing the new paradigm. She often finds herself in the portal space between worlds and has found peace in the revolutionary power of this. You can find her latest offerings at or on Instagram @adriennehealingarts.


    featured image (and bottom image) made by Adrienne Ero-Phillips in Canva with stock photos



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