by Zelda Barrons

    There are hundreds of ways to increase the amount of money flowing to you.

    The following income-boosting tips are super effective.

    Best of all, these tips don’t require you to work more or even charge more. Yes, for real!

    1. Play

    Play isn’t something separate from the daily grind of life. It is not something to finally get to when work ends. Rather, play, like music, is a force that we feel in our bones and that whispers in our heart. As kids demonstrate, play is not over there, but forever here and now.” ~ Vince Gowmon

    Have you ever noticed that the word FUND contains FUN? It’s not a coincidence. Thank you Star Khechara for showing me that!

    When you are having fun, you are raising your energy.

    That is the key to powerful spells and abundance.

    Lots of energy = lots of money, opportunities, and ideas.

    On the other hand, if you have the energy of a garden slug, you will receive way less ideas, far less opportunities, and you probably need a nap instead of cash.

    Don’t skip this!

    I know some of you die-hard workaholics are probably rolling your eyes. I promise the results of allowing yourself to play are worth it. Try it out for yourself.

    Some of you are probably chucking because you feel you don’t have enough time to play. Can you see the irony in that?

    If you don’t feel you have ENOUGH time, does that sound like a mindset of abundance to you? I rest my case.

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    Balanced Witches know that play and fun are not just for children. In fact, our inner children are alive and well. They are inside of us right now. This is not woo-woo nonsense, but a powerful psychological reality.

    A friend of mine who owns a successful business was panicking because she was about to go on vacation. “I don’t have paid days off like regular full-timers,” she said.

    Sabrina was afraid that while she was gone, she wouldn’t make any money because she’d having fun instead of grinding away at the computer.

    I finally convinced Sabrina that her business would be okay for a week… and that seven days off was not going to make business dry up or all of her clients run away.

    On the flip side, all that the fun she’d have on her trip might actually help her business, not hurt it.

    When Sabrina returned the following week, she called to tell me she actually booked several new clients while she was out hiking the gorgeous Mountains of Iceland.

    In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron encourages the reader to go out on an “Artist’s Date” once a week. On an Artist’s date, you go out alone without a plan or an agenda.

    On an artist’s date, you also allow your inner child to pick out a souvenir to bring home with you. I bought my inner child bubbles and a piggy bank recently.

    You may end up at the park.

    You might end up taking a train to new city. The point of the artist date is to give yourself the freedom the to play so that you can be more creative.

    Anyone and everyone can benefit from the Artist’s date, not just artists. Why? Because taking yourself out on a date with no plans is fun!

    Do something fun today! Zelda’s orders.

    Need some ideas?

    Blow bubbles. Play with playdough or silly puddy. Make a sand castle. Finger paint. Hula hoop. Jump rope. Play hopscotch. Visit a playground and swing on the swings. Play a board game or video game you enjoyed as a kid. Hug a stuffed animal. Play with your pet.

     2. Say No to Toxic People

    You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with.”- Jim Rohn

    Avoiding grudges is so much easier if you aren’t hanging around with toxic people.

    I know that term is harsh. Your intuition will tell you who is good for you and who isn’t, so make sure you listen.

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    How can you tell someone is not good for you to be around? Usually you will know AFTER you spent time with them.

    You might feel:

    • Drained
    • Exhausted
    • Angry, Annoyed
    • In a bad mood for no reason

    Even if the person seems “nice”, if you feel awful after spending time with them, you need to decrease the amount of time you spend with them for your own good.

    It’s tough, but you have to protect yourself and your energy or your spells will be useless. Your energy is precious, so spend it wisely.

    Suppose that not-good-for-you-person is a family member or in-law and you have to see them sometimes.

    Prepare for it by setting boundaries (more on that in the next section) and sticking those boundaries. Remember, no is a complete sentence.

    Take an epsom salt bath (or salt scrub in the shower if you don’t have a tub) and sage yourself after you are around that person.

    The salt will draw out any energy that doesn’t belong to you. The sage will cleanse your energy field.

    Many techniques for empaths will advise you to try to block out the other person’s energy. Unfortunately, what you resist persists, so this does not work. What to do instead?

    The Keyhole Technique

    I learned this from a healer whose name I can’t recall at the moment. You need to imagine your heart has a keyhole in it when you are with that certain person or group of people.

    Then you say in your mind, “I am me and you are you, all of your energy goes right through.”

    I use this with the people I’d rather not interact with and it works like a charm.

     3. Follow your Intuition

    Intuition is a gut feeling—or a hunch— a sensation that appears quickly in consciousness (noticeable enough to be acted on if one chooses to) without us being fully aware of the underlying reasons for its occurrence.”- Francis Cholle

    Rich witches follow their intuition. Following your intuition can help you make money or find hidden treasures.

    One day I decided to visit an out-of-the-way coffee shop in a different side of town. I’d normally go to a closer coffee shop, but my intuition was telling me to shake up my routine.

    After I got my tea, I was so content and just enjoying my drink, walking around the parking lot and taking my time.

    My intuition steered me next to the parking lot off the sidewalk. That’s when I looked down and saw a gorgeous opal ring glittering in the sunlight.

    Your intuition can help you find lost objects and money, but more importantly, it can also help you avoid bad decisions.

    Your intuition might help save your life!

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    I was driving on a busy highway during a road trip a few years ago. The sun was shining and the music was playing.

    Out of nowhere, I had the sudden urge to immediately switch lanes and pass a giant semi truck that was to my left.

    I didn’t see any logical reason to change lanes, but I followed my intuition anyway.

    As soon as I moved my car into the left lane, the giant semi-truck that was next to my car a second before sped into the right lane where my car was a second ago without warning.

    If I didn’t change lanes, they would have crashed into my car or ran me off the road.

    How many times have you ignored your intuition screaming at you, only to end up wishing you had listened to yourself?

    Up until recently, I have done that too many times to count.

    Intuition is always right in at least two important ways; It is always a response to something. And it always has your best interest at heart.” -Gavin De Becker, The Gift of Fear


    How to listen to your intuition?

    If you aren’t used to listening to your intuition, here are a few pointers to help you learn how to listen.

    • Spend quiet time alone daily. Your intuition is much harder to hear if you are always surrounded by noise. Distraction also makes it harder to hear, so ease up on the multi-tasking.
    • Go out in nature. You don’t have to become a farmer, but just being outside will help you connect to yourself. We ARE nature.
    • Practice Meditation. Start by doing a guided meditation on Youtube to quiet your mind. Or do a walking meditation and simply focus on the sounds you hear, the things you see, and all the smells you smell at your local park.
    • Clear your thoughts by journaling. A quiet mind is a receptive mind.
    • Notice synchronicities and “coincidences” when they occur to increase them.



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    About the Author:

    Zelda Barrons is the author of Rich Witch: Powerful Spells, Rituals and Habits to Skyrocket your Prosperity. Zelda is a writer, artist and Tarot Reader who enjoys exploring the world with her husband. Grab a free money spell and Zelda’s favorite resources.


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